Images fade, edges tear, it’s a risky hobby at best, but ultimately rewarding as you’ll quickly discover when you finally hold something like this in your own hands. If you know anything about baseball at all, you know who Babe Ruth was. Click here to Rate, - Overview Fans knew him as a Saint Lewis Cardinal who was indeed a cut above, three-time MVP and unquestionably one of the greats. Larry Doyle was on New York’s National League team, but Joe Doyle was not. - Videos Here are the 20 most expensive baseball cards in the world: It’s more than predictable that Stan Musial is on this list.

Checklist | Like Babe Ruth, Willie Mays is arguably the best ever to play the game. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s almost impossible to sing their praises enough. His nickname is everything he was not, like calling the tallest guy in the room “Tiny.” Perhaps he got that mean streak from his mother who is supposed to have ‘accidentally’ shot his father. How Much Money Can an NBA First Round Draft Pick Make? 10 Kentucky Derby Experiences Enjoyed By the …, How Much Money Can Jersey Sponsorship Bring …, 10 Things you Didn’t Know About John Krafcik, The History of and Story Behind the American Eagle Logo, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Richard Lawrence, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Klaus Hommels. Is There Such A Thing As A Penny Stock ETF? The most expensive card ever dates back to 1909 and remains the most valuable today.

Card Rankings This is the most sought after card in the E90-1 American Caramel set. How Do You Transfer Savings Bonds to Another Person?

- Sell Sheets / Ads Boston Garter cards issued in this era are among the most iconic and beautifully wrought cards ever printed. The first Topps card to feature this beloved and admired player could be worth a fortune if you have the right one. In 2016 this Mickey Mantle card went at auction for over a million dollars.

Mickey Mantle is one of those names every baseball fan knows well. That makes this #1 into one of the most expensive pieces of paper on the planet. That means mid-season rookie call-ups, traded players or free-agent signings, and key moments from the year, including the … Lily Wordsmith ( is a freelance writer who has had a love affair with the written word for decades. This cards’ value lies in its age and what was probably a case of mistaken identity. - Forum Perfect cards are so ridiculously uncommon that they are apparently up to a hundred thousand times more valuable than less perfect copies. This error card simply has a yellow line between his name and his position. It’s hard to imagine that some of these cards sold initially for pennies, or less. - Packaging This card was the highest selling item of them all.

- Collection Summary, Overview | Who knows which card could be the next Mickey Mantle or Honus Wagner card? Some players tank their card value when they get caught cheating, but not this guy.

The real game changer is the recently discovered 1952 Topps Major League Mickey Mantle card with a PSA higher than any previously sold, which went up for auction a year ago. Hank deserves his place in history, and his cards are worth every penny and more. Baseball card collecting is one of those great all American pass times. Everything about the Art Nouveau-inspired cards is value added merely for the stunning art. Videos | It’s not a complete shock that a truly scandalous player has a card with an outrageous price tag. Pete Alonso is baseball’s top rookie in 2019. Year-by-year ranking of the most valuable Topps Baseball Rookie Cards from 1952 to 2020. Collection Summary. Boston Garter cards issued in this era are among the most iconic and beautifully wrought cards ever printed. Teams | Forum |

Most of the misprints were caught, and only a few ever made it out into circulation. Trivia | Basketball cards date back to 1910 and football cards date back to 1894.

However, some savvy shopper snagged the card for a ‘mere’ 2.88 million.

With 300 cards in the base set, 2019 Topps Update Series Baseball looks to bring a sense of completion to 2019. You can’t have this card unless the buyer is willing to part with it, but for just $700 you can get a copy with a lower PSA at eBay right now. When you choose to collect what amounts to paper keeping it pristine (or very nearly) is the only way to preserve what makes it worthwhile. Hall of Famers | - Hall of Famers The larger size (4 x 8 1/4″) makes these some of the biggest baseball cards ever created, which also makes them more unique. As is always the case where collectible cards are concerned, the condition is everything. Despite the fact he was one of four faces on this highly recognizable trading card, Pete Rose is the reason it couas such a prize. Inserts and Related Sets |

Contributors | Though a PSA 7 version of this is available for around $13,000 this Hall of Famer and member of the 3000 Hit Club can fetch a higher price than that if the card is perfect. Hank Aaron is a name almost every baseball fan knows. The 20 Most Expensive Baseball Cards as of 2019, one of the top five most expensive baseball cards in the world, recently discovered 1952 Topps Major League Mickey Mantle card. Not much information came with the listing, so there’s no sweet story. The story says that the White Sox intentionally threw a game. Fortunately, he was also a fantastic player and this perfect condition card made the top 20 because of how he played the game as much as his terrible disease. - External Links

This particular card is the only perfect copy, and that explains how a card that would otherwise come nowhere close to the value of the rest of the top five managed to take almost 3/4 of a million at auction. Though this particular card has lost its foothold in our top five, he still makes the top ten, and another Babe Ruth is higher on the list. When this card sold in 2016, it was part of a massive three-day long event where $11 million worth of sports memorabilia went up for sale. $0.34. The Pete Rose rookie card is one of the most recognized cards in the world of baseball. It’s no surprise his pre-Yankee card cracked the top five. Gallery | A perfect card always fetches a great value. Copyright © 2020 Trading Card Database LLC The top fee came in 2012 when former Big Leaguer Dimitri Young sold part of his private collection. - Change Log While it is not the most expensive baseball card in the world, it is pricey.

Overall this player’s cards fetch a pretty penny with those of even lower grades still netting near a hundred thousand dollars each. You’re either in or out on the subject, but since money matters to everyone, it never hurts to know that what you could see as a pile of grandpas’ childhood nostalgia might, in fact, contain enough value to buy his retirement home and put the kids through college. - Contributors In addition to her freelance career, she is pursuing ebook writing with an ever-growing repertoire of witty ebooks to her name. Though there are many with his image on them, only one sold at this exorbitant price.

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2019 Topps Base Set Baseball Card Values. We aren’t quite sure why Honus Wagner had them pull his card from the market, but the result was that less than 200 of these rare treasures ever went out to the public. 2019 Topps Update Series Baseball Base. Like the other rare Mickey Mantle cards to make this list, the 1951 Bowman is a representation of one of the most iconic players to ever put on a uniform.

Joe Doyle played for the New York Highlanders (later known as the Yankees). If you are ever lucky enough to see one of the 20 most expensive baseball cards ever minted, we hope you can appreciate the incredible history behind these pocket-sized artworks now that you know a little more about them. For those who catch the collecting bug, the singular experience of holding a piece of the past is almost reward enough on its own. - Comments Glossary |

Her real passions are her family, baking desserts and writing science fiction. Errors / Variations | We know she was acquitted, but we still have to wonder if she’s not the source of all that fire from her impressively motivated son.

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