Die Schauspielerin war die Stimme von Meg Griffin in Familienmensch, Bereitstellung ihrer konsequenten Arbeit für 20 Jahre. The interview caught the attention of the world's media due to its unorthodox nature, as Stark barely mentioned the film and mostly discussed his local pub, local football club (Watford FC), Nando's and drinking games with his friends (inviting Kunis to all four).

Stark officially joined the Scott Mills show on 2 April 2012,[2] but occasionally appeared on the show as 'Scott's friend Chris' for a period of time prior to this.

While at Southampton, Stark was given his own show on the student radio station. The stories you care about, delivered daily.

Moving on to sport, Stark then outlined to Mila how a date watching his team Watford FC would go - starting with a trip to Nandos, steak and ale pie at half-time and ending with a few pints. Previous to this he attended Watford Grammar School. Spot the difference: Chris was also delighted when Jennifer compared him to Ryan Gosling, He said: 'My and my mates went to a strip club in Prague. Kunis erzählte Der Wächter Ihre Familie kam mit „Koffern“ an […] und 250 Dollar, und das war’s.

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Mila Kunis ‚TV-Star begann 1998, als sie Jackie spielte Diese 70’er Show. The late airing allowed Stark to reveal the full story of a holiday to Prague he had discussed in a previous episode, telling parts which were considered "too rude for daytime" and using strong language. Thought the Mila Kunis interview was bad? Aber ihre Kindheit war weit entfernt von dem glamourösen Leben, das sie in Hollywood führt. But as Mila Kunis sat down for an interview on Monday with Radio 1's Chris Stark, she had no idea what she was letting herself in for. But, clearly not satisfied with her answer, Chris continued pushing and asked if she had 'gone to Prague or anything to research it?'. Ich habe die Kultur nicht verstanden. Mila Kunis talks to Chris Stark. 'As she walked past, she patted me on the back. Frequently asked on the show about big faces in the acting industry, the journalist has struggled to identify the likes of Anne Hathaway and a big string of Oscar award-winners on the show earlier on in the year. But it was an odd experience because they offered a steak meal while the girls danced. You can watch the full interview below; it’s about seven minutes long. "Chris Stark to join the Scott Mills show full time! Herzlich Willkommen! In den letzten Jahren hat die Schauspielerin ihre Comedy-Fähigkeiten mit verbessert Der Spion, der mich fallen ließ und das erfolgreiche Schlechte Mütter Franchise.