Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at We Happy Few’s Development in Free Documentary The Cost of Joy: The Compulsion Games Story, We All Fall Down, We Happy Few’s Concluding DLC, is Coming Next Week, Our Favourite Picks From the Steam Autumn Sale, The Best Black Friday GameStop Deals, Starting Thursday, 9 Horrifying Games To Play This Halloween. We've come to the end of our time! We've come to the end of our time! If you knock out or kill one of Wellington Wells’ residents (not the Wastrels in the Garden District) there’s a small chance you’ll find one or more Joy pills. We've come to the end of our time! We've come to the end of our time! Or … Remember, due to the fact that many objects are randomly distributed, you may have to do a lot of searching to find Joy. We've come to the end of our time! However, that's not the only reason he's interested in the town. (98% chance of unlocking a new recipe when crafting items), RecipeUnlockSleepManual – What Dreams May Come (96% chance of unlockin a new recipe when sleeping), ReducedAggroTimeManual – The Importance of Not Being Seen (Hostile NPCs forget about you slightly faster), SleepHealthManual – Early Bird (Sleep gives slightly more health), SleepSurvivalManual – Sleep is the Poor Man’s Dinner (Sleep makes you slightly less and hungry and thirsty than before), StaminaMaxManual – Long Distance Runner (Increases maximumem stamina by a small amount), StealthSilenceManual – Creeper (Reduces noises caused by 4%), SuspicionReductionCrierManual – You Seem Familiar Somehow (Reduces crier suspicion by a small amount), SuspicionReductionManual – Guide to Fitting In (Reduces all suspicion rates by a small amount), TakedownSpeedManual – Strangler (Increases speed of stealth takedowns by a small amount), TrapDisarmerManual – Artful Hands (Increases speed of disarming traps by a small amount), WeaponBreakerManual – Weapon Breaker Manual (Melee weapons have a small chance of breaking opponent’s weapon), VaccinePlagueSyringe – Plague Vaccine Syringe, BucketFilled_Motilene – Motilene Bucket (Full), BucketFilled_Motliene_Faraday – Faraday’s Bucket (Full), BurdenOfGuilt – Totem of Parental Neglect, ChemistryUpgradeKit – Chem Lab Upgrade Kit, EmptyPillBottle_SallyRocket – Planted Evidence, hocb_Invitation – The Reform Club Invitation, LetterOfTransit_QuestItem – Letter of Transit, LorePickup_PassPhrase – Everybody’s a Winner, MargeryDiary – The Journal of Margery Flowerdew, MechanicalUpgradeKit – Workbench Upgrade Kit, MurderHouseDiary – The Diary of Julia Chaney, OldSoldiersRifle – Col. Lawrence’s Antique Rifle, SpeakersFlierStack – Speaker Stack of Fliers, Electro-LockShocker – Electro-Lock Shocker, ExpendableSafeCracker – Disposable Safe Cracker, DoubleRollingPin – The “Double Plus Wood”, ElectroBaton_Child_TheTickler – The “Tickler”, Enhanced_CricketBat – The “Just Not Cricket” Bat, RollingPin_Padded – “Mother’s Little Helper”, Depleted_MustardGasBomb_AppleSauce – Depleted Gas Bomb, DickTheNaughtyDuck – Dick the Naughty Duck, ShockerGrenade_Bobby – Bobby Shock Grenade, ExtraBlendingSuitSally – Sneak Thief Outfit, ExtraThickSuitSally – Reinforced Padded Suit, MilitarySuit – Sergeant’s No.

