Metacognition is considered crucial to your child's learning. he consultant gave me professional advice on school selections and writing personal statements. He is the best teacher in town! Students of all abilities and course interests, currently studying a range of curricula inside and outside of the UK will need advice on their best options and strategy for entry to a UK university. He is lively and energetic.

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The lessons are delivered with clear explanation and I have gained knowledge on a variety of topics!

Please send all covering letters and CV’s to [email protected], Copyright © William Clarence Education. My friend recommended me to come here and it definitely worth my time!

We are coming back again in November for the Dec 1 exam and we are confident that my son can score even higher after the November training. I used to feel frustrated when I looked at those equations. I got a 31 in my first attempt! I totally enjoyed having lessons here! From the in depth exploration of my academic interests to the personal attention I received during the application process, working with Sophie and the team at Simply Learning provided the necessary support to realize my academic goals. © 2020 Simply Learning Tuition Ltd. Site by TILT Digital Agency Kent Wordpress Developer, Excellence in  Education Consultancy 2019′. SLT offers families peace of mind, particularly when students are away from their loved ones.

They take care of my academic and admssion procress whole-heartledly! ", Mr W, San Francisco, CA, UK University Placement, "I am grateful for their help - Miles improved my Masters personal statement and made the whole applications process straightforward. The tutor really help equipped me with the knowledge necessary for entering UK law schools. You may consider choosing from the best MBA admission consultants to help you stand out in a crowded market.

With close links to former Heads of Schools and senior figures within the education industry we are proud to offer expert, impartial advice that puts each child at the centre of the process. They guided me to explore those concepts in science and clear my misunderstandings. We were delighted to win the Relocate Global award for, ‘Excellence in  Education Consultancy 2019′. Personal MBA Coach and Stacy Blackman take top spots. We specialise in a wide range of Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses from top universities from the UK. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
A calm, warm and reassuring personality is best suited to our business and client base. He delivers well-prepared intellectual discussions with an enlightened learning atmosphere. The lessons are totally beyond my expectations! To find out more about the benefits of our University Admission services, please call one of our university admissions consultants or use our online enquiry form further down this page.

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With my tutor’s assistance, I see significant improvement in my school exam results. The courses teach me practical and exam-oriented skills by providing me many mock exams and exercises. He assisted me with internal coursework and external examinations with a wide scope of clear objectives.

We work with clients from all around the world, dealing last year with clients from 18 different countries. ".

The tutors always encourage us to speak and guide us through the discussions which is great! I now have thorough understanding on the UK legal system and the law.

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My Mandarin has improved greatly and the Math tutor taught me many practical skills as well! My teacher is so funny – I never get bored in my English lesson.

At Causeway Education, we not only help you achieve your immediate goals but also your long-term dreams – because they’re what matter most. The teachers are also very eager to boost my score! My history teacher also strengthened my answering skills and I now have a strong chronological sense for the historic events! She knows how to teach at a moderate pace, and she moves on only after ensuring that I have understood the current topics! The learning objectives are clear, they would provide helpful notes and it would help me to remember all the concepts and knowledge.

We are UK university admission consultants for EU Students. Also, I love studying in the common area of the centre. Simply put, Simply Learning Tuition helps demystify many of the complex aspects of the academic landscape. The teachers here are friendly. He definitely knows the skills and knowledge for SAT Subject Test. The teaching methods are very thorough, and my teachers are always prepared in advance. There are many class discussions and the tutors know how to guide me through my learning! If I did not meet my Eng Lit teacher here, I would not have loved this subject as much as I do now! Experience working with students from a variety of curriculums, advising on entry strategy for all standards of student/ university. They are always an inspiration to me. The Company.

The teachers would provide useful feedback, let me to have more improvement of my weaknesses. I enjoyed learning with my friends in the group class. FacebookSearch EngineReferralCircular PostOther, (AP Chem, SAT, History; Admissions Consultation), (IBDP HL Chinese, SL English and SL Mathematics), (IBMYP Science, Chinese, English and Mathematics), (IGCSE English Literature; GCEAL Biology and Chemistry), (IGCSE English, English Literature and History), IBDP Math, Eng, Bio; ACT Eng; Admissions Consultation, (SAT Subject English & Literature, History; Admissions Consultation), (GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History), A.W. Relocating to a city as diverse and multifaceted as London can be quite a daunting challenge, but with the help of such an engaged and knowledgable organization I am confident in my ability to successfully navigate my new home and academic programme. With constructive feedback and useful advice from the consultant, I am so confident that my personal statement can stand out from the crowd! The teaching materials are excellent, and I love my teacher, who is very patient and knows how to motivate me! Copywrite © 2019 Causeway Education. I get all the details I need for clear success on every section.

He or she will be hard working and committed to providing the highest level of service and educational advice using all their experience to date to get the best results possible for our clients. The team is incredibly supportive on several fronts thanks to access to the most accurate (and useful) information, a strong team of tutors and administrators, positive leadership, and a firm belief that education is the key to everything. We offer expert guidance, tutoring, exam preparation modules and also offer end-to-end support to all the students that aim for international education and career. Ask about our comprehensive Admissions & Consultation service packages to manage your future, today: I like the tutors here because they’re like friends to me. Our business is built around the quality and integrity of our people. University Admissions Consultants. With the help of over 750 student reviews, MBA Insights help you narrow down the competition to the nine best MBA admission consultants for 2020. submit. This is exactly what I need! Experience with Medicine, Law and Engineering and Oxbridge Applications preferable. Who Are They? UK (UCAS) university admissions requirements and procedures. When it came to applying for a job at PWC, SLT were really useful - in the end I decided to go down the university route, I was successful in getting onto a masters. Office 417, 418 & 419, 4th Floor, Abdullah Hamad Lowaie Al Alameri Building,Al Falah Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Engaging the support and guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable university consultant can make all the difference to your chances of a successful application. If your child is applying through Clearing or Adjustment, the key to success is to get fast, reliable information and to apply it effectively. William Clarence Education is one of the UK’s leading education advisory and consultancy services, helping families on every aspect of their educational journey. But whenever I approached my teacher, he could always sooth my nerves. I would definitely recommend them to my friends!

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Our suite of service offering begins with nursery advice for our clients with young families, through to prep and senior school placement. Professional college and university consultant for a number of years and former head of the US-UK Fulbright Commission Educational Advisory Service, Anthony co-authored the original Uni in the USA (2004), and has contributed to updating every edition since. My consultants have been my strongest support on giving me advice from school selection to writing personal statements. Emirates Towers Metro Station Dubai . My school result has improved gradually. We support British families moving back to the UK after a period abroad,  international families having their first contact with the UK education system and domestic UK families. University admission is highly competitive and outstanding grades are just part of the selection criteria. They also have a willingness and desire to go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that unfamiliar environment becomes a little more familiar every day. I am thankful for his help! The lessons delivery was great and he would wait for me to finish writing my notes before continuing, I enjoyed how straight-forward the course was, and how I could ask questions and either get a detailed answer or even more in-depth definition and description.