This recipe is absolutely fabulous. Served over brown rice with tzatziki sauce with grilled onions and beets. Keep ‘me coming–my coworkers look forward to seeing what I have for lunch every day, usually leftover Skinnytaste dinner–and they can’t believe I eat such beautiful food AND have lost 25 pounds!

It definitely keeps thinks interesting and flavorful. Thanks for this good recipe! Thanks Gina for such an amazing recipe. Literally the best, most flavourful chicken I’ve ever made. “Ethnic” foods tend to be less calorie dense, so on a blog called Skinny Taste, it kinda makes sense. On the days she was too tired to come along with us on the excursions in Greece and Turkey, she stayed on board at the kids camp which she absolutely LOVED! So I thought it’d be fitting to share this Turkish inspired recipe and serve them in my beautiful new bowls. I just had it for dinner and had to literally push my husband off of the leftovers so I can have them for lunch tomorrow! Thank you for sharing healthy and DELICIOUS food!! Unfortunately I don’t off the top of my head. Love the yogurt sauce too.

Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. Can cook this outside on a gas grill or year round on a grill pan. A Blue Bird family has inhabited my grill this April so I sautéed the chicken breasts on the stove in a non-stick pan after marinating the chicken over night. Thanks so much for your fun recipes! This is SO GOOD! Anyway, I have a shawarma blend that I bought and was wondering how much I could use in lieu of the separate spices. Do you have a GF recipe for falafel? 1 small white onion, grated ? Thank you again! Thanks for the easy recipe!

It’ll be delicious no matter which method you go with! Hopefully will be a hit with the husband and kiddo! Thank you for another outstanding recipe! This looks great! A family favorite, just needed the Korean sauce which was easily found in my usual ShopRite! A simple chicken shawarma recipe with tender, smokey and flavorful chicken and a salty, garlic and lemon yogurt sauce served over crisp veggies and warm pita bread. It just hit me today….. why do I go anywhere else looking for recipes, when yours are calorie and health friendly, timely, and easy enough for most anyone to make? We made this last night and it was phenomenal. Thanks for your great recipes! Love that freestyle points are calculated! Loved it ? I will definitely be making this regularly. I had to make it with thighs just like she did… and it was absolutely delicious. Had anyone tried this with a Dairy Free Yogurt. It was SO EASY to pull together and it was such a HIT! In a small bowl (or the disposable yogurt cup), combine ingredients and stir until well incorporated. There was so much flavor in the marinade. These are flavor she usually loves. It’s become a favorite for my husband and me! It was tasty, easy and came together easily. I will be making this a lot. 1⁄2 cup minced cucumber What beautiful bowls. To marinate or with the sauce? The flavor combination was perfect!

boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cut into 1-inch cubes 1 3⁄4 cups full-fat Greek yogurt 1⁄2 cup plus 2 tbsp.

My boyfriend had 3 servings! That cruise sounds amazing!

We’re not trying to lose weight particularly but we would like to be a bit healthier. Now that is the kind of cruise I could go for. The lack of Mediterranean kabob recipes on this site is something I just noticed. I guess one could always grab a chicken breast, dump a can of processed soup on it and call it a meal. Served with a sliced avocado and roasted brussel sprouts. I had it with pita and salad and over chips (my nod to naughtiness) and I just cut down the marinade time because of the lemon juice. Add the garlic, cumin, paprika, turmeric, curry powder, cinnamon, red pepper, salt and black pepper and whisk again. We love your recipes, keep them coming! ground cumin 1 tsp. Thank-you for the recipe.

Thanks for sharing. We just got back yesterday from sailing on the Vista the past two weeks and loved Kusadasi! Next time, I’ll marinate a little longer and make a little more marinade as a sauce.

. This marinade was MANGNIFICENT!

My kids enjoyed it with some rice with carrots and peas mixed in. My son isn’t usually a fan of chicken breast but he kept asking for more! 1 3⁄4 cups full-fat Greek yogurt Made this last night and wow, this recipe was so easy and full of so much flavor. Absolutely delicious! Thank you.

This might be your best recipe yet! Broiled in the oven and like many others I served it with a Levantine salad and pita. One of our favourite recipes, it’s amazing and very easy Everyone loves it. VERY YUMMY! It was absolutely delicious, I couldn’t fault it. Place your pita bread into the warm oven to heat while your onions cook. This is a recipe to make again and again. KeepRecipes is one spot for all your recipes and kitchen memories. Hi Gina, I was wondering if you have a recipe for some whole wheat savoury muffins that are low fat? However, my family and I prefer all the amazing flavors you add with all the ingredients –  including the “non-dieting” family members! I ate mine with cauliflower rice and ezekiel pita pocket. We LOVE this recipe and make it often. ground allspice 1 1⁄2 tsp. I made this for dinner tonight on my grill pan and it was good. I the chicken  over a bed of mushroom quinoa with hummus, and a cucumber, tomato and onion Greek salad. The flavors are fantastic! Just made this for dinner. Made this for dinner this week. I saw this recipe and knew I had to make it. Fabulous, as are all the recipes I have tried so far! This tasted amazing!

