Netgear really need to address their problems with Orbi.

Very easy to set up with the app. Sometimes, I can't get connected to the WIFI in that room.

Is that advisable? Also, don’t expect “magic”.

Monoprice Cat6A Solid 550mhz, UTP, CMR, Riser Rated, Pure Bare Copper, Wire, 10G, 23AWG are the specs.

Expensive but worth every penny.Easy to install, zero dropouts and copes well with multiple users too.Don't waste your money on cheaper systems.

3. I have a few questions please.

Looking for a new Wi-Fi 6 solution but can’t stomach the cost of Netgear’s Orbi AX6000 (model RBK852)? It dropped out regularly too requiring us to reboot the modem. My intent is to put one of the satellites in a downstairs office (almost directly beneath the main router), and the other satellite in one of the kid’s bedrooms to extend better wifi coverage to that end of the house. Other comapny routers handle things differently? So I returned it and got a replacement. Would appreciate your input.

Dong – Rocky again -forgot to mention that I have Cat6A cabling throughout the house.

Purchased from JBHiFi in Prahran, female consultant very knowledgable about product. This was super easy to do after a quick google search which took me to a netgear page. Netgear Orbi RBK50-100 Tri-band wifi satellite and extender. Similar opinion?

Still in return window. Doubled MBPS throughout house (close to 100MBPS), the set up was a little fiddly, we have pretty good IT knowledge. A detailed breakdown on the differentiating features and specifications of the high-performance Orbi WiFi 6 Mesh Systems is provided in the table. Very happy with the quality and overall product. 1. Hello – Your site is terrific – so much information. In my case the Orbi router is in the garage while the satellite is upstairs connected by wire. Thursday, November 12th, 2020 • Stay safe, everyone!

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Yes, if your router connects to a third party, that third party can see everything.

Thanks to orbi I now have i internet throughout the whole house and also outside where i previously could not get any internet.

When the base station reboots, the satellites need to pair again - another 5-10 minutes. Hi Dong – Rocky here.

As either, it’ll work with ANY existing network.

The two new WiFi 6 mesh systems make the ideal upgrade for the customer who wishes to get the benefits of both the WiFi performance and coverage of a tri-band mesh and the capacity to handle multiple devices with WiFi 6 for their home but at a more attractive price point. I decided on the Netgear Orbi RBK20, with the base router and one satellite. 2) If CAT5 cable is not available at 1 location, can I connect 1 satellite over CAT5 to main router and let 2nd satellite connect/sync using wifi backhaul to main router?

I’m guessing that many Costco fanatics are struggling with a similar choice!

The mobile app is nice and allows me to manage connected devices.

2) OR with NEtgear Other people/neighbors can tap into my wifi home network?

Best reception3. You can start with this post.

This is “security” you’re talking about and it’s a different thing. Ok just had another firmware update. It has improved the wifi coverage in my home (and outdoors area) significantly. Hope this is incorrect as it would be quite limiting given how many connected devices we have in a home in this day and age. Recommended. The system, hence your home network, will connect to Netgear at all times, Adam. You have to get this system.

I may not need it if I place the 2 satellites appropriately, but I hate to just put this less-than-6 month old ASUS router out to pasture if it still can be useful…. So: Should I return the unopened box to Costco and wait for the ASUS set? This is the main difference that sets it apart of the RBK852, of which the front-haul 5 GHz band also caps at 2400 Mbps. For Orbi 753 or Deco X60 (same questions): 1) Can I make a star topology between 2 satellites and 1 router hub?

Purchased in March 2019 at Officeworks for A$508.00.

And the wifi only web interface is very powerful, allowing complex setups. So happy I bought the netgear Orbi.

Also, I have some switches for additional ethernet ports.


Do you have plans to compare it to some of the older routers maybe with a performance graphic? This was frustrating and made for a poor experience, and would be impossible for a non-technical user to follow. Do i have to disable the 2 and 5 ghz wireless connection on the C7? To add:

I bought one of these two unit packs because I was having some issues with wireless coverage at the back of my house. I can't rave enough about it. As a result, its two 5 GHz bands will have the ceiling speed of 2400 Mbps and 1200 Mbps, respectively.

Have had one firmware update in the 1.5 month period I owned it. The mobile app setup nearly worked but one satellite (the wired one) didn’t work. Hello:

We decided to get a mesh system and selected Orbi. I have one Orbi router and two satellites. We have been treated well and hope to get it resolved. When the base station reboots, the satellites need to pair again - another 5-10 minutes. Performance now set up is great. I look forward to your review of his (RBK752, RBK753, RBR750, RBS750) as well as Netgear’s most affordable WiFi6 ‘mesh’, the Nighthawk MK62.

