Pit and the Pendulum?

Staik writes, During the hourlong event, the author of modern-day horror also spoke about his influences in literature, including Edgar Allan Poe, a 19th-century American author who is at the …

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These saltcellars and differences include what they focus on in their writings, how they write, and what hey believe in.

When the announcer says, "You decide! Similarly, in King's "The Shining," an apparently normal father is steadily driven insane and repeatedly attempts to murder his own family. Both Poe and King wrote almost exclusively in the horror genre. King has written novellas, short stories, novels and works of nonfiction, much like Poe.

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Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe

Trapwork Orange In this sense, one can compare authors, such as their lives, their styles of writing, and their pieces of literature.

King's works similarly appeal to a broad audience, and several of his novels -- notably "The Shining" and "The Shawshank Redemption" -- were turned into movies. King on the other hand uses a religious approach to the supernatural.