They quickly stop after realizing there's someone who walked in on them. Do you think the movie glamorizes drinking? A man reaches in to another mans pants while he makes out with a girl, A man puts his mouth on another mans clothed privates, A shirtless man in bed, with his lower half covered, removes his underwear and begins to masturbate. One scene briefly appears to border on nonconsensual sex; a girl asks whether a guy wants to have sex, then says she was kidding when he takes her seriously. | Despite the strong language and underage substance use, the movie actually encourages communication and could open the door for thought-provoking discussions between parents and teens. Coming from a teenager I can relate to Nadine so much through out the movie. A girl rings her brother and says, "Mom's f***ing a dentist in a foreign country. Several scenes are cringe-worthy and uncomfortable, but who among us didn't feel that as a teen? Plot Keywords. Why does that matter?

The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points. Steinfeld's wonderfully nuanced, authentic portrayal of the delightfully opinionated, angst-ridden, and awkward Nadine turns this sometimes-edgy high school comedy into a touching gem. We were unable to submit your evaluation. The film opens with the lead character declaring that she's ready to commit suicide, but she doesn't follow through. A kid watches her father have a heart attack. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. While in a hot tub, a girl jokingly suggests that she and her male friend get out and have sex, but she's just kidding. While in the shower, a girl picks up a razor and looks down, implying that she is going to shave off her pubic hair. He replies with, "Well, you can found out tonight. Wondering if The Edge of Seventeen is OK for your kids? | ("You gave my brother a handjob, you asshole. In a scene that lasts about a minute, a character and her classmate are seen kissing and starting to get intimate but she has doubts and backs out. A girl accidentally sends a message to a boy that has explicit sexual references such as her wanting him inside her, and him sucking her boobs. Two teen boys go into a pantry full of whipped-cream, and hit "Whip-It's" out of a Reddi Whip Can. Plot Summary [1:44] Milder language includes dick, hell, damn, bitch, etc. Shows the dangers of careless social media interactions and sexually explicit communication -- and the potential dangers of unsafe sexual activity.