In the Order Confirmation dialog, click Edit. ... —see below). 3. For a long position, place a trailing stop loss below the current market price. How to thinkorswim.

4. A trailing stop is a stop order that can be set at a defined percentage or dollar amount away from a security’s current market price. When the order is filled, it triggers an OCO for your profit stop and stop-loss. … Conceptually, this is similar to a spread strategy in that there are short and long positions of the same options type (put or call) on the same underlying asset. A ratio spread is a neutral options strategy in which an investor simultaneously holds an unequal number of long and short or written options. First, what a trailing stop order is. 1st Triggers 2 OCO: The first order in the Order Entry screen triggers two OCO orders. 2. Option Ratio and Backspreads.

Add an order of the proper side anywhere in the application.

Trailing Stop Links. The Order Entry Tools panel will appear.

For example, first buy 100 shares of stock. In the Order Entry ticket, choose TRAILSTOP from the Order drop-down list. For example, first buy 200 shares of stock.

1. How to Create Stop Orders on thinkorswim® Desktop - YouTube For a short position, place the trailing stop above the current market price.