The 3 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports on the router and 2 on the satellite allow for the connection of more wired devices, which makes it ideal for home offices or home entertainment systems. Overall though, I’ve helped friends setup Google Nest Wifi which is so easy to do, a lot less flexible and a little cheaper. Now, I am reading that with this cable, I dont need a multigig which supports older cables with 2.5 to 5 gbps. Best decision ever to buy the Orbi.

That will be a HUGE PLUS I think. I bought one base + one satellite a couple of months ago.

Else it would not connect right now. At least that’s been the case up to now. combine two network ports into a 2 Gbps connection, Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe solid-state drive, Asus RT-AX82U AX5400 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router, ASUS RT-AX86U AX5700 Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router, ASUS RT-AX89X AX6000 Dual Band WiFi 6 Router, ASUS ZenWiFi AX Whole-Home Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (XT8), TP-Link Archer AX10 AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router, Netgear Nighthawk AX6 6-Stream WiFi 6 Router (RAX50), ASUS RT-AX88U AX6000 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router, ASUS ZenWiFi AC CT8 Whole-Home Tri-Band Mesh System, WD My Passport Portable External Hard Drive, 9.1 x 7.2 x 2.8 in (23.11 x 18.28 x 7.11 cm), Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 AX4000: 2400Mbps (5GHz) + 1200Mbps (5GHz)+ 600Mbps (2.4GHz), 1x Gigabit WAN port, 3x Gigabit LAN ports. Netgear support was not very helpful in setting this up, which is why I have taken one star away. Current setup GT-AX11000 primary and two XT8 nodes. The remote management tool for iPhone is fantastic - really good if you’re having to help less techy family members remotely.

I purchased an Orbi RBK753 set from Costco–and then almost immediately canceled the purchase when I read your review of the ASUS units. Drop outs are ISP related and never the ORBI.

Ok just had another firmware update. The Netgear Orbi 6 hit a top speed of 666Mbps -- at a distance of 75 feet.

However, for a wired home, you can use a network cable to link the hardware.

Purchased in July 2019 at JB Hi-Fi for A$455.00. Hi, I have a fibre connection at home, with a Tp-link Archer C7 modem/router, how do i connect up a Orbi RBK50 2pc set to it? 2.

Our family puts it through it's paces with home business, mulitiple laptops and smart devices.

Create a guest network, view the connected devices, and perform speed tests right from the free app for iOS and Android.

I will likely be connecting an unmanaged switch to one of the ports on the office satellite to feed several devices that require a wired connection (some lab equipment, and a few raspberry pi’s that I like to have a wired connection). That said, unless you need top speed, you can have almost the same experience with it as you do the RBK85x. NETGEAR Armor is complimentary for a 30-day trial period. Mobile, NETGEAR Orbi High-performance AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System (RBK50), Netgear ORBI AC3000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi System (RBK50-100AUS) HT, Netgear Orbi 4G LTE AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi Router(LBR20) HT.

But stay tuned. Constant drop outs, very frustrating. Is that true? The mobile app setup nearly worked but one satellite (the wired one) didn’t work. Netgear's Orbi WiFi 6 router is best home mesh system money can buy. A factory reset didn't help, nor did upgrading the firmware.

So overall, its Wi-Fi speeds will be significantly lower than the older cousin’s. Write a review on!

The wifi performance is very good. How to find an iPhone using an Android and vice versa, Wi-Fi 6 in Layman’s Terms: Speed, Range, and More.

We have 100mb FTTP NBN and I bought this to replace our failing 10 year old Apple Wifi connected to a 12 year old Netgear router, because of good reviews and the eithernet backhaul option for the Satellite units.

What would you suggest I buy? The RBK75x is the same as the RBK85x except it comes with more modest hardware specs. 1 Gbps is max, is that what you mean?

“In the current environment where home networks are now constrained by every member of the household working from home, distance learning and streaming video or playing online games, this new Orbi WiFi 6 Mesh system is designed to carry the heavy load of this new reality,” said David Henry, senior vice president of Connected Home Products for NETGEAR. Orbi WiFi 6 Mesh Systems are also designed to deliver on the gigabit internet speeds promised by service providers, with the RBK752/753 supporting internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit and RBK852/853 supporting up to 2.5 Gigabit speeds for those lucky enough to have it.