If you are scheduling a Pick-Up and would like to pay by PayPal or credit card, please process your order and payment through the store online. We are not able to process credit card payments at the bakery. Won't be going back.” more, “, and the Polish cheesecake is delicious so are the croissants and danishes, poppy seed roll is so yummy.

Especially with our elders passed & family moved on.

We are a family owned and operated artisan bakery specializing in Nut Roll, Poppyseed Roll, and several other flavors of rolls.

The best rolls around town. Just like Mom used to make.

We are not yet baking in Windber, but we can arrange for order pick up there if it is more convenient. 1100 Madison Ave. Upper East Side. So moist and fresh, and the perfect amount of chocolate. Nut rolls $9.99 Poppy seed rolls $9.99. This traditional style poppy roll is a favorite treat at most holiday celebrations! I walked in, at bit crowded, and I was expecting more traditional Hungarian pastries. William Greenberg Desserts. isn’t that rather obvious? Customer Reviews. Click on the picture to hear an audio file of the word.

Cranberry Orange Quick Bread $ 6.95. We stopped off for samples on a food tour,…” more. The poppy seed & nut bread reminded me of home 40 years ago when our family lived about 5 miles from Buttonwood. Literally, loaded with real blue poppy seed. Poppy seed kolachi is a wildly popular Eastern European delicacy, a treat most find irresistible, especially paired with a great cup of coffee.

Ordered the nut and poppy seed rolls last week for the first time! Literally, loaded with real blue poppy seed.

We will continue to follow CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines for proper hand washing and sanitation of our work space. Yes, we can hear some of you gasping!

Hummingbird Cake $ … If you appreciate these foods, there is a good chance you'll like a poppy seed roll! This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Poppy seeds are found whole sprinkled on breads, rolls and cookies, but to release their true flavor Mom and Grandma knew you must grind them.

rolls are. Related products. Always moist and has a thick poppy seed filling – no skimping like others! Your Rating

It's a bold statement. I am 55 years old and I grew up eating the poppy seed roll and the nut roll and they make the best there are, anywheres! Laura had a powerful, husky, alto singing voice. Based on 3 reviews Write a review. These rolls sell world wide, and have for over 21 years. Delivery. You know what they say: nothing good comes easy! It is popular in Central Europe and parts of Eastern Europe, where it is commonly eaten at Christmas and Easter time.

At Klosterman Baking Company, we also love the timeless flavor of poppy seeds. Despite having tried a lot of the other things, I'll probably never stray from my standard” more, “Went here over the weekend, Excited to have some Hungarian sweets. Instead I found baklava, cheese cake, etc.

I am very dissatisfied with the experience I had here.” more, “Crazy good. I know, I know. Simply choose that payment option at check out. I always loved when guests were coming over, because my mom would send me here to pick up a poppy seed roll (makowiec).

14" long, can slice into 18-28 servings. Poppy Seed Roll - Full Size Jam packed with Marie's special blend of poppy butter spread end to end over our very own dough. We also recommend that you freeze or refrigerate well-wrapped product that you intend to keep more than a few days.

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Blueberry Quick Bread $ 6.95.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. You may also pay by personal check by mail. Maybe you've heard Mom or Grandma mention them by not only poppyseed bread, cake, and strudel, but also the old world name. service! Grab and go. How could someone say that there is one bakery that serves the best rugelach? Poppy seed roll 17th Dec 2016 Excellent! At either location we can bring your order to your car.