I meant perfect dish not fish for summer. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment.

I only marinaded 45 min & it was great!!!

I made this using boneless skinless chicken thighs. Holy chicken – this was fantastic! Keeping this one on the rotation! freshly ground black pepper, plus more to taste Skinny taste is my go-to all the time!!! The yogurt sauce tastes amazing and I am going to cook the chicken in about an hour or so. Gina you have opened my eyes to a whole new world of cooking. I’m adding it to my bucket list. So yummy! Accidentally added 2 TBSP of lemon juice to the yogurt- still came out delish. Husband rated it 10/10, and we will be putting this in our regular rotation. Grilled Chicken Shawarma with Garlic Yogurt – an easy, grilled chicken version of the classic Turkish street food which is usually cooked on a rotating spit.

Made this with some rice pilaf and a fattoush salad. So I’m sure the George Forman would too. Super excited to make this recipe this week to reminisce about our time in the Mediterranean! I’ve been following your blog and I have your cookbook – I use your cookbook/blog EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Can you leave out the garlic…garlic breath lasts on me too long lol!! The grownups had it on salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and stuffed grape leaves and the kids had it with cous cous. I would have loved to show you around! I drive to another town, and take care of my 2 grand daughters 2 times a week. I made this for dinner last night and my husband and I loved it! Allow the chicken to rest for 5 minutes then slice it thinly, across the grain. I am 63 years old, love to cook, and need to loose 15-20 lbs. So so delicious.

Or sour cream possibly. I’m wondering, though, if you can make it with different kinds of meats (like beef, for example). We served it over a greek (ish) salad and plain rice…we added green beans for fun. I served the chicken over cous cous and added diced tomatoes and cucumber to which I added a little salt and dill. Served it with grilled naan bread and a Greek salad and it was a hit! We put the chicken in a whole wheat pita with some slaw made with lemon juice, olive oil and feta. Shawarma is my favorite food so I really look forward to trying this! Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong one? This is my go-to when we have people over for dinner. The curry powders I see at the supermarket are usually yellow, however, your marinade had a gorgeous orange-y color. I actually find it better than a lot of mediterranean restaurants around my area. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Just wanted to let you know, those who follow a Paleo lifestyle do not consider Greek yogurt to be Paleo (no dairy!). fresh lemon juice Another fantastic recipe!!!!! You can, but it will change the overall flavor of the dish. Thank you!! I served this in a pita with salad.

I dipped all of my veggies in it.

Perhaps you need to stick with an American regional cookbook/blog. the two differ in toppings, seasonings, and type of meat traditionally used. I had it with a Greek salad ! Next time we’re going to make double the chicken, because it makes great leftovers. I’m going to blame it on the cold he’s just getting over. Sumac, for garnish. I liked the idea of your Asiago scones but they are not 100% whole wheat and I like the convenience of muffins to pop in lunch boxes. I do not like cumin, is possible to avoid it in the recipe? Even better served cold on a salad with cucumber, tomato, onion and yogurt sauce as a dressing.

I made it on Saturday night and have been craving it every day since. Hubby gave it two thumbs up!

Such a great idea for a hot day out. Harissa would also work great to add some spice. Tangy and delicious, and so low in SmartPoints. And what makes it better is the story behind it! We are doing a similar cruise this summer and would love to see a post about some of the great places you ate in these ports! This is Fabulous!

This popped up on my Facebook memories again. Thank you! Will be going into the rotation! Win-win! I also did this for our dinner last night using a grill pan on the stove. Should I pan sear it or use the oven? I usually make some veggies to go with it, like zucchini. Sadly I don’t have a grill, so I just cook the chicken in a frying pan and it still tastes great. Thanks for an excellent recipe!

Served with roasted garlic couscous from box & grilled red onions with fresh cucumber.

Now that I’m back, all I’m craving is Mediterranean food! I’m so happy to hear that Jenny! It could not have been any better. In the meantime, we will be making other recipes of yours and I’ve ordered your Fast and Slow cookbook. It was SO GOOD!! This looks delicious! We love to serve it over cous cous (we like the boxed garlic and olive oil flavor) with some grilled zucchini…. This will definitely be on my summer weekly rotation. I served it with rice pilaf with almonds.

Served over couscous. Top with cooked onions, romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, and yogurt sauce. Is gram masala powder ok? I marinated the chicken overnight and served the dish as pictured in the recipe.

I have no idea why not….

Added more fresh dill and a little pink salt and it was one delicious meal! I made this for dinner last night and it was delicious!