If you’re used to having tons of help with all the holiday baking but find yourself on your own in the kitchen this year, take your shortcuts where you can.

Quite hard ingredients but it would be an incredible recipe for Easter. Instead of having each family cook their own mini Easter feast, have everyone in the family cook their one signature dish ahead of time in smaller take-and-bake containers and do porch drop-off of their dish a day or two before. "You maybe all sit down and eat together, and you have a computer at your table," she said. We had this for Easter dinner … absolutely delicious! Look for an online Bible study group and commit to spending time in prayer and study through this season of Lent and Holy Week. You may not be able to walk the Stations of the Cross in your church this year, but you can find online resources to do this virtually.

That is especially true this year since we are trying to stay healthy during this quarantine. My husband LOVED the scalloped potatoes, and he typically is not a fan (but I am, and I’m the cook! While we may prefer to gather together to worship and learn, that building doesn’t define us as Christians. Or, assign each child a different color and see if they can find all of “their” eggs.

Its from Pampered Chef originally. For the filling: You can mix and match a total of 1 – 2 cups of chopped up fillings. We can all have a lovely Easter feast if we shop at our normal pace and add just a few ingredients to the pantry at a time. Take time to wash each other’s feet, explaining to your children that it’s a way to serve each other.

<3 I WILL say, the prep time took me much longer, but it usually does! Decorating the house can also be a fun activity to keep your kids occupied, says Trish Flake, a mom of two and owner of the lifestyle blog Uncommon Designs.

traditional Holy Week foods from around the world, Online Stations of the Cross @ ChurchNext. With the latest news that churches will stay closed through Holy Week and Easter, you may be wondering how to still celebrate these most sacred of holidays. Durr, who blogs about parenting from a Christian perspective, described how Easter can offer hope to Christians during this pandemic. Your email address will not be published. Simple roasted potatoes: This will use the least amount of ingredients, just olive oil and seasonings make them extra delicious. I’m really going to miss our Maundy Thursday service this year. I had a spare box of currants in my pantry from my Christmas shopping.

Get the base quiche recipe for tweaking here. Check out the website of your nearby church to see what online options are being held this year in place of an in-person Mass or service. We are having a tiny Easter brunch and Easter dinner. (Here are some good video chat apps to keep you connected.). It was SO GOOD, and simple to make and clean up. I needed a quick baby shower food for today.

16 Ways to Observe Holy Week and Celebrate Easter During Quarantine. For the pie crust: The recipe I linked to calls for puff pastry but you can purchase and freeze a prepared pie crust from the store as well. Even adults can get in on this fun tradition, according to Sprinkel, who proposed surprising your significant other with an indoor search for eggs filled with love notes and post-quarantine date ideas. I will also salt the potatoes better, but they were so creamy and perfectly done. Make food for a neighbor. We fixed this for a 2-person Easter dinner and just about finished the whole thing between the 2 of us! Raspberry or Mustard vinaigrettes would work lovely, too. Easter without family this year was weird. They will be soggy by the time the carrots get close to being soft. Continue baking scalloped potatoes and ham until potatoes are cooked through, about 20-22 minutes. I vowed to never try that again! This is a new-to-us dish we discovered thanks to a friend just this year. They’ll be so thankful you took the initiative and found creative ways to connect. One skillet, 2 baking sheets, and a few measuring cups. Now, more than ever, we need to lean into technology to stay connected and cultivate relationships with others – even if it’s through a computer screen. This may be hard with already stir-crazy kids at home, so consider setting aside even an hour or two of silence and reflection.

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Grandparents and older family members face a higher risk of complications from coronavirus, but McClelland says there are still ways to have them feel included while quarantined. For the cheese: Ideally you’d use a shredded Swiss cheese or gruyere. Melt butter and saute onions until lightly golden; set aside. For over a decade, Northwest University's Christmas Traditions has featured some of Northwest University's finest vocalists and musicians. I was blown away at the depth of questions they asked and how they took it all in. Check out my all-butter pie crust recipe here. Would love to know if you have any suggestions! You’ll find prayers for Holy Week with related verses and reflections for each day in Holy Week. Make ahead breakfast burritos are magic on busy mornings, The only homemade chicken soup you need this flu season, The best book club picks for 2020 for busy moms who want FUN books, All the meal train ideas you need to bring the best dinner ever.