The production planner will help you find what you need to build the factory you want. Place a splitter in-front of the second constructor, and a merger directly to the left of it and make sure it's flowing forwards as well as a second merger flowing forwards, directly in front of the third constructor. The map currently have 408 nodes, 744 slugs and 89 hard-drives. You can connect the smelter, splitter, and constructors up using the Mk1 belts. Next, place a smelter in-front of the three splitters and then place the fourth smelter in line with the others. Crude Oil to Fuel Super-Efficient Build Guide Epic Steam EA EX Beginner Rectangle Manifold 161 foundations This layout aims to produce fuel from crude oil efficiently, following the super-efficient build guide series. First place a splitter flowing to the right in the centre of column one.  56 foundations. Now connect these together with Mk1 belts. You can now merge the assembler outputs and run them to another factory or a storage unit. With the generators, all in place, select one generator and underclock it to 33% at this point all your generators should be hooked up to the pipeline. How to build and optimize such installations? Above this pipeline, place a merging line in the centre of the fourth column in front of the refineries, these should be stacked three high and connected with elevators so that we can lift the resin above the pipelines. You can then delete the two mergers beneath the line. This layout guide shows you how to produce 12 Nobelisk per minute using the vanilla recipe within a clean and efficient … We shall then place two more splitters in the centre between the fourth and fifth, and the fifth and sixth column. We look forward to updating the site weekly with new guides and layouts. Building in mesh mode helps you maintain order in your base. Note that you will now need to connect the manifold line using Mk2 conveyors with the merger output from the screws line. Next, we need to place two assemblers, the first assembler should be placed so that the left-hand input is in-line with the left-hand merger of the iron plates constructor section.

You will now connect the crude oil pipeline to these pipe joints and the refineries.

Screenshots will go along throughout the process and for further help, I've attached a timelapse video guide below. Opposite this line and inline, we will place a further six fuel generators running along the front of the fourth column. This webpage and it’s respective owner(s) are not affiliated with Satisfactory or Coffee Stain Studios.

Thanks to them, you'll have an easier time expanding your base and you'll organize your production lines better.

If you have a particular layout or guide you’d be interested in sharing with the community, we’d gladly give you the chance to be an author on our site, get in touch with us. This factory will require a total of 120 iron ore per minute. TotalXclipse These should all be set to screws. You will now place three constructors each one in front of the splitters and the third constructor to the right of the second constructor. We shall place these against the bottom right of the grid, starting from the 23rd column.

4714 For this build, we will need a total of eight constructors. Satisfactory is a game in which your main goal is to build factories.

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We are just members of the community sharing our love and passion for the game. Steam  161 foundations.