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Click here for Answer 1. My homepage | Please visit, Well done! Why did God tell Moses to take his


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My homepage | Please visit, Thank you! window.status = ""; } function GetVoto(mark) } function AskPrintQuiz() { function Constructor() { msg = "Good ! My homepage | Please visit, Nice site! These are the first } function PrintATagLinkBack(documento) { What happened to the men who threw hello! it was very good! the Egyptians. frames.quiz_main.document.writeln(finalMess); frames.quiz_status.document.domanda.clock.value = timeStr; doValuate(4,frames.quiz_main.document.domanda.score5,frames.quiz_main.document.domanda.risposta5); } msg = "Wrong! if (valid[8]==0) { From online directory . This Biblical Characters RE quiz asks children to identify the key figures within Christianity. frames.quiz_top.document.clear(); Welcome! [url=]My homepage[/url] | [url=]Cool site[/url], Good design! { What happened that caused Pharaoh to [email protected] No thanks - frames.quiz_status.document.close(); We use cookies to make your experience of our website better. Daniel into the lion’s den?

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} { The focus on this sole religion is because Key Stage 1 children’s assemblies tend to concentrate on stories from the Bible, compared to RE lessons where they may spend a term on a specific religion.