And the unholy rage that the Wellies feel when confronted with something that makes them unhappy probably means that you are one bad Downer hunt away from a Grimm incursion. To spawn items, open the console and use either of these commands: Your email address will not be published. But given that they carry circular saws, this isn’t an easy option. I always thought that We Happy Few and RWBY would make a good cross, I'm glad you made it a reality! General Rule 14 - Don't Engage in Chan Behavior. And in a way, Joy also would help a combatant by not making more Grimm appear due to negative emotions or even pain for that matter. There are also hazards to taking too much and, while the drug will help you blend in, coming down off Joy will get you a lot of unwanted attention. Perfect way to control his more troublesome employees (and family members)... ... well damn, here's a crossover I never even thought about that just seems an obvious fit in hindsight. I look forward to seeing how this story progresses. If you manage to kill or knockout a Doctor in We Happy Few (one of the trench-coat wearing NPCs), you’ll find Joy tablets in their possession. You must log in or register to reply here. PituitaryExtract_Bobby – Bobby Pituitary Fluid, PituitaryExtract_Crier – Aged Pituitary Fluid, PituitaryExtract_Doctor – Doctor Pituitary Fluid, PituitaryExtract_Elite – Brilliant Pituitary Fluid, PituitaryExtract_Plague – Plague Pituitary Fluid, PituitaryExtract_Strong – Beefy Pituitary Fluid, PituitaryExtract_Weak – Common Pituitary Fluid, StaminaBoost2_Bad – Altered Formula Dexipam, MechanicalPartsAdvanced – Advanced Machine Bits, MechanicalPartsSpecial – Special Machine Bits, FogHarvesterComponent – Fog Harvester Component, CaptainStrawbeardsKey – Captain Strawbeards Treasure Key, FaradaysWorkshopKey – Faraday Workshop Key, HoardHouse_MasterBedroomKey – Master Bedroom Key, JoyFactory_VerlocOfficeKey – Verloc’s Office Keycard, KeycardBase_BridgeInspector – Bridge Inspector Key Card, KeycardBase_DoctorHQ – Quarantine Access Key Card, KeycardBase_HostileTakeover_Maintenance – Motilene Maintenance Keycard, KeycardBase_JimWattChiefEngineer – Chief Engineer Keycard, KeycardBase_NewspaperEmployeeCard – Newspaper Employee Card, Keycard_GD1toV1_Bridge – Wellington Wells Village Bridge Key Card, Keycard_NicksSecurity – Nick’s Panic Room Keycard, Keycard_RatholmToxicWater – Facility Waste Key Card, Key_ByngsHatch – General Byng’s Escape Hatch Key, Key_MilitaryCamp_AmmoDump – Ammo Dump Key, Key_MilitaryCamp_GeneratorRoom – Generator Room Key, MurderHouseKey – Mrs. Chaney’s Bedroom Key, NeverSpawnedKeycard – Bridge Inspector’s Badge, Sally_TrainStationKey – Train Station Key, TheSpeakersKey – The Speakers Suitcase Key, WorkerConstruction2MaintenanceKey – Worker Sewer Latch Key, AttackDamage1Manual – Brawler (Attacks with fists do slightly more damage), AttackDamage2Manual – Battler (Attacks with melee weapons do slightly more damage), AttackStaminaReductionManual – Bluedgeoner (Melee weapons consume slightly less stamina), ChemicalSavantManual – Chemist (You no longer need a chemisty lab to formulate basic chemicals), CorpseHandlingManual – Undertaker (Increase corpse carrying speed and movement speed by 20%), CraftingDurabilityBlendingManual – A Stitch in Time (Increases durability of crafted blending suits by 10%), CraftingDurabilityWeaponManual – British Craftsmanship (Increases durability of crafted weapons by a small amount), CraftingSpeedManual – Nimple Hands (Increases speed of crafting by 10%), DamageReductionManual – Stiff Upper Lip (Reduces all damage taken by a small amount), DiscountChanceManual – Haggley (Gives a small chance of getting a discount when buying items), DistractionRangeManual – Prestidigitator (Increases range of distraction devices by a small amount), ExplosionDamageManual – Bang On (Increases damage of explosive weapons by a moderate amount), ExtraDisarmToolUseManual – Frugal Burglar (When you use a trap disarming tool, it won’t break on the first time), ExtraLootChanceManual – Scrounger (Gives extra chance to find extra items when looting), FoodEfficiencyManual – Clean Plate Award (Food increases max stamina for longer time), GasDamageReductionManual – Iron Lung (Decreases damage taken by toxic night fog by a small amount), HealingEfficiencyManual – Survivor (Healing items give sligtly more health), IntimidationManual – Intimidator (Last NPC left in combat has small change to leave items and run away), JoyToleranceManual – I Know Who I Am (Sources of joy accumulate slower), LuckyStrikeManual – Clubber (Melee attacks have slight change to kill enemies in one shot), MasterCrafterManual – Master Tinker (Increase chance of doubling durability of crafted items), MechanicalSavantManual – Engineer (You no longer need a workbench to craft basic items), PowerCellDurabilityManual – Keep the Lights On (Reduces consumption rate of powered items by a small amount), RangeDamageManual – Tosser (Increases damage dealt by thrown weapons by small amount), RecipeUnlockCraftingManual – Where Do You Get Your Ideas?