She's hitching a ride back to Europe on a sailboat with Australian YouTubers. I miss him. and your first days , Sailing la Vagabonde , before meeting Elayna .

From Bodrum in Turkey we are sailing south down the coast then back into Greece and on to Malta. I thought it was kind of weird. Online sailing sensations, Elayna Carausu and Riley Whitelum (a.k.a. The TRUTH about Buying a CATAMARAN. thought I would share it with you. Web Design by Jake Lorraine. Think about it. I’d think the exposure that the resort gets being exposed to nearly 400k subscribers (organic growth and reach into the millions) is an awesome deal for the resort. You two are an amazing couple. I got this from another u tube blog, adding a few lines myself if it helps you out!! Just watch even one video; it is 45 feet long…printed on the side as “45”. So I reached out on social media to ask if anyone could help me find transport back to Europe," Thunberg said Tuesday.

My husband and I have been loyally watching since spring of 2015.

I didn’t know much about australians, but you two are just about the coolest people on the earth . Elayna Carausu and Riley Whitelum (a.k.a. It is wonderful indeed to see the love for each other shine though with each episode. She's hitching a ride on a sailboat with Australian YouTubers after nearly three eventful months spreading her climate message across North America. Come back to the Caribbean !!

Thanks Jul 23, 2018 - Explore COURTNEY ️FREEMAN's board "Sailing La Vagabonde" on Pinterest. Thunberg had been traveling across the United States and Canada, appearing on “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” in New York, protesting alongside Sioux leaders in North Dakota, bike riding in Santa Monica, Calif., with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and joining school strikes every Friday, The New York Times reported. Sailing La Vagabonde), will be flying into the UK to exclusively appear at the London Boat Show, sharing the secrets behind their fame and sailing adventures. The TRUTH about Buying a CATAMARAN. Some are sailing in the sun.

Cheers to you two and I hope all goes well for you and your ship. My Name is Daniela from Austria and on the first of October I start to sail around the World with my Boyfriend and our sailing boat El Toro. Elayna, please please please take the rest of the trip. YouTube’s most famous sailing couple to star at London Boat Show 2018. The easy way today is Iridium Go… Slowish (2400bps) but works. Here in the UK young people are struggling to get their voices heard. thank you for your bravery and inspiration. Elayna has been shedding a few tears over you two being apart and I know us guys don’t handle these things well, but come on telling her you would happily do the same again was maybe not a good greeting. Hey Reuben!

I don’t even know how to swim so I live the adventure through you and see places that would otherwise be impossible for me. The question was, why don’t you use nautical terms for the parts of you cat. The London Boat Show will take place from 10-14 January 2018 at London ExCeL.

Wishing you fair winds and good sailing. “You’ll realise crossing the Atlantic is just like doing a few smaller passages in a row. Ciao… We’ve crossed the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific, and are now raising our boy Lenny on our boat as well. Elayna, we have not heard your singing for a while! I bought the boat in the small town of Monopoli, Italy, located about where the Achilles heel would be on the “boot” shape of Italy. Question…are you related to the amazing Bernadette Whitelum per chance Anyway had to share it with you I’m a long time viewer and subscriber, Would it be no different than someone taking Elayna’s music album or any future movie or book rights you both might have without paying for them? For u it was at the beg. Thanx for fueling the stoke on sailing! Hello There! Extraordinary adventures! How to get the bunch at once ?

Then He Spotted Something Floating In The Ocean Don’t be LIED TO.. Greta Thunberg sails into New York for UN climate change summits. I am a helicopter pilot and notice that the way you sail your boat is somewhat like flying (weather, winds, tracking etc.). I get the message “This channel does not exist.”. I have watched all of the vedios and can say the are wonderful. I have sailed for many years on a 30 ft sloop I eventually sold to buy a 60 ft steel passagemaker trawler, which I have been repairing for the last 36 months!

Manufacturer, make and model etc.

We update a little more regularly on our instagram accounts if you’re interested. Hey from Estonia La Vagabonde crew! I’d be willing to bet that the resorts may actually be getting the better end of the stick here. You guys have inspired me to buy a sailing boat in the near future and travel the world.

We also plan to make short Videos for our Facebook Site and we are interested in every information! Launched in 1997, Scuttlebutt provides sailing news with a North American focus.

Trevor, vous êtes simplement les meilleurs on a hâte de vous voir sur la catamaran outremer dans de nouvelles aventures ... I’llhave you know, My boat’s name is Mooeak! I’ve just discovered your VLOG ( sounds like a turd doesn’t it?)

Happy sailing and here’s to maybe meeting up somewhere around the world! Hello Cosme,

Keep it running. And now with the family addition of Lenny, your video’s are even more wonderful to watch.

U DID put a gravestone there on the beach when he died right Riley?

Thats all i can say. By the way what size of boat do you recommend for staters? Looking forward seeing all of you in your next video. Despite beginning with no previous sailing experience, Australian couple Riley & Elayna have been documenting their journey traveling the world by sail. We were in Bonifacio last year with a Nautitech 44.3 . Your videos have me considering something similar but i get sick just trying to read a map in a car! We love watching your videos, especially during the winter to take our minds off the cold and grey. Your email address will not be published.

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A guy two boats down from me, Pauolo “The Magnificent”, took pity on me and offered to take me out on his boat so I would at least know how to hoist the sails. I know you said with a glint in your eye you were looking forward to having a meaningful talk with Elayna, fingers crossed this goes well, whatever you do it’s better with two. I love watching your videos, you guys are living the dream, I also just saw the movie Adrift and now I am hooked on sailing. These services cost the resorts money to operate, and do they not deserve to be paid in return for those services? But for those who need your fix of the old Scuttlebutt, you can visit the old site, for a limited time. All I needed to do now was learn how to sail. ", Greta Thunberg on politicians: 'How dare they', Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg told a rally in Denver that young people must be prepared to keep striking to call for action on climate change - but she's encouraged by those joining the movement. Since last year My wife and I were always watching your youtube videos and were inspired in your life style, we are already at our late Forty’s and we were planning to buy a small catamaran, learn sailing skills and be spending more time for leisure. must be huge losses just running the inverter.