Both Tesla and Armstrong had to constantly fight the big corporate powers who tried to steal their patents.

The total U.S. music business was $11.11 billion (at list prices) in 2019. Meticulously researched, gripping in its prose, and chock full of cinematic stories. 2019, would have been Scott Muni's 89th birthday.

Charles passed away in April of 2018. It was also anounced that Pete's syndicated version of his show, "Mixed Bag Radio" will be re-broadcast and streamed on WCWP radio.

They actually had higher ratings than NEW, but the artists and record labels remained loyal to Scott by supporting the station with advertising and making sure he had all the hot new releases and interviews first.

WSKQ La Mega 97.9 FM. That was his style, casual and confident, and he carried it into the studio every day. As fate would have it, later that sunny afternoon I was strolling up 5th Avenue and Larry was walking toward me. Discover online now. Allen Shaw was one of the earliest executives to promote rock on FM radio. This site will serve to remedy those situations. Under the leadership of Peter Goldmark, Columbia developed a successful engineering approach to the LP.

He wore it for the length of the show proving he too had a keen sense of humor. Travel to NYC, tuning in into one of these 10 radio stations: WQHT Hot 97 FM. They always made me feel like I was part of a big music loving family.

But Dan announced some amazing and unexpected news about the book and more(! "Skynyrd refuses to go on." You can hear some airchecks of that first day by going to the WOR-FM page. Downloads continue their decline in favor of streaming. He told me the band weren't playing because they "didn't know nothing about any live broadcast," and were concerned about sound quality. It features Meg Griffin as well as Toronto-based David Marsden; WBCN, Boston morning man Chalres Laquidara; and Seattle DJ and PD Pat O'Day. Link here: The Kate & Vin Scelsa Podcast. As a result, there have been at least three different versions of "Love Me Do" released. It's really too bad more of the original staff aren't around to see this. WYUL 94.7 Hits FM. Here's another book about Woodstock by a family member of Pete's and a friend to this site, Thomas Harkins, that will serve as a great companion piece to the Pete's tome (which is out-of-print and hard to find anyway). Due to the plethora of material it covers over the course of WNEW's entire history, [the book] has more than enough material for a prestige cable drams series. It was once part of the now-defunct Upsala College, but later split off to maintain its independence. posted 5/10/2019. He is also one of the leading authors in the conservative political arena. This was never the case with Elton John.

He collected and restored old radios.

Scott began with one of his wordy questions and said something like, "My guest is a member of one of our favorite, certainly one of the world's favorite bands, The Who. Norm Garr has been a BOSS RADIO aficionado since the day KHJ, Los Angeles came alive in 1965. David has worked for a number of music labels and is an intensive music collector and radio fan. Don felt that the DJ's were most entertaining and enlightening in that they were proficient in the "little art form" (as Jonathan Schwartz called it) of segueing songs and spoken words together to enlighten and inspire young people like Don to eventually take that on as an avocation. A true "New York Radio Great", Harry enjoyed a 50-year career in radio, beginning in Chicago and Peoria, and then at WMCA (570 AM) as a "Good Guy" from 1959 to 1968. Mark's radio show on WABC in New York City skyrocketed to Number 1 on the AM dial in his first 18 months on the... Red Eye Radio is the pre-eminent syndicated overnight radio show hosted by radio vets Gary McNamara and Eric Harley airing Monday through Friday, Midnight to 5am Central. He went home early only to twist and turn all night with a harsh pain in his lower back.

", a weekly classic rock series, since 1989. He's also been a music producer, co-producting some tracks for Gary U.S. Bonds' "Dedication" album and most recently for Darlene Love's album, which features a killer version of "River Deep-Mountain High".

FM broadcasting started in the early 1940's, but the early system was made obsolete when the government moved its frequencies to the current band in 1946. "Dare To Be Different: WLIR-The Voice of Generation": A movie about WLIR.

Listen to Sirius/XM (in parents' car): 15%

(posted 10/25/2018), Jonathan Schwartz Returns to (Streaming) Radio. We'd get all the hipsters buying AM radios to go w/their Crosley turntables..

We found 147 FM radio stations and 81 AM radio stations in the New City, NY area.

