WOW! Where is the 2021 NLI signing thread? Richard is a consultant with Coastal Carolina baseball so there are other people out there who are using his services. you can get his info free on you tube, twitter, etc. Teacherman kept more threads going than anyone I can recall. And there were a lot of arguments about hitting! Thanks again to all of you who share your knowledge and keep this site going to help kids you've never met.

Very easy to talk to, courteous, and polite. I actually got to know him a little and he was much different than he appeared to be when posting. he let everyone ask all the questions they wanted. The problem I have with Teacherman is the way the throws out a few comments but doesn't give any explanation. No. Not to start a pissing match here, but can you share his experience with both? My son has worked with Rich for over a year now. Inside you will find the absolute best hitting information, the information that leads to duplication of the swings of the best hitters in MLB history. On the field he is struggling with timing,  the swing is so much faster and more efficient that is he has not gotten used to waiting longer for the pitch to arrive,  he is having to erase all of his early years of when he decides to start his swing,  unfortunately as a freshman at a large high school,  they mainly just hit in cages off the tee and there are not enough reps to get the timing correct,  so have to work on it on our own. People will say things over chat, and written communications that they would never say face to face. Richard Schenck was a very controversial poster from10-15 years ago on this site.

Oh, good God. He describes it quite detailed on his site. there is the patreon thing yes (10/month goes to AJ charity) but you can still see his stuff elsewhere. Replies and comments they make will be collapsed/hidden by default. Did teacherman start charging for his information?

I also can not stand the whole money grab.

Crazy! From what I see his website has not been logged into for months? Downtime for Throwing for Position Players? Btw i wouldnt even say he does that for money. I've done my best to stay out of this thread. Richard is still as controversial, just now to a larger audience on Twitter. You must be signed in to continue. Hitting Illustrated Clinic Here's a video of Richard describing his "second engine" philosophy. That may just be a rumor, but why risk it. No. He would get banned from the site and then come back with a new user name, but there was no doubt it was Richard returning to argue hitting. The equivalent would be locking a lawyer and a life insurance agent in a room and only allowing one to come out alive. I can tell you from extensive personal experience, he's 180 degrees from that in person. It is clear their internet bravado is not in RL but your son is the only one I know who was taught by both and the feedback is helpful, Current Visitors: 112 (24 members, 88 guests). Amazing connection. The subscription fee is $240/year, or $60/quarter, or $20/month. Very good stuff. Rich definitely had some success but he acts like he is the only one in die industry who got it.

My daughter is a prosecutor. in fact my son has been working on some of these things over the last 18 months,    barrel swivel and hinging of the rear hip. Great find PG very interesting indeed. Thank you for sharing that. You can also look at different hitters and see not all hitters even in the MLB who are successful do the same thing. he has a series of drills that breaks the technique down to it's components, and seems to really work for them. Almost like he is trying to quiz you but you never find out what the hell he is saying. Richard Schenck has 600 posts on their Instagram profile. He had numerous names over the years. So whatever happened to Richard (teacherman)? I think they both teach some good things but can't stand anyone that pretends to know it all or wont even consider they might not know it all or could learn from others. My son is 15 btw. When you say "He describes it quite detailed on his site."?

Not many knew just how much passion he had or how much time he spent studying the art of hitting. I am glad to know the person is a likeable man because the poster was intolerable. He is a little unhinged and doesn't know how to have a discussion without going into bully mode. I can't find it. HELP WANTED: Players / Teams / Coaches / Tourneys, California Collegiate League vs. Northwoods. He's still very active on Twitter, I feel if you taught his approach to youth players you would get almost 100% pop ups at best.

I too was a little skeptical based on his internet persona. there are a lot of swing gurus teaching the same approach now and to youth kids. I would like to see him do a clinic live where I could ask him in plain english things but feel like when he does his online things he is a bit of an ass, reminds me of skip carey back in the day for the braves, people would call in and ask him stuff and he treated them all like they were idiots. In written communication, it is impossible to pick up on non-verbal ques. Ed, I know your boy received lessons from the BD and TM. my son just had a lesson with him...he is entirely different in person...very knowledgeable and passionate about what he teaches. After looking into his approach it is hard to disagree, however, I think it would only really play for those who are big & strong already. I believe Ian Happ of the Cubs is another follower of Richard. I imagine there's lots of searches for "teacherman" posts about now! Note: if you proceed, you will no longer be following.

