Boomstick: Just comes to show that even without the Infinity Gauntlet or any of the Infinity Stones, Thanos is still one mean grape! Very Subtle but there. Nevermind what I said about her being cute, she's a FREAKING badass! Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! No prep or morals.

Maybe, does it transcend Space and Time?

Boomstick: Unlike other gems who usually resort to using weapons for combat, Spinel tends to get physical with her own abilities, as an example, she can enlarge her body parts to hefty proportions to inflate her strength and extend her limbs to ungodly lengths! I mean, just look at her use that thing! Yeesh, the logic of this show is kinda convoluted at times. Explain yourself.

There is no part of those books that makes me thing that It can take Galactus. Our peripheral scans show that the technology of this planet is incredibly primitive, as even these Gems we've come in contact with are easy to get rid of and hold resources that pale in comparison to our own. Spinel and Pink Diamond were the bestest of friends! How will Darkseid kill him if he doesn't know about the Ritual? Wiz: Thanos is also incredibly durable! Spinel's grin then dispersed, her hateful stare remaining. Darkseid has fought powerful entities IT has not nor has he displayed anything to show that he is capable of even putting up a fight.

i'd difinitly say pennywise for the win.

They likely hold more information we might need in order to further pursue this rock globally.

Darkseid 1 shots him. While it was seen to be hurting Steven in the movie, it wasn't doing much affect towards him, which, let's face it, we're kind of used to at this point.

@cadencev2: oozing puddles moving at the speed of a freight train ARE NOT going to bother big G. @cadencev2: Would the Ultimate Nullifier work on him? Check up a bit at that huge feat list. He can warp reality, shapeshift, use illusions, mind control, go into any form, etc. [Music: Travel Delays from Avengers: Infinity War]. I wonder if the rest of his people looked like that. Wiz: And like all Gems, if she were to acquire sufficient amounts of damage damage to her physical form, she will then poof back into her Gem form, awaiting reformation. In the story the voices within IT call themselves Legion.

Then, faintly, a figure was seen standing at the very ledge of the machine. Though there's lots of misconception. That is probably the best metaphor your gunna get for this lol, @skullskull: I was bored and thought it was a good match up, Pennywise wins because he is a higher level that can stand against Galactus, @nefarious: Nah Pennywise is way more leveler than Galactus he can use the fear on Galactus and he Solos him. Their hands fingers then began to shape shift in a twirly manner into a long, horn-like shape.

Wiz: Actually Boomstick, the rejuvenator did negate Steven's gem powers for quite some time, until he reobtained them later in the movie. Standard Thanos would be laughing the entire beatdown. Pennywise would just have to become static because there would be nothing for IT to focus on. Novel Pennywise may put up a better fight, but Thanos' feats shows that he could pretty much put Pennywise down with no trouble at all. I think this is even. Darkseid Vs Thanos is the seventh episode in Cartoon Beatbox Battles, and the seventh episode overall (excluding live episodes).

Don't know why Galactus would, considering he pwned Abraxas pretty easily.

It's not speculation it's a fact. Boomstick: Don't give her a pat on the back, Wiz, what Pink Diamond did was COMPLETELY bogus!

Wiz: He is of course referring to Pink Diamond.

Expect IT: Chapter 2 spoilers. He's a demonic entity which is believed to be above the god who created him. Villain' Themed Death Battles, 'Battle of the Genders' themed Death Battles, 'Cartoons vs Movies' themed Death Battles, 'Movies vs TV Shows' themed Death Battles, Travel Delays from Avengers: Infinity War, Drift Away (Instrumental) from Steven Universe: The Movie, The alien then finally approached Thanos, with the Titan not exchanging any eye contact, as his stature remained both formal and exquisite. We've seen how nasty and capable Thanos is, and that is him with morals on.

You're not using the feat system correctly.

In the story the voices within IT call themselves Legion. It could not be physically harmed or killed, only Mentally destroyed and spiritedly broken, the main point was killing ITs offspring and banishing IT. Wiz: Not quite, but that's another story for another day.

He gave his presence to deliver a report to Thanos. IT only hope was to scare them into Suicide or kill them with there faith, belief, will power broken.

Boomstick: Whatever you say, I guess it's also worthy to note that despite her physical skill, she's also an adept weapon user.

In Stephen Kings multiverse it said that to enter the Dark Tower you must defeat Legion. Pennywise the Clown and the Spider are not ITs true form. Boomstick: And destroy the Earth too, so that's what she did!

I wouldn't say he'd just used balloons.

