Rigidity is aided by the Torsion Groove, a Dahon patented slot and mating groove on the hinge faces – simple and effective, like all the best ideas. Once under way, the Schwalbe Marathon tyres set up a pleasant zizz that reverberates tinnily in the hydroformed tubing.The feel is sporty, precise and dead fast, an impression heightened by the Deore gear set, that always gave knife-through-butter changes, despite some clumsy folding and unfolding (see below). At 11cm, the main frame hinge is unusually tall in the vertical plane, which more or less eliminates flex, and the sculptural handle closes with a satisfying click, which inspires a certain confidence. Gear System Shimano Deore 9-spd . Folded Volume Folded as instructions 207 litres (7.3 cu ft) Saddle stem removed 185 litres (6.5 cu ft) A sub-class of folding bikes is the separables. Tyres Schwalbe Marathon Slick . Folded volume, at 185 litres or 6.5 cubic feet, is smaller than the Giant Halfway, and a smidgen larger than the similar Dahon Helios, which is quite good for such a substantial machine. This convoluted process produces a much bigger and more awkward package than you started with.Trek also claims that the blancmange converts into a backpack, but even our battle-scarred origami- minded folding technicians failed to complete the task. Drive train efficiency must be high too, because we guessed the bike was a shade low geared, but a check revealed first to be a highish 31″ and top a healthy 89″. And that’s cheap.The Birdy range now starts at £875 and runs to almost £2,000. We're Southwestern Ontario's largest Trek, Electra and Felt bicycle dealer. Quite why Trek decided to get into folding bikes, we’re not sure, but they did, and their ‘F’ series bikes made a first appearance in the UK at Cycle 2003.What we do know is that Dahon played a key development role, because certain key components are pure Dahon. It's tedious to fit, ungainly, heavy and cumbersome. We’re less happy about the stem hinge, but it works well.

Nose, perhaps? The saddle is supportive and has nice cushioning. The three-piece bag system is much too complicated. We will still be limiting the amount of people to a max of 10 in the store at one time. © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Trek has made good use of the technique here, with frames that bulge and curve in all the right places. Pictured above is a folder with a simple folding mechanism, but there are many different designs. Against this sort of competition, the Trek gives a good account of itself, and at £470 to £750, it’s reasonably priced. Ratios 31” – 89” Being an American product, warning stickers abound on the Trek.

The Trek folders deserve to find buyers, and they will, partly because fashionable badges mean a great deal to some people.That said, tucking the bikes away in the old timers’ brochure hardly sounds like active marketing, which suggests that Trek might be a little embarrassed by the whole thing. Size 35-406mm . That puts the cheaper bikes up against the Brompton L3 or Giant Halfway, and the top- ender against the likes of the Birdy, Dahon Speed Pro and Helios SL. Old copies of The Sun do just as well as a drip tray (and are a lot more entertaining). One of the neater Dahon touches is a pair of little magnetic plates that hold the two frame halves together. Folding isn’t the best (probably easier than the Birdy, all the same) and weight is on the high side.The real competition here will come from Dahon’s own Helios SL due here next month – only £50 more expensive than the F600 and claimed to weigh just 8.2kg, or 21% less. After riding it for a day of approximately 5-6 hours, I don't feel any discomfort. With both brakes applied, maximum force is about .68G, the bike feeling very stable at this level. And right at the back, you’ll find the folders.We’re picking up vibes of fashionable young person’s manufacturer, with a few sensible offerings for those techno-greys who can still get their leg over, so to speak. UK Distributor Trek Bicycle Corporation tel 01908 282626. …It has to be said that folding is not the Trek’s strongest suit…. The award-winning Vektron is among the world’s best-selling Bosch folding bikes. You can fold them up to put them in the back of a car, store them in a closet, and take them by train or bus. You can use our website to source the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals and save yourself tons of money! If the F600 was equipped to commute in all weathers, you’d need to add at least 10% to that, which would put the bike firmly at the puddingy end of the folder scale. The ride is smooth, brake is superb! It folds in 10 seconds to go on trains, in cars, and under desks. Not the smallest package, but like most Dahon designs, reasonably quick and easy to do. The little magnets should hold the bike together when folded, but follow the instructions and they miss by some way.

