, Hmm..i may need to give this a try this summer! Today I’m going to share a Honey-Basil Simple Syrup recipe and invite you to macerate fresh strawberries in it, then to pour the summer flavor explosion over the most decadent food in the world, creme fraiche, also known as cultured cream, or real sour cream. The beauty here is that the salty feta will soak up extra water and keep your watermelon cubes from getting smushy. Stir the mixture again. (Try it before you make fun of it!) Drool-worthy, scrumptious, "scary good" recipes for people who love big flavors! I will always love basil for pesto more than anything else, but it’s so good mixed into a fruit salad or in a simple syrup like this. If you are planning on serving over ice, remember the ice will also dilute the lemonade. My favorite way to use it is in drinks. Stir and leave in the refrigerator to cool for about 30 minutes. Use it or the leftovers also to sweeten homemade lemon-aid, drizzle on watermelon and ricotta, or liven up a humble fruit salad. Thanks for the instructions. Also, I have an urge to show them you can do anything you set your mind to.

Making pesto may be the most obvious answer, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the power of such a vibrant homemade condiment. She loves sharing her recipes and showing the world just how easy and delicious meatless meals can be! I’m looking to add this to some lemonade for a lovely drink and just wanted to know if this would be enough for me . I was wondering if overnight might make it bitter. . If a post is sponsored, there will be a note of that. Add remaining filtered water and strain simple syrup with a mesh sieve into mixture. Funny thing, I haven’t used basil yet (even though I have tons of it growing in the backyard). So let’s get cooled off with the best basil lemonade around! The girls have been begging me to garden with them. strawberries, simple syrup, water, basil leaves, raw honey, sour cream Easy to Mix Cocktails from Cleo South Beach Chilled simple syrup, Belvedere Vodka, lime, strawberries, basil leaves and 1 more Just wondering roughly how much this makes? These posts use affiliate links at no cost to you.

I love the idea of keeping it in the fridge and using it as needed. Finally, remember that basil is versatile. And if you grow your own basil, well, you can make your own basil syrup all summer long! Kiersten is the founder and editor of Oh My Veggies. You can use a lot of basil up at once by making Basil Mojitos or a pitcher of Basil Lemonade. 1 cup fresh basil leaves. I am not a doctor; please consult your practitioner before changing your supplement or healthcare regimen. Simmer for 1 minute. 3) Top the cream, with equal amounts of berries and syrup in each bowl. It’s sweet enough for me and I had it with sparkling water – mmmmhhhh. Thanks, Ally. Greg, Fresh strawberries and summer basil, both backyard-grown, or sourced from the Farmer’s Market, are sumptuous, titillating, natural treats. I loved it and thought about your recipe. I’m into fruit and herbs right now, this looks divine! So I am going to have a TON of basil this summer….

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