Make sure you pick up the scrap right next to it as well. Head up and look for a water source on a nearby roof (if you need the refill), along with some scrap just to the right of that.

There will be a climbable wall ahead of you. Go ahead and make your way to the one on the south side. Once he does, he'll be defeated. When you're ready to resume the story missions, visit Prima's Mad Max video game walkthrough and guide. This will allow you to take out the three snipers with ease using your longshot. Snag these, destroy the Insignia, and this camp will be done. Go left around the cage to discover an entrance. From there, look for two doorways on the east hand side. Sudden reduction in scraps added by ally camps. Kick it down, make your way down, and you'll be back at the entrance. Kick it in, then make your way down and to the left. Instead, look to the left of the dropoff point, and you'll see some scrap to pick up. Make your way down, and then make your way along a lower staircase to find a water source, should you need to fill up your canteen. Any of these fuel cans are ideal for destroying the tank, so use whatever you want. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I got 11/12 scrap and I think that I missed one in the beginning. Once it's done, go back to the area that's beneath the Insignia, and you'll find some scrap to collect. Why cant you restart all outposts like in fc3 or jc3? Clean it out and then go back to the bus, exiting through the northern doorway. Before you do, double back and look for a water source to the right of the yellow paint. If you can get the car in range the harpoon will pull down all the ladders it will reach except 2 or 3. Move back to the open area and look for some huge gates to the south of you. Go past the stairs and find a small item to the east to locate two more scrap containers. There will be a pathway under it, so go through and head to the left, where you can get through a nearby door. Go into the next small room to find a Survey Crew project part. Give it a kick to access the below area. Go back to the stairs where you were before, then go up and take the path to another part of the camp, where a few more thugs are waiting.

You'll see a door just off to the right. From here, look for a climbable wall, and locate a ladder. From there, go to the lower area, where the blown-open door was, and head through. Make your way down the hall, through the doorway, and then take the nearby staircase on your right hand side. Head back up the ladder and you'll find additional scrap and ammunition on the platform to the northwest.

The first leads to a door that you'll need to blast open, so instead take the other doorway (on your left), where you'll find a fuel can waiting around the corner. If it's a good enough throw, you'll be able to take out the nearby Scrotus Insignia as well, hanging above the Tank. As you go into the next room, you'll see some scrap on the left hand side, along with a number of fuel cans to use. From there, head in, and you'll find a Scrapulance on the left that you can take back to the nearest stronghold, along with a Scrotus Insignia right above it. Destroy them with a well-timed Thunderstick throw, then look for scrap inside the container to your southwest. Once you take care of these, the camp is cleared!

Go through it and over the bridge.

From there, work your way into the opening area, where a few thugs will be waiting.

Then look at the northern outer wall of this room to spy the last Scrotus Insignia. Cross the walkway and beat the enemies waiting just on the other side, then check the far left corner for another Scrotus Insignia. This will take care of the two Transfer Tanks on it automatically, without needing to waste a fuel can. Here, you'll find a crack to slip through, with food to eat (if needed) and a Scrotus Insignia to destroy. However, your harpoon won't get the job done, and there will also be a flame stream blocking your path. Land a few perfect parries (watch for the circle with the Y or Triangle key, depending on the version) and you'll wipe these guys out fast. Use the fuel can you picked up to blast open the door, then head inside and pick up the final piece of scrap, along with a Survey Crew project part. Go through it, and be sure to pick up the two pieces of scrap, which will be hanging in the corner. After you’ve taken care of them, go to the west and you’ll locate a ladder.

Head down the main path for a little bit, then go to your left to spot the throne of the Top Dog you just defeated. Thankfully, you can find a good spot to the northwest to take out the snipers with your longshot, giving you clearance to move in and take care of the Launchers in your vehicle. Look to your southwest and you'll see a raised bridge, along with a Scrotus Insignia hanging right above it. Use a fuel can to blow up the Transfer Tank that's in the area, then go back and make your way south through the structure.

If you do not have sniper ammunition, focus your attention on this sniper and then destroy the other towers. Some foes will be waiting here, so take them down quickly. Instead, make your way north, where you'll find another ladder on your right hand side. (You can't miss them.) Instead, head northeast and find a staircase on your left hand side, where another crane awaits. Head up, and move to the far platform to find an Oil Well project part. Refill the canteen if necessary and continue traveling along this path. There will be a nearby doorway to your right. There's some ammo located just across from the Thunderstick rack, so pick this up and grab the scrap located to the right. Upon finishing them off, head straight through the big container, than hang a right and work your way into another nearby container, where scrap can be collected. Once you go down the nearby staircase (to the left), you'll find a Top Dog waiting.

Be on the lookout for a fuel can on the far right side as well, along with three fuel cans, a scrap pile and a wench (with two more Transfer Tanks) to the left side of it. So I've cleared out all camps and am going for 100% on Collectibles, but I'm having difficulty finding the last piece of scrap in The Pipes camp. Go up it and you’ll find more ammunition, if needed. The alternate path leads to some scrap and ammunition, so it never hurts to stop by there anyway. After the valve is turned (and you took care of the other stuff), climb down the kicked ladder into a new area. You know what to do – eliminate the Crier first (to avoid reinforcements, then take out the remaining thugs. ), Make your way north, where you'll find a wench to break. Come back out, then go upstairs. From there, destroy the towers right next to the entryway, then make your way up the nearby ladder, which should be to your adjacent right. Turn it, then pick up the ammo on your north hand side. ThatOneSeriousPikachu. Defeat him first, then switch attention to his buddies so you don't have to worry about projectiles.

Take this to the stronghold for scrap. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Quickly defeat the enemies.