This version is an improvement to a previous model to better please customers with the greater materials and technology that this well-known company possesses. These are the repeated negative comments online from several buyers who were not pleased with this pocketknife model.

The sturdy handle of this terrific item is shaped well for the hand to grip and hold, plus it is hard and light. It still has the same goal to be the best knife-makers ever, as it invents and crafts new items each year to please its wide and loyal customer base. One other nice feature that is often overlooked or just not used is the lanyard hole. Griptilian knives are built for performance and are especially useful in everyday activities. I actually purchased a Mini-… Such a combination makes it easy to pierce, slice and process objects with ease. If you are at all like me, you may be on the fence about whether to get this full size Griptilian or the Mini Grip.

It is more economical than the other two items, however. I've had quite a few EDC knives that I have used or tried out over the years, but none that really made it into my pocket consistently every single day. I just know it to be extremely strong and safe.​, The blade works well for most tasks, but one drawback is that the blade is not super thin. Collectors, first responders, and even tactical elite operators depend on their, Comfortable to use, hold, and bring anywhere since it has good handle grips, the Mini Griptilian has a design that is lighter and smaller than most other knives of the same type. You just need one hand to open or close this manual knife that locks into place once the blade it extended. Plenty of people like it, but many also do not. Their goal has always been to make something better than the competition, and to stand out as exceptional. Since then, it has expanded that idea to include many products for survival, hunting, outdoors, everyday use, rescue, and tactical. The blade is slightly less than 3 inches, and the total length of the knife when closed is only 3.87 inches. The usual colors for knife blade handles are black, camo, or even dark brown. The small blade is less than three inches long, but it is very sharp to do almost any type of cutting, whittling, or slicing that you need to do wherever you go.

This upgraded version has an improved blade and a new G10 handle for an edge that is long-lasting with a better handle grip. Blade. Both men and women love to have the security and comfort of always carrying a sharp knife ready to cut whatever they need. I like a small loop of para-cord to help pull the knife from my pocket. You do need to “break it in” for the first few deployments, but once the lock has been used a few times, it should slide open and shut quite easily. The question has been posted online concerning the hole in the blade. The Mini Griptilian is made to last for many years of regular and rough use to satisfy any user. There are certain textures or materials (such as cardboard) that are more difficult to cut through than others.​, The pocket clip included with the knife is also fairly large and a bit too strong at first. It is a general purpose, sheepsfoot blade type that is perfect for slicing, everyday use, hard jobs, whittling of large cuts, and detailed work. This is the kind of knife you can carry and get a lot of use out of, as it is easy to use and will certainly come in handy. Benchmade Mini Griptilian Overview. The strong handle is made of G10 fiberglass material and is contoured to provide the user with good control.

I will often steel the blade after heavy use. For me, the best feature of this knife is the grip.