The series was cancelled after one season, in March 2020. In his research, Luther discovers that the vampirism in people is induced due to some markers in their DNA.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Notice how she has a sharp pang after she tells her sister that she loves her? Every region has its own tales and legends. So, vampires were known long before the series events, and, based on the legends of different locations, the description of the vampires is different.

While normal vampires are free to feed on anyone, a Vourdalak can drink the blood of the one that it has an emotional bond with. So, while the victim is losing dangerous amounts of blood, they are also high on the drug-like effect of the toxins in their blood. Within the V Wars world are two types of vampires; knowing the difference between these groups will make all the difference in your understanding of the story and the implications of the choices made by these vampire characters.

© 2019 | All Right Reserved. But Michael has different DNA, which means he got turned into a Blood. So, while this means that a Vourdalak is not as dangerous as any other Blood, it also means that this branch of the vampire family is self-destructive in nature and dies off quicker than any other form of vampires.

Not as much is known about Vourdalak vampires, as they have kept a low profile. Twitter. Какво е Вурдалак във V-Wars?

Facebook. So, in order to satiate their thirst, they slaughter their own friends and family, and because they find it difficult to control their thirst, they will be quicker about killing people. “Shrunk The Kids” Director Returns For Reboot, Walking Dead Star Reportedly Being Eyed To Play The MCU’s Namor – The Hollywood Inquirer, Ranking Every Superhero From The Boys From Worst To… Even Worse, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Skydance Spy Series Acquired by Netflix, November 10 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases. Also, with more and more people turning into vampires, we also expect the next season to give us a broader view of other kinds of vampires. What are Vourdalaks in V Wars? And that concludes our weekly vampire lesson. And this is where the legends of various countries come into play. Всеки регион има свои собствени приказки и легенди. This kind of vampire species can feed on a human without actually killing them, and when they do feed on humans, they produce a venom that gives their victim a similar high to a drug, this way the victim actually enjoys getting their blood sucked by a Vourdalak.

Other traditional vampire traits are present in those with the virus, including increased healing abilities, strength, sight, hearing, and speed. But when it comes to Danika, things are not the same. It also acts as a deciding factor on what kind of vampire you will turn into. While sucking blood from their victim, they release a toxin in their body. One will get you high. When no else is left for them to feed on, they will eventually starve to death. The other, not so much.

The Bloods, also called “Blood Nation,” have been infected by the ancient pathogen once buried in the Antarctic. In V Wars, they are the kind of vampire that is able to infect someone just simply by being around them, through the same pathogen that infected Michael Fayne, that was discovered in the artic.

Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to announce if V Wars has been renewed for an additional season. Under Michael Fayne’s leadership, Blood Nation has worked on controlling its urges with organized feedings once or twice a week. So, the moment she accepts that she loves someone, her hunger is kicked on. Black Christmas – Imogen Poots, Brittany O’ Grady, Lily Donoghue on... HeyUGuys Sundance 2020 Preview – HeyUGuys. The V Wars graphic novel, which the series is based off of, explores how the disease differs with a person's genes. Since Vourdalaks can only feed on the people they love, they are drawn towards their family members. The Bloods are your more traditional type of vampires. On the Netflix series, Luther works to create a blood alternative known as “BludSub” for Blood Nation to use. So far, only one character on the V Wars TV series has experienced immunity to the virus after being bitten: Luther’s son, Dez. V-Wars; What is a Vourdalak in V-Wars, Explained.

Even if they are all talking about the same thing, there are some marked differences between the way they characterise those things. They remain human, which means Danika has a continuous supply of blood bag. So, will there be a Season 2 of V Wars? This gives the human who has just been fed on a drug-like high, resulting in a satisfied Vourdalak and happy, compliant prey.

This means that her vampirism is connected to the love that she feels for others. The Bloods are what you’d consider a more traditional kind of vampire, although some variations in their behavior are unique to V Wars. Milly is the Digital Content Editor for Entertainment. Perhaps, in the next season, we’ll get to see more of their type. Netflix Vampiiride uurimisel on sarnane kaar erinevate kultuuride suhtes.

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Danika in 'V Wars' is a Vourdalak vampire. December 5, 2019. There's a lot going on in V Wars, but one of the more interesting developments of this new world is that - unlike other vampire movies and TV shows - there are more than one species (or type) of vampire. 54. This allows her victims to stay alive. So, let’s do a quick breakdown on the V Wars vampire types before you get too deep into your binge. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.

0. Dr. Swann has hypothesised that just as the pathogen doesn't affect all humans, the ones that it does affect can be varied. Consisting of four novels with entries written by a variety of authors, V Wars consists of “eyewitness accounts” and “official reports” (reminiscent of World War Z by Max Brooks), which weave together the story of a vampire apocalypse sweeping across the planet.