They started in Anchorage, Alaska, and traveled to a new state about every three days. By Juan Siliezar. And so they set off on a journey to ask Americans across the country about their personal experiences with race and racism. “A lot of learning, a lot of growth, a lot of humility in realizing how much there was to learn, a lot of loving of each other and of beautiful souls we met across the country and a lot of strengthening each other to continue this work even when the emotional labor got really intense.”. The Princeton school have purchased many, but I’m betting there aren’t enough to go round. This is why Guo started her nonprofit, Choose, with a friend Priya Vulchi, now a sophomore at Princeton University, while the two were still high school students.

The partners have discovered that their mission is “something that is beyond the two of us,” she said.

“Back then, I remember feeling so awful, because I truly believed that I was the problem,” Guo said. The second textbook, “Tell Me Who You Are,” was an expansion of the first, but in an effort to make it more representative of the country Guo and Vulchi took a gap year before college to travel to all 50 states and talk with more than 500 people about race — a journey they financed through personal fund-raising and corporate sponsorships. For both books, Guo and Vulchi paired the stories with research, statistics, and history to give readers a social and cultural context.

, Tell me who you are : sharing our stories of race, culture, and identity, Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi, Tell me who you are : sharing our stories of race, culture, and identity, sharing our stories of race, culture, and identity,, Includes bibliographical references (pages 370-382) and index, Race impacts everything -- The past is the present -- Our richness, race and beyond -- Our best friends are still strangers -- The words we use matter -- We need to stop fighting among ourselves -- We are all "normal" -- Diversity is not the goal -- If you want to help, heal -- Let's all get to work -- How to share your story.