The 25 Best TV Series on Netflix to Watch Right Now.

From Northern Irish writer Lisa McGee, the candid, family-centred comedy set against the backdrop of The Troubles is stuffed with hysterical dialogue, instantly fully-formed characters and a bracing ability to turn its context into surtext with wit and heart. Everyone loves polar bears – almost as much as they love David Attenbourough. Some of Dexter’s most notable accomplishments were being nominated for 23 Primetime Emmy Awards and winning two Golden Globe awards. All rights reserved. The Lab claims to be researching for the US Department of energy, but instead, it has a secret paranormal agenda!

After the success of the original version, which was narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the BBC announced a six-part sequel, titled Planet Earth II, which was the first television series produced by the BBC in Ultra-high-definition (4K).

By far one of the best documentary series ever made and the BBC’s most expensive nature documentary ever, Planet Earth is an Emmy Award-winning, 11 episode series, showcasing a global overview of Earths diverse habitats. Oh, you watched that way back when it was on Showtime and again when it hit Netflix. Fan of the office? Merlin Image via Netflix . Starring Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Justin Theroux, Sonoya Mizuno, Gabriel Byrne, and Sally Field, Maniac received multiple accolades. An epic animation stuffed with creativity, this is a treat for del Toro fans that will soon turn their kids into fans too. Faulty Towers is listed here as the 14th best TV series on Netflix. Dumplin It is set to be released on July 4, 2019.

The Medici family produced not one but two queen regents of France and ultimately obtained the hereditary titles of Duke of Florence and Grand Duchy of Tuscany. A post shared by Adelaide Kane (@adelaidekane) on Sep 8, 2016 at 6:27am PDT. Another series from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, a fun family animation.

It ran for three series and all three received critical acclaim.

Murder! If you love the movie Marie Antoinette and opulent period fashion, then look no further than Versailles. However, don’t let that put you off as this 1975 & 1979 classic will have you falling off your chair with laughter.

Perfect Sunday teatime viewing. Stine’s books, gets it just right. Matt McIntyre is a digital marketing consultant and certified marketing strategist. Premiering on Netflix on July 11, 2013, OITNB depicts the story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), as she gets sentenced to 15 months in Litchfield Penitentiary, a minimum-security women’s federal prison in upstate New York, for an offence that occurred 10 years prior. Suitable for absolutely everyone. And nope, it doesn’t solve the whole Anastasia mystery.

This comedic series is an irreverent dramatization of the royal family’s daily life and the result is bloody hysterical.

His seemingly extraverted and outbound confidence, masks his past and troubled childhood, presenting itself in the form of many vices, like drinking, smoking and womanising. What are the best TV series on Netflix to watch right now? Andrew Sachs as the clueless waiter, Manuel, brings the physical comedy, while Connie Booth quietly steals the show as the maid, Polly. Based on the Marvel comics character of the same name, Daredevil follows Matt Murdock, a lawyer-by-day, and bad-ass crime-fighting ninja by night, as he aims to rid New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen of its criminal underworld, led by crime boss Wilson Fisk. It follows six best friends throughout their 20s and 30s who live in Manhattan, New York City.

We have reached over 155 million views in the past 6 years, and amassed over 200,000 followers on social media. Professional and precisely judged to the end, the result is perfect – and, at just two seasons, smart enough to know not to overstay its welcome.

It will surely keep you in suspense.

Remote control icon created by Bjoin Andersson from Noun Project. Elba received critical acclaim for his role as John Luther and has been awarded a Critics’ Choice Television Award, Golden Globe Award, NAACP Image Award for his performance. The first two seasons won multiple awards and received countless nominations. As long as you don’t mind having the theme tune stuck in your head for weeks afterwards. This series centers around King Louis XIV, who gained notoriety for the elaborate nature of his court rituals at—you guessed it—Versailles.

If you’ve been living under a rock; then I can tell you that Bryan Cranston gives one all-mighty performance as a high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine manufacturing drug dealer. Its great success can be attributed to the quality of writing, acting and direction, as well as its mass appeal.