That day he entered the studio to witness Muni sitting at the controls wearing a cheap housedress purchased at Woolworth's. Oh yeah, everybody digs one of those!" I was asked to set it up.

It's also the place where Vin Scelsa got his start.

Commercial-Free CNBC, CNN, FOX News Radio & MSNBC, Commercial-Free Music For Every Mood & Activity. He's also done on-air work at WOR; WRSU-FM (Rutgers U); WCTC-AM and WMGQ-FM (New Brunswick) as well as some features for KMEL, KRQR and live program audio for Live-105 (all San Francisco) where he also started webcasting in 2006.

Can you please make the point that health care under Biden/Harris would be a disaster. 105.9 FM WQXR

He wrote that the concerts "offered wallpaper music of the most banal sort." WBLS 107.5 FM. It was a station where a solitary bass solo played under Bill 'Rosko' Mercer as he curved commercial copy into hip poetry, "Don't blow your cool. Although, today he's here representing his other group, a band called Ox, and, uh, he is, of course, he is the man in The Who known as The Ox, our friend John Entwistle. Norm is fortunate to own copies of all four versions of The History of Rock And Roll: The original narrated by Robert W. Morgan for KHJ, Los Angeles (someday, OR-FM's original version might show up); the 1st syndicated version with Harvey Miller (Humble Harve) included on this site; and the 1978 and 1981 versions hosted by Bill Drake. He has also performed in New York cabarets, has authored five books and recorded three albums.

I like to know where's the Hispanic president that would set the record straight . Free-Form, Baby!

Still buys downloads: 3.33% It came out like this: "George, you, um, you love to play music and you love to record music, but I think one of the problems, with a George Harrison, from our stand point, the public, we want to hear you all the time.

And it's really tough when one thinks back to the days when almost every neighborhood had a record shop and records were also sold in most appliance and department stores.

When Pete's associate Bill Ayres (no, not that Bill Ayres) started a late-night talk show on WPLJ, David became producer and he later produced the Alex Bennett show as well as other public affairs programs. As reported several posts below, another Pete Fornatale archive also exists at the Port Washington Public Library. He was on the air in New York for 50 years from 1967. PLJ started out as a progressive rock station, but by the mid 70's they were a homogenized variation on the theme. He wouldn't accept it. After about ten minutes they strolled back toward the dressing room. Scott appealed to his listeners to help find the sentimental keepsake, and remarkably, it was found and returned to the drummer.

And here's info about the Radio Unnameable documentary, After Vin Scelsa retired from WFUV, fans wondered if they'd hear his very personal style of radio again. During a sober investigation he realized he had been stabbed while breaking up the fight. Listen online to New York City NY radio stations including NYAM1480 - WZRC, La Mega 97.9 - WSKQ-FM, Radio Soleil D'Haiti, WADO 1280 AM - WADO, Smooth Jazz Mix New York and many more. Only gets music from YouTube: 6.7% One of those is Little Steven's Underground Garage, which has been in production since 2002 and will issue its 800th show later in 2017 - already 2000 hours of absolutely fantastic radio. That way, in addition to the few thousand hard core fans at the venue, hundreds of thousands could hear Skynyrd on the radio.

Let's quit our jobs and we can all be DJ's...not on-air personalities...just DJ's. Armstrong invented FM broadcasting in 1933 and built the tower in 1938. The ex-Marine toughed it out, but was shaken the next morning when he awoke to see his sheets covered in blood.

He also fondly remembers his friendship with Alison Steele. And if anyone made the mistake of being an "early adopter", they would be sorry within the next few years when RCA introduced the 45RPM single. Welcome to the New York Radio Archive - Where Great Radio Still Lives! Mark has graciously filled in gaps in our surveys.

im gona check ur books. WOR-FM started playing rock on July 30, 1966, but without DJs. WQBU 92.7 Nueva York.

The documentary is now available for rent or purchase on Vimeo for just $5 (rent) or $15 (purchase): Rent or Buy "I Am What I Play". I couldn't hear a word spoken, but watched as the bottle of Tennessee whiskey was passed back and forth with each guy taking a slug before handing it off to the other. Schwartz will be 80 years old in June. Check out the archive to view older items that have been removed from this home page. I started thinking that...with the return of vinyl, and now tape, that we should take back AM radio.