Santorum won Kansas and three Southern primaries, but was unable to make any significant gains on Romney, who maintained a solid lead over all other contenders after securing more than half of the delegates allocated in the month of March. [94] A simple majority of 1,144 delegate votes were needed to win nomination. The 2012 United States presidential election was the 57th quadrennial American presidential election. [55] He was at this point running out of money, having more campaign debt than cash on hand. Romney was expected to virtually clinch the nomination with a win in South Carolina, but Gingrich, from neighboring Georgia, waged an aggressive and successful campaign winning all but one of the state's congressional districts. Within the first hours of convention, each state declared their delegation vote to the nation—Romney won the nomination with 2,061 delegate votes. Romney did regain some of his momentum in the next two weeks and won the Florida primary and the Nevada caucuses. Of the six selected delegates from the Virgin Islands, one was elected as uncommitted, and another bound to Paul. This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 02:01. He used the opportunity to meet with "movement conservatives" to strategize. (a) In making the nominations for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States and voting thereon, the roll of the states shall be called separately in each case; provided, however, that if there is only one candidate for nomination for Vice President of the United States who has demonstrated the support required by paragraph (b) of this rule, a motion to nominate for such office by acclamation shall be in order and no calling of the roll with respect to. [70] Missouri had its district conventions a week after (April 21). The 2012 race was significantly different from earlier races. [59], Ryan, and U.S. This means it does not include straw polls, primary or other kinds. Super Tuesday 2012 took place March 6 when the most simultaneous state presidential primary elections was held in the United States. Member of the Democratic Party Central Committee of.

Super Tuesday primaries took place on March 6. Missouri began its process of selecting national delegates with its caucuses from March 17 to April 10. On May 14, Paul announced that he would suspend funding the remaining primary contests and devote his resources to winning delegates at state conventions.

Filed with the FEC to run as an Independent candidate on October 10, 2012. This is not the convention roll call and does not included the 117 unbound RNC delegates. This was the last state Republican convention[86] and Romney garnered support of 30 Nebraska delegates; and Ron Paul, the support of two Nebraska delegates.

Romney carried six states and Santorum three, while Gingrich won his home state of Georgia. Romney and running mate Paul Ryan faced President Barack Obama and Biden in that election. Paid $1,000 to appear on the New Hampshire ballot.

In 2012, President Obama ran against former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. More than 2.4 million people voted for him and he secured a total of 131 delegates before suspending his campaign. Filed with the FEC to run for president on August 22, 2011. Numerous polls taken after Santorum's victories showed him either leading Romney nationally or close behind.

He withdrew following a 5th-place finish in the Utah primary, which was the final primary of the 2012 cycle. Continued his campaign as an Independent and appeared on the general election ballots in Kentucky, Nebraska, and West Virginia, receiving 13,112 votes. [60] The Super PACs supporting Romney also helped him to win the state using more than US$3 million, almost four times more than spend by the Super PAC supporting Santorum in Wisconsin. At the Wyoming state convention (April 12–14), just after Santorum had suspended his campaign, the state delegates united behind Romney and all 14 at-large delegates pledged to him. The following individuals participated in at least two presidential debates. Consumer Party nominee for U.S. Senate in. He also referred to opinion polls that showed concern among some voters about Romney’s faith, according to Reuters. † The state did not allocate any delegates at its primary election, they were elected later. Gingrich mentioned Republican front-runner Mitt Romney during his press speech, but did not endorse him. [17] Under this plan, allocation of delegates to the national convention were to be divided into three periods:[18], Several states, most notably Florida, scheduled their allocating contests earlier than prescribed, and in response every traditional early state except Nevada pushed their contests back into January. And it do not include the dates for different local conventions where delegates are already allocated are elected.[98][99]. Rules for the 2012 Republican National Convention. The primary election table below shows how and when the National Convention delegates are allocated and elected. The elected delegates have stated that they will divide up in such a way they reflect the caucus result, even if that means to vote for a candidate other than the one they support. Paul won one out of the eight district conventions. ", "An Anti-War Challenge to Obama in 2012: The Case for Alan Grayson", "Hillary Clinton Rules Out 2012, 2016 Presidential Runs", "Feingold 'is not running for president in 2012, "Rep. Kucinich Won't Challenge Obama in Primary", "Ralph Nader: Pressure Obama with primary", "That 'Sanders for President' Talk is Real Enough, But Bernie's Not Going There", United States presidential primaries and caucuses, List of candidates by number of primary votes, Graduated Random Presidential Primary System,, Candidates in the 2012 United States presidential election, Democratic Party (United States) politicians, 2012 United States Democratic presidential primaries, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2019, Articles with dead external links from September 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. John Wolfe Jr.(Website)(FEC filing)(Wikinews), Darcy Richardson (Website)(FEC filing)(Wikinews). With ten states voting and 391 delegates being allocated, it had less than half the potential impact of its 2008 predecessor. The prospective delegates indicated their presidential preference (and were bound to vote for that candidate for the first two ballots at the Republican National Convention). [54] Gingrich won one congressional district and secured only 25 delegates in March. 40 of the rules of the Republican Party as adopted by the 2008 Republican National Convention and amended by the Republican National Committee on August 6, 2010. And even though he did not secure the nomination in March he continued to be the clear and strong front-runner.

Formally announced his re-election bid via his website on April 4, 2011. Filed with the FEC to run for president on December 13, 2011. What’s his name?

A simple majority of 1,144 delegate votes were needed to win nomination—the national convention roll call gave Romney-Ryan 2,061 votes.

On June 5, California, New Jersey, South Dakota, and New Mexico added 264 delegates to the Romney count, bringing his total to 1,480 pledged delegates, exceeding the requisite 1,144 delegates for nomination at the Republican National Convention. The six persons with the most votes became National Convention delegates. And I took him on, and nobody’s faith should be questioned.”. Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska[71], Former U.S. Representative Alan Grayson of Florida[72][73].

Romney and running mate Paul Ryan faced President Barack Obama and Biden in that election. Appeared on the general ballot in New Jersey as the "NSA did 9/11" candidate and received 1,024 votes. At the beginning of May, Gingrich and Santorum suspended their campaigns; Romney was widely reported as the presumptive nominee, with Paul the only other major candidate running an active campaign. From there, Romney regained his momentum by winning the crucial state of Florida, while Santorum took his campaign national and carried three more states before Super Tuesday, while Romney carried seven states. In November, as Herman Cain's campaign was stumbling, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich rose in the polls and asserted himself as the fourth major opponent to Romney. Karger received no delegate votes at the convention. He intended to officially endorse Mr. Romney at a "to-be-scheduled event" featuring both Republican leaders. Both he and Rick Perry dropped out of the race shortly before voting day in South Carolina and the two delegates allocated to Huntsman became unbound.[36]. Endorsed Darcy Richardson before the New Hampshire primary. Participated in the lesser-known candidates forum. Although Cain denied the allegations, the fallout from the controversy forced him to suspend his campaign on December 3, 2011. Political Summary", "Obama Campaign Appears to Have Forgotten About New Hampshire Primary", "The Frenzied Conspiracy Theories of Jeff Boss", "Former Democratic presidential challenger says party unwelcoming", "Candidate highlights Trig Palin's Down syndrome at soapbox", "Another hat in the ring?