Thank you so much for this tutorial. And I marked the foot before I started so I can return it to normal when I’m finished! Bernina Serger 1150 28 Disengaging the Knife. I have used it a few times since and always am pleased with it, not to mention it saves so much time because it’s also serging the raw edge. It’s great to know that this can be done without any special accessories.

This happens when I don’t pin the material.

I mean, really, I barely know anything about what I’m about to show you. Well I hope that this tutorial will help someone! I have registered it on the Bernina site. Thank you so much for this. If you are NOT using a gathering foot, simply put your fabric under the presser foot and sew. The gather is not as nice, but it is is very easy to adjust because you have the traditional pull strings. Dollars to donut holes, you've got a bad needle, a misthreaded machine, a dirty machine, or you're not starting your seams correctly.

But at least I have the basics down. Hi! I was so excited! This is especially true if you like to sew with knits (see why in my post In Praise of Sergers). Maybe someone out there can help. Thank you for your excellent tutorial! I tried this technique out last night and couldn’t believe how much time it saved. Now that your differential is set you want to adjust your stitch length to the longest possible… this is 5 on most machines. Well, finally, I said enough is enough!!! It should look something like this…. Keep reading to find out about the settings. i really do appreciate this tutorial. These are the samples that retailers often show to demonstrate Differential Feed, but I think that a more practical application gets lost in the excitement. Seriously. Now, even though I bumped the differential feed up toward 2 and toward that “gathering symbol”, I didn’t get a ruffle (and I didn’t want one). 3 Answers. Then using a coin or tool you want to loosen it… remember, lefty loosy, righty tighty! Which One?”. Thank you. My serger is still very new to me and I tried this gathering technique the other day and it worked perfectly the first time! Maybe. I had about had it with my gathering/ruffler foot and had almost given up on trying to gather tulle with a machine.

That same day I learned to change from standard stitch to rolled hem and do a rolled hem, with wooly nylon thread, a lettuce hem with fishing line thread.

My sewing machine is in the shop and I needed to make more ruffles for my dresses and tanks.

This is a great help, I just got a new Brothers and my old machine (20 years) didn’t have all of this fun stuff. A serger with a differential feed option can be set to gather the fabric as it passes under the presser foot of your serger. Set your stitch length to the highest setting (dial on the right in the picture). To do this simply locate the pressure foot adjuster directly above the pressure foot on your machine. I just bought the same serger that you have Any tips on the Lettuce Edge. We’ve got a scale with N in the middle for “Normal” or “Neutral”, then we have numbers above 1 up to 2, and numbers below 1 but above 0. I just bought the Janome 110D serger. Brilliant! While this is a frustrating situation, there are several reasons why your thread may be tangling up, and nearly all are easily fixed. I made a cute little tutu this morning and it was a breeze to do the gathering on my serger! In all honesty that is what kept me from sewing for a very long time. Experiment with machine adjustments and settings on scraps of fabric that are similar to your project before attempting the actual project.

Its pretty simple & if you machine doesn’t have a differential thats fine, you don’t need it to gather. Your email address will not be published. gathers for my daughters’ twirly skirts!

Dull Needle Sewing machines make stitches by using the needle to intersect the upper thread with the lower bobbin thread. saved me a lot of time. Everything is from recycled items.

I normally do 3-5 turns, but every machine is different. A-ma-zing! That was a LONG LONG Day, however I kept persistent and patient. Welcome to where Zede and Mallory share sewing wisdom and witticisms with their blog, podcasts and videos. Differential feed is literally that- it changes the speed of the feed dogs so that they “feed differently”. Again, thanks! But many sewists shy away from them because of the ongoing frustration of perfecting the serger tension. The Self Sewn Wardrobe with Mallory Donohue, Your serger has a place where you can set the differential feed. I’m back to say thanks again! The rolled hem is wonderful. Can’t wait to try it. I can’t tell you how much this helped me get the job done right and without stress.


Thank you so much!!!! I am like the lady that was afraid of her serger. I have a Janome and still afraid to thread it. It was close to Christmas and I made so many glitzy tree skirts and tablecloths for dear daughter and dear daughter in laws that they now think I’m a pro. Now, if you are using a gathering foot, your piece to be ruffled goes under the presser foot, as normal (the upper section of the foot is for the piece NOT to be ruffled, when joining two pieces). Perfect! You can also gather using elastic. 1 decade ago. This is so important, because it gives you another tool in making your sewing the best it can possibly be. Yes it does, it actually works GREAT for that! I had lost this and neede it pronto. I did exactly as you said and voila! The serger may seem intimidating to some, but a basic understanding of the different parts of the machine and what they do to achieve the variety of stitches will go a long way toward making you comfortable with this remarkable and versatile machine. The serger gather is a lot easier to handle then the sewing machine one… cause it is more secure, which is why I prefer it, it holds its gathers in place better until you get them attached. This is the most fabulous find- seriously, you took something that was tedious and dreaded and made it SIMPLE!!!!!!!! I changed the needle tension until I got the fullness that I wanted. Just do it. For example, I made my Copy Cat shirt the other day. I just used this tutorial on my new serger Thanks so much!! you are a genius! Your tutorial was simple to follow and the gathering came out great. No because this does NOT hold a garment or 2 pieces of fabric together, you still have to attach it with a traditional seam that you back stitch at the start & end. Thanks so much for this tute! For example, I made my Copy Cat shirt the other day. Will try this on my next project! Kinda? great tutorial! Awesome! I turn both my looper’s up one number… they are normally set at 3, so I turn them up to 4. I agree, gathering can be soooo tedious! My machine doesn’t quite like the 9 for thread tension, but an 8 does a perfect job! Bernina Serger 1150 27 Gathering. I asked my dealer and she wasn’t very informative on how to do a lettuce edge????? Then below 0.8 we see a symbol that means the serger will stretch the fabric out– the front feed dogs will move slower than the back feed dogs.