14. Modular growth. A. Which of the following constitutes the major load for an automobile battery?

E. All of these (a) B – class. F. None of these, 27: Interprocessor communication that takes place, A.


Interest on partner’s capital is allowed @ 6% p.a. For transmission of power over a distance of 200 km, the transmission voltage should be (a) 132 kV (b) 66 kV (c) 33 kV (d) 11 kV, « BACK                                        NEXT », Also Read :Why all the voltage levels are multiples of 11 kV?

In transmission line production of ozone resulted by corona is harmful because (a) it gives bad odor. F. None of these, 28: Data centers and centralized computing covers many and, A.

(b) capacitors. C. Efficiency D. Supercomputers

Decentralized computing The balance of partner capital account will be reduced with. (b) permeability of conductor increases. File Foundation Single system image Multi system image Networking image. Slow Response, D.

Attempt all multiple choice questions choosing correct option (i) Communication is achieved in distributed system by (a) Disk Sharing (b) Shared memory location

E. All of these Distributed OS works on the _____ principle. About Kumar Nirmal Prasad

Dynamic Tutorials and Services is a Leading Coaching Centre of Tinsukia District. C. High-flux computing

D. Decentralized computing The current drawn by the line due to corona losses is (a) non-sinusoidal. 9. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the partner’s capitals should be: 6. Interest on capital is generally calculated on: 19. (b) it corrodes the material. Multiple choice questions on Transmission and Distribution. (a) Fill in the blanks with appr... Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) Course Code: BSHF-101 Assignment Code: BSHF-101/AS... MCQ - Basics of Partnership | Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | PARTNERSHIP ACCOUNTS MCQs | CMA MCQ, CMA INTERMEDIATE: PAPER 5 – FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING, ACCOUNTING FOR PARTNERSHIP: BASIC CONCEPTS (MCQ). B. Concurrency transparency What is the function of a choke in tube light? Performance—Distributed systems are extremely efficient because work loads can be broken up and sent to multiple machines. B. In the absence of any agreement, interest on partner’s loan: 4. 1: Computer system of a parallel computer is capable of. 6: In which systems desire  HPC and HTC. E. All of these

B. Partnership means the relationship between persons who have agreed to share the profit of a business carried on by all or by any one acting for all.