Let rise for 30 minutes, Walnut Filling: Course grind one pound of walnut meats, Combine with warm milk, butter, and sugar stir well with a wisk until most of the sugar is dissolved, sugar does not have to be totaly dissolved add ground nut meats and spred out on rolled dough. Great story….

Also Hungarian Kifli's are another of my favorites. My grandmother also made the poppy seed. Dani – Sounds like we have the same heritage...you're not in North Dakota, are you? I think my quest has finally ended. Lekvar was a favorite of his for sure! Custom folders. Seems like Ancestry.com should have a section to record our ancestors best recipes. Hard to guess how to spell those words!

I know very little about cooking and about this part of the world, but I want to know more.

A lot of things have happened in the past year to keep me away from here, darn it!

Happy Holidays! I would maybe search it under: "makove rezance" but simply I would need to know ingredents to say exactly, oh and also "trnkove gule" :))) try to google these 2 ;). Good appetite, and remember your

Prep Time: 30 minutes (if you already have the dough ready). You can also add some Nutmeg. Ingredients: leavened dough, ground poppy seeds or walnuts, sugar, bit of milk memories came flooding back.

Obviously, this unofficial title has been disputed, but I concede that hers had a slight advantage in my childhood memories. Wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year . 1/2 cup honey walnuts, ground fine 1 lb. Add the eggs, sour cream and yeast mixture and mix.

Divide into 5 balls of dough.

Mix these in a bowl, adding warm milk until the mixture is at an easily spreadable consistency. Somehow, they never seem interested in the pork & sauerkraut!

Bake in moderate oven for 50 minutes or until lightly brown. Thank you! I don’t say enough how much I appreciate you.

Bake @ 350F x35-45 min … and then watch it & add more minutes if not brown enough.

Christmas is not far then happy baking Sweet Stuff.

Makes six nut rolls. Wonderful article. My mother's side as all Slovak and kolach has been around forever. In a large pot cook bacon over medium low heat until crispy. You can reduce the heat once they start turning yellow. 1 cake yeast (1½ oz.) Prefer email? Ingredients:leavened dough, ground poppy seeds or walnuts, sugar, bit of milk. Cream Butter & mix one pkg Cream Cheese at a time, add Flour & mix until the mixture works away from side of bowl. Po-tee-za) She was Slovenian. I lost my dad to Alzheimer’s years ago so I can attest to the pain of losing a parent like this. What a wonderful joy to have it fresh and still warm from the oven.

Gonna start the dough right NOW using Aunt Eleanor's recipe.

There are many cultural identities among the Slavic people. We keep them alive also.

I’ve ‘modernized’ it a bit and brought it down to a one day project!

It’s one cup of melted butter for the dough and then 1 tsp. Hi Gary, your family is not alone in calling these “kolache”.

I have been baking Orechovniky for several years with walnuts, honey & white raisins. About a minute later, my older sister came bouncing in and said “Hi, Baba!

I tried to show the post to Mom today…she just smiled like she always does. The Bohemian Poppy seed Strudel or "Striezel" is a German baking specialty that has it's origin in the Austrian part when it used to be Germany. . wished I like to bake like they did!

Also no one ethnic group can claim to be the best or call another the worst.

cookies, frostings, cakes, bread and rolls, various desserts, soups and casseroles, all from scratch. It is so difficult watching a once active parent age. Mom passed away this morning and will make sure I send it or write about soon.

Almost everything in Easter Europe was Hungary at one time! They have a poppy filling, walnut, almond, date, as well as many kinds of pie fillings.