We created a fishing guide to help adventurers navigate the incredible fishing spots located throughout Okanogan Country.


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For guided fishing charters on Okanagan lake we depart from the West Kelowna Yacht Club located at 4111 Gellatly Road in West Kelowna. The main fish targeted are Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Bull Trout and Chinook Salmon.

2 came on the candy cane bucktail from BCRob with 1 oz weight and the other was on a Lyman flatty on my type 6 sink.

This is a fun group all about fishing in the Okanagan Valley. Thousands of acres of federal and state public lands in Washington State make the area one of the West’s premier venues for rifle, black powder and shotgun enthusiasts as well as for bow hunters. Make sure to follow the BC Fishing Regulations.

Okanagan Valley Fishing has 11,013 members.

The style of fishing these large lakes is primarily trolling and we use plugs and a variety of lures and baits. It was dead, put a lure in the mouth, and snapped a pic.

The scenery is breath taking and the solitude and quietness are unbeatable. Learn more about our favorite fishing and hunting spots below! This lake is very popular for water sports so there are a lot of access points to launch your boat. As anglers we can also do our part to help this fishery bounce back by practicing ethical catch and release methods of these stunning Rainbow Trout. Remember to share your pictures and stories on our Facebook Page. These wooden plugs provide incredible real life action that these Okanagan Lake beauties can’t resist. As noted, Kokanee are the primary prey so it is best to match your lures to the size and colour of the Kokanee in each stage of the year.

Be sure to enter the Kelowna Fishing Derby for your chance to win big prize money and to reel in the fish of a lifetime!

Our spring fishery can be incredible to say the least, with 20 fish days not uncommon.

Read more about our guided fishing charters…, Located in the North Okanagan Shuswap lake is nestled amongst the spectacular Monashee mountain range and is host to Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Bull Trout and Kokanee. With over 600 lakes, Okanogan Country provides some of the best bird hunting in the Pacific Northwest. Our Okanagan Valley ‘Big Lake’ guided fishing charters run year round in the comfort of our heated cabin on board our 22 foot Thunderjet boat. C'mon Man! 888.431.3080 || Fax 509.826.7425 Okanagan Lake has a barbless hook restriction; which allows anglers the option of fishing barbless treble hooks. A box lunch consists of a breakfast muffin, custom built sandwich, chips, fresh in season fruit or vegetables and dip, dessert and your choice of water, juice or pop. I have caught more fish on Apex's then anything else but I also like Lyman plugs and Bucktails. In the winter months between November and January ripping bucktails just sub surface can produce well as the bigger rainbows are cruising near the surface feeding. Moccasin Lake is a premiere, private fishery offering rainbows up to 10 pounds. Yup!!

A fuel surcharge is applied to some of these lakes to help with costs associated with pulling our boat to these lakes. We use 5 weight G.Loomis and Sage fly rods mated with G.Loomis and Ross reels. The barbless treble hooks don’t allow the smaller fish to get caught as easily as their mouth’s can fit over the hook. You're welcome to share your fishing pictures, tips, comments, and general discussions in regards to fishing. Proceeds of the derby go back into the Okanagan Fishery and BCWF Youth Programs. This lake can offer some very large Trophy sized Lake Trout averaging 15 to 20 pounds with our largest being a whopping 36 pounds! Many of our charters throughout the summer are with young anglers wanting to learn more about the outdoors and fishing. Good colour patterns that have proven well for me are:  spring: green/white or straight silver; summer: blue/white, black or grey/white; fall: red-orange/white or brown/white. As well, if you happen to be staying on the lake and would like to be picked up at your dock or resort please let us know and we’ll make the necessary arrangements if possible. ). ). Please refer to the following websites and resources before you plan your hunt. L. is for easing cabin fever in late fall/winter/early spring. Water temp was 36-38 degrees. June seems to be the better month in the early season. Our Kokanee fishery is also good with the best time to target these little Salmon in the months of June, July and August. However lures as small as 1 inch and as large as 6 inch can make those slower days really turn on. Should you wish to keep some fish for the barbecue we will clean and bag them for you at the end of the day. Most locals including myself fish Okanagan Lake with Lyman Lure Plugs; a locally owned Kelowna company. Please keep in mind that a shore lunch typically takes about 1-1/2 hours to complete so for those die hard fishermen this usually isn’t an option. Having said that, I know majority risk manage being checked and run them like you do. Still, there are spots that work and fish to catch.

The map also shows hotspots where our fishing junkies have caught lunkers and posted photos and stories. With the lake being over 135kms long there is a lot of water to cover to find the fish. Sawmill,White,Hatheume,Stump,Courteney,Oyama,etc...in May/June. The Methow River also offers wonderful catch and release fly fishing. Couldn’t get them to stick. This is a slower part of Okanogan Country and you will find fishermen and women along the road in their chairs. One lake that is seldom sought after by anglers and is fairly an underrated fishery is Okanagan Lake. It also boasts the most popular bass fishing sites in the state. A 1 day fishing license for a BC resident costs $10.00 and a “Non Resident” $20.00 for the day. At this time of year the water temperatures are cooling and the bait fish (Kokanee) are starting to feed nearer the surface. Department of Fish & Wildlife800 833-6388 | www.wdfw.wa.gov, Department of Natural Resourceswww.dnr.wa.gov, United States Forest Service(509) 664-9200 | www.fs.fed.us. Filed Under: CONSERVATION, Lakes, Rainbow Trout, Trout Tagged With: Apex lures, bc fishin, BC Fishing, bcfishn, fishing in the okanagan, Fishing Okanagan Lake, How to fish Lyman Plugs, how to fish okanagan lake, kelowna fishing, kelowna fishing derby, Love2Fish Charters, Lyman Lures, Lyman Plugs, okanagan lake fishing, Penticton Fishing, Rodney Reel Outdoors, Vernon Fishing, Where to fish Okanagan Lake, Osoyoos Lake – Spring Rainbow Trout Fishn, Late Winter & Early Spring Shore Fishing – Mabel Lake, 5 Tactics to Catch More Kokanee this Spring, A Community Coming Together for Kokanee Conservation, Our Wild Neighbours – Part 2 | Fish & Mammals | South Chilcotin, BC, Best Ice Fishing Lures For Trout - 7 Of The Deadliest Trout Lures -, Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout Using Weed Lines, Top 5 Tactics for Trolling Rainbow Trout in Dirty Water - BC Fishn, TIPS – HOW TO RECOGNIZE MATURE (SOON-TO-SPAWN) FEMALE TROUT, Kokanee Fishing The BC Cariboo - Bridge & Deka Lake. Okanagan Lake provides a wide variety of fishing opportunities for Kokanee, Lake Whitefish, Burbot and Rainbow Trout that can reach well over 20 pounds! For more information about fishing Okanagan Lake please feel free to contact us at BCFishn.com. Catch a Memory today with Rodney’s REEL Outdoors!

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Read more about an Osoyoos lake fishing charter…, Come fish with me in Cabo San Lucas.

Skaha has an abundant population of good sized Rainbow Trout, Kokanee Salmon and Smallmouth Bass. We fish year round on Shuswap lake but focus mainly on the spring and fall seasons. Some of the lakes we fish are Okanagan, Shuswap, Mabel, Kalamalka, Wood, Skaha and Osoyoos to name a few. Not to mention they are great eating! Ok is barbless only. Small game includes bobcat, coyote, fox, raccoon, lynx, badger, beaver, rabbits and hare.