Our only grumble – and it’s a very common problem – is a degree of brake bind and snatch due to poorly-trued wheels. List a bike that you want to sell or trade for free. Light weight, racy looking wheels/rims, 9 speeds, not just 8 or 7 speeds. The frame also has a highly-strung ‘brittle’ quality that can make the tubes quite noisy. Sounds like a win-win situation for Dahon, but we’ll let you know in June. A shoulder strap is useful, but you will find cheaper examples elsewhere. Errant nipple? Both the saddle stem and seat tube are adjustable over a wide range, the handlebars from 98cm to 117cm and the saddle from virtually nothing to 104cm, which should suit most people.The general impression, reinforced by the rigidity and a reasonable 105.5 cm wheelbase, is of a bike for bigger people, so if you’ve discounted other folders as too small, this may be the machine of your dreams. Then there’s the folding technique. The Trek-branded saddle is excellent. Still need more suspension for a smoother ride. Deciding that we’re more likely to be moved by something flash than a set of plasticky mudguards and a rack, Trek has provided us with the F600. So far so good.Trek also provides a ‘three-piece folding bike bag’.The most useful part is a shoulder strap that loops around the bike fore and aft, enabling you to carry it in reasonable comfort.

Obviously nudists should take care not to stick anything wobbly into the mechanism. Not that we’re objecting to honest shoppers and folders, or even the less-than-honest Chinese electric MTBs that we seem to make a speciality of condemning these days. Mon, Sun: ClosedTue - Fri: 10:00am - 6:00pmSat: 10:00am - 5:00pm, Our goal is to maintain a safe environment for both our customers and staff. Visit us at 4487 Wellington Road South, just past Costco and the Tim Hortons. Trek folders come with a handbook, but never trust instructions such as ‘…avoid pinching yourself or the cables…’ or ‘…hold the cables out of the way…’. However, I would still suggest Trek to add internal hub suspension for its front wheel since that should greatly absorbe more uneven surface and make the ride even better. A bit heavy, at 440g, but very comfortable. It begins to sound like a three-handed job. The handlebar stem folds around the newish hinge design that we’ve criticised in the past (see Dahon Presto, A to B 36).Whether the mechanism has been re-engineered, we don’t know, but there’s little or no play on this example, although it’s still possible to misengage the hinge in the dark, which we think could result in the bars collapsing as you pull away.

Our favourite involves folding: ‘…keep fingers and other body parts out from items which are folded.’ Which body parts? Much of the credit must go to the Jagwire cables – take our word for it, you will be delighted by the precise, almost friction-free action. very fast 24inch wheel folding bike,compares easily with high end light weight road bike and folds! The gear shifting is quick smooth, however at 9th speed, the chain has a tendency to rub the protective rubber a little bit when downshifting. It has to be said that folding is not the Trek’s strongest suit: It’s relatively heavy, at 11.9kg (26lb) – hardly arm-stretching, but for a bike without accessories, definitely on the heavy side. Very easy to fold.

Follow the instructions (saddle stem, then bars, pedals and mainframe) and you will produce a neatish 207 litre package, but you’ll have to hold it together yourself because there’s no way the magnets will make contact.With a bit of experimentation, we produced a smaller package by removing the saddle, then folding the pedals, the mainframe, and finally the bars.The saddle stem has to be stowed down the middle.This process allows the magnets to come together and produces a lower, longer package measuring 34cm across by 92cm long and 59cm tall. But once in a while it’s nice to play with some quality bits and pieces. However,Trek also makes road machines and BMX bikes, and for older and wrinklier customers, the shop-person will delve under the counter and bring out the ‘Navigator’ brochure.This portrays ordinary, slightly wrinkly folk riding bicycles with chainguards, and the odd Shimano 8-speed hub gear, a mechanism which translates as an ‘internal drivetrain’ in Trek-speak. Our store hours will be returning to 10-6 Monday to Friday and 10-5 Saturday.

It isn’t very often we get to test the sexier kind of bicycle. Folded Dimensions As instructions L82cm H70cm W36cm Stem removed L92cm H59cm W34cm