For the most part, the Creeper has better applicable feats: healing factor, strength to harm Pennywise, better maneuverability, weapons, ect. However he is one of the biggest bad asses so I assume he has resistance to psychic powers otherwise it'd be no big deal every time he tries to devour earth there would just be Professor X or someone similar to ward him off. Wiz: Pretty impressive considering that Spinel was initially made for entertainment purposes, thus possibly meaning that she never picked up a weapon prior to her change of heart. Granted, its subtle, but its there.

Wiz: WOAH WOAH! Boomstick: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she's freakin' fast as well! Stephen king himself relates Crimson King to IT. Depends.

ITs Psy Battle kills others and felt by the whole town. Anyone who wants to really learn about IT, Click Here and read Pennywise at the bottom. Once landing in their designation, the rabid aliens would the lash out at any innocent pedestrian, apprehending them for impending order from their masterful leader: Thanos. Meanwhile Galactus has no Multiversal psy power or affect IT or a way to kill IT true form which is imprison in the Dead Lights. I am just asking how will he kill IT without doing the Ritual? I think so. Of course your objective you attempted another spite thread with a character who you believe to be close to omnipotent. A man can dream, Wiz!

It is NOT his full form, it is closest to it. Thanos squinted, feeling a bit irked by Spinel's rather unconventional first impression. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

There's a quote button for a reason. You're already soooooooo boring!

Yet... Its life and defenses are feeble and frail, for they lack even the most basic of battle criteria. As you may know, our forces are quickly apprehending any and all of the Earthlings you see before us. Boomstick: She's one Gem you'll have a hard time poofin'!

??? This thread is objective, I am not rooting for Darkseid, neither am I rooting for IT. Grandmaster was a Mental Challenge for Thanos, IT is far greater in Mental Power as far as I am concerned.

Nothing ever suggested IT was the Guardian beast of Dark Tower. Book version would be 50/50. No Above its shores, the monstrous Sanctuary II, which remained at an elevation high as the clouds loomed over and dwarfed the tiny town. Okay, we're straying off topic. Galactus can attack any reality.

Man, I was way too young to actually remember much. He only got his ass kicked by kids because he was in a weakened state. Pennywise the Clown is a Were Spider much like Crimson King, but of another Universe.

Anyways, Thanos' combat experience already makes him a formidable foe. pennywise just has better feats which gives him the win. And essentially I guess he could be at stalemate. In the Dead Lights. Are you the "Almighty Thanos"?? Thanos didn't flinch, but he would shield his face with his arm from any incoming specks of dirt and other vegetated specks of debris flying towards in.

Boomstick: She's cute! These dictators enforced a strict and utilitarian philosophy on their own kind, to ensure that their subjects accumulate the needs necessary to colonize other planets around the universe! the creeper doesnt think like humans i wouldnt think.

I don't know which way this would go, with all of those feats in mind.

Pennywise is not THAT powerful I dont care how you spin it, flip it, rearrange it. It was able to deflect Mark 85 Iron Man's repulsor beams, and even break through Captain America's shield, which has withstood the blunt forces of Mjolnir countless times before. The it entity is pretty much nothing but speculation except his avatars. @cadencev2: finally, someone who understands It's power as an abstract.

In the movie, yes. This thread shows the pic of the penny wise avatar is he fighting the clown or is he fighting something that might as well not exist and is next to a 100% speculation of a being? Boomstick: And Spinel, Pink Diamond's very own playmate!

The entity of IT who knows cuz it seems nobody knows anything about it except vague and subtile discriptions that don't tell us next to anything needed to know to have the IT entity and Galactus fight.

I can use that power to steal bear bottles across my local bar without getting punched in the face! She then began to unravel from the lighthouse, lunging herself towards her three targets.

those adults were pure gifted.

If you throw a bucket of water on It and believe that the water is acid, It will burn like it's actually acid. If anyone can provide his best telepathy feats it'd be appreciated. But I'm sticking to my word. He could also control someone's mind, shapeshift into a beast and then eat them, etc. Wiz: Alright Boomstick, alright!

Someday... Wiz: With all that said, despite having a tragic backstory and being devastated FROM said backstory, Spinel went from cheery to ballistic in the blink of an eye! Not a chance.

Pennywise is not THAT powerful I dont care how you spin it, flip it, rearrange it. its been awhile since I watched the film,but as i said before I remember the creeper getting gunned down so if it didnt heal with bullets or shotgun rounds than its healing factor must not be all that great.

Since things that Thanos would be afraid of would obviously be pretty monumental, maybe Pennywise’s powers increase in response to that. It seems like IT is way more powerful than I thought.

But why? Thanos: This "Earth" surely possesses a beautiful shell.