Can't really take judge away from him and that other guys in mlb want to work with him and many say he is ok in person but his internet appearance and his cult followers are really off the charts annoying. There are others with an infamous rep, but will only be mentioned in whisper. He did have a great sucess with judge but he also worked with kingery and happ before 2018 and they regressed a lot. First off, welcome back PG - no idea where you've been but I am glad you are back. I hear that if you say his name aloud three times in a dark room, he'll come to life and murder you. and he really knows his stuff and can communicate it well to the athletes. When you block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall. Good luck to him and his students. Disclaimer: It’s humor based on stereotypes. Lets not forget why he was banned here. He also has quite the following on instagram! From what I keep hearing teacherman is not like that in person, then why be that way on twitter and online? The hitting forum was fairly popular back then. The arguments back then on the HSBBW were entertaining in my opinion. No one has caused more angst on this site than Teacherman. In my opinion he has a good approach, but it seems pretty rigid and universal, and his style definitely rubs pretty much everyone the wrong way. I think his stuff has some good things but most of his explanations really are biomechanical nonsense. The hitting forum was fairly popular back then. As someone who only found this "little" site about 6 months ago, I'm amazed at how this site has and still does include some pretty influential people in the game of baseball (and that definitely includes you PG). We're sorry. I didnt visit the hitting forum that often but I will never forget Teacherman. Marshall has more class of course (doesn't use words like moron so often) but they all three insist that they are 100% right and everyone just doing it one percent differently are totally wrong. Baseball is a small world indeed. I imagine this type of swing could strain your oblique as well.

Thanks for sharing, PGStaff! 6"3  170. Had no idea Richard was Teacherman but my son knows him well and has taken lessons from him. Very vague in his answers. But still I can't Stand that he is ripping anyone in the industry as a fraud including guys like latta, wallenbrock, ochart or tewks (who started as a teacherman follower by the way).

He of course wants to make some money but he has a real passion for this, he behaves like this not to win clients  but because his ego needs to be right. This is amazing, especially to those that remember him from many years ago, What I have seen is a lot more pwr in practice and in the cages  and consistently hitting the ball hard. Kyle B, Tewks, Wallenbrock can be added to the internet instructors that went "Big Tyne". What did he find useful or not so useful from them? He not only changed his philosophies numerous times, and under multiple names, he also attacked members and their children including mine. No. Just so happens he is a big reason for Aaron Judge's success. He finally gave up and moved on starting his own site. Even though they all loathe each other rich, o leary and mike Marshall are pretty similar in their personalities. OMG, evening mentioning the name should get you banned from the site. Written interaction, does not have the nuances as spoken communication face to face. In person he is different, I skyped with him once or twice a decade ago and he explained me some stuff.

That is incredible. $10 per month? You would be amazed how many people have passed through this site and how many relationships are intertwined. Just goes to show, People can be much different in person.

I mean if Ted Williams was coming up today, they would pick his swing apart. This is a "SUBSCRIPTION MESSAGE BOARD". Richard Schenck was a very controversial poster from10-15 years ago on this site. Very cool story. Indeed! He would get banned from the site and then come back with a new user name, but there was no doubt it was Richard returning to argue hitting. I actually got to know him a little and he was much different than he appeared to be when posting. Oh I was under the impression you had to join something calle Patreon now to see his clinics. What he is teaching puts a huge hole in a players' swing on fastballs up in the zone. Finally, you'll never receive email notifications about content they create or likes they designate for your content. Follow their account to see all their photos and videos.

I have an insurance license as part of my business consulting (got tired of other people making money off my advice). Funny though, if the only thing you knew about him was the video I posted earlier, you'd think he was a good conversationist and would be willing to discuss topics rationally... but that isn't the case.