One lovely facade of the Hofburg Palace hints at the opulence inside. Hofburg, Michaelerkuppel Sisi makes a nice story. Empress Elizabeth still exerted a fascination even after the Austro-Hungarian monarchy collapsed; various novels were published and films made about her and her life. It’s all rather mind-boggling.

Part of the Hofburg Imperial Castle open to tourists. Nath and Sonya on the stairs to the museum. But, it does feel very real, compared to things from the Middle Ages or older, as much of what we saw is fairly recent—the Hofburg was used by the monarchy until 1918. Take-home message is one of wealth, grandeur, beauty (some excessive maybe?).

Paperback. Excellent Customer … She apparently hated the court structure, protocol and rigid etiquette and tended to reject this life. We can also imagine the Emperor and Empress here, as there are actual photos of them and their lives, plus we heard a small audio clip of his voice. Later in her life she withdrew almost entirely from public life, and traveled a lot.

The six rooms of the Sisi Museum explore the personality and life of this unusual empress. Next, the Large and Small Salons were the link to the apartments of Empress Elizabeth. All are beautifully and elaborately furnished and decorated—without pictures it’s actually difficult to really capture the dazzling wealth.

Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum, Silver Collection map, Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum, Silver Collection, Kaiserappartements, Sisi Museum, Silberkammer, See the distance and estimated time of arrival, State Hall of the Austrian National Library. Empress Elizabeth’s Apartments included Small and Large Antechambers, Small and Large Salon, dressing room, bedroom/living room, wardrobe rooms, bathroom, lavatory, a library and a gymnastics room, which no longer exists. Highlights: The magnificent Milan Centrepiece, the Vienna Court Table Silver, the Grand Vermeil Service, services by Meissen, Sèvres, Minton and Herend.

Highlights: The famous paintings by F.X. Vienna Hofburg - Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum, Silver Collection Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. Luckily for us, the ticket lady told us that it took about 2,5 hours to cover everything, so she suggested coming another day. By contrast, his bedroom was relatively plain. After she died, he didn’t use these rooms any more.

Fast Dispatch. Franz Joseph held audiences twice a week with any citizen of the Empire. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Sisi Museum, in turn, is an attempt to face the Empress legend and her colorful figure. Change ). They are trying to explain her, redeem her here in this museum, which is the brainchild of Rolf Langenfass, a renowned set designer. One afternoon we decided to visit Sisi Museum in Hofburg (in Stephansplatz), but turned out we got there too late. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Besides the royal family, about 2,500 other people lived and worked here, a fact that gives a clue to the sheer size of the palace. Winterhalter, clothes worn by the empress, an original diamond star, the empress’s travelling medicine chest. We could easily imagine the gold, silver, gilt, vermeil and pottery sets from the Silver Collection being used here, and the table linens folded into intricate shapes. The Apartments are magnificent, and have a great collection and heritage.

Ceaselessly trying to escape from herself, the empress travelled incessantly, finally meeting a tragic end when she was assassinated in Geneva in 1898.

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Hofburg guide: the Imperial apartments, the Sisi museum and the Imperial silver collection, Italian: This book offers an introduction into the history of the Vienna Hofburg, the residence of the Habsburg dynasty for over 600 years, its magnificent apartments and its famous occupants. Used; Good.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. After the assassination, the monarchy’s newspapers commiserated with the Emperor, who was dealt another severe blow after the suicide of his son.

The Hofburg was the residence of the Habsburg dynasty for over 600 years.

The magnificent Emperor Staircase leads up to the 19 state and private rooms of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth. For more than 6 centuries the Vienna Hofburg was the administrative center, seat of government and main residence of the Austrian rulers. The aristocracy criticized her attitude but the public loved her. Highlights: The bedroom and study of Emperor Franz Joseph, the exercise-cum-dressing room and bathroom of the empress, the dining room with its splendidly decked table.

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Next came the Emperor’s Study, also effectively his living room, as we worked and ate in here most days.

In 1858 Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elizabeth moved into newly-renovated rooms, where they were apparently very happy, and we see these rooms in the tour. Welcome to the Official Sisi Shop!

During her life, Sisi was already surrounded by an aura of myth, but her violent death made her into an undying legend.

The Empress used these for dinners and receptions, and the Dining Room still has a long table set for a formal dinner in that era. Franz Joseph and Elizabeth’s son, Rudolf, committed suicide in 1889 and she wore mourning for the rest of her life. From the Silver Collection we moved on to the Sisi Museum and then the Imperial Apartments (part of the same tour and ticket as the Silver Collection), all of it often known as the Residence of Empress Elizabeth (affectionately called Sisi).

As with the other rooms, it is very lavishly decorated with many gilt-framed paintings, crystal chandeliers, painted ceilings. Her body was taken to Vienna and she is buried in the Imperial Crypt.

Commemorative images, coins, postcards etc were soon made, and in countries where she’d traveled statues were erected. The double-headed eagle features extensively both on facades and in interior, on furniture, fixtures, drapery etc.

From the Silver Collection we moved on to the Sisi Museum and then the Imperial Apartments (part of the same tour and ticket as the Silver Collection), all of it often known as the Residence of Empress Elizabeth (affectionately called Sisi). Today these magnificent items from the imperial court household can be admired in the Imperial Silver Collection.

People soon realized that the subject of the lonely Emperor and the beautiful, unhappy, assassinated Empress could be used for monarchist propaganda.

The main focus is on the private aspects of Elisabeth’s life, as revealed in her poetry which allows us a direct insight into her personality: her rebellion against court ceremonial and her flight into the cult of her own beauty, her obsessive dieting and sporting manias, and her rebellion against the strictures of court etiquette. After the end of the Habsburg monarchy the objects held by the Court Silver and Table Room passed into the ownership of the Republic of Austria. Welcome to the official Sisi Shop - the online shop of Schönbrunn Palace, the Vienna Hofburg • Imperial Apartments | Sisi Museum | Imperial Silver Collection and the Imperial Furniture Collection in Vienna, Austria! There are guided tours for Imperial Apartments, and the Imperial Silver Collection for children on weekends and holidays from 10:30 – … Here he conducted most state business, met advisors and foreign leaders, hosted lavish dinners, and raised his three children. The Imperial Apartments thus testify not only to the stately splendour of the Habsburg monarchy but also to the personal history of their occupants. She was very beautiful and has gone down in history as an empress of eternal youthfulness and beauty: she spent hours each day trying to preserve her legendary beauty, so spent many hours riding, exercising and tending to her ankle-length hair.

In September 1898, while traveling in Geneva, she was assassinated. Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum, Silver Collection – H. A. Kilichowski. The Emperor received them (only a few minutes each person to maximize the numbers he could see) in the Audience Chamber, opulently decorated in red, white and gold. Those granted an audience waited in the Audience Waiting Room, decorated with three monumental paintings. Born Christmas Eve 1837 to an aristocratic family in Bavaria, she and her siblings appeared to have had a happy childhood. After the initial entrance into the museum, no photography is permitted. Rod on stairs leading to the Franz Joseph Apartments. Opening hours: September to June: 9 am to 5.30 pm July and August: 9 am to 6 pm. Until 1918 the extensive palatial complex at the heart of Vienna was the political centre of the monarchy. The museum has many original items of clothing and other items owned by the Empress that help bring the personality of this fascinating woman vividly to life.

Expedited UK Delivery Available. Schloss Schnbrunn Kultur - und Betriebsges, 2000. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You can see here, among others costumes reconstruction Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum, Silver Collection – …