Live version with Keith Richard & Ziggy Marley on single B-side. Deep in the Heart

Released as single B-side 1987 and on The Best Of Special Edition (199_). Argument doesn’t hold – Joshua tree and achtung have been their best albums commercially and critically, but from this list you wouldn’t know it. (Niall Horan did not get a look in!).

I love U2 more than anything, but I believe that Kite is their greatest song! Other live versions on PopHeart Live EP, PopMart and Elevation videos. I’ve Got You Under My Skin Released on Rattle and Hum 1988 and as single B-side. I am an active KJ running numerous ongoing shows every…, From my experiences, women DON'T like guys with manners, who…, I really loved this season of Sorority Life.

Released on War 1983, as single 1986 and on The Best Of (1998). Live versions on Zoo TV and PopMart videos. 1 (3 weeks), peak date May 16, 1987

Released on Zooropa 1993 and as single (with remixes). I think you mean the duet with the Corrs? Ditto above but in conjunction with other bands, like Luciano Pavarotti – Miss Sarajevo. It's evidently not just us who thinks it either - music authority Rolling Stone counted the tune as number 40 on their list of the best songs released so far this century. Released on Rattle and Hum 1988, as single and on The Best Of (1998). Live version released on Under a Blood Red Sky 1983. The best of the bunch were collected on their 1980 debut, Boy, and within just three years, politics entered their consciousness, leading to “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “New Year’s Day.” By the time they cut The Joshua Tree, only seven years into their professional career, they were one of the greatest songwriting collectives of the decade, and once they started to experiment in the Nineties things only got better. Released on Zooropa 1993, with The Edge on lead vocal.

I am alos quesitoning where One is. Other bands’ songs performed live.


Released on War 1983, The Edge playing both guitar and bass. Released on Pop 1997 and as single (with remixes).

Other live versions on Zoo TV and PopMart videos.

Released as single 1980 and as single B-side 1984. Re: the list: So many great songs, very subjective. I am looking for the song Forever young sung by them. The outlet have just released their top 100 tracks of the century - an update of earlier lists published in 2009 and 2011.

Released on The Unforgettable Fire 1984 and on The Best Of (1998). i think the duet with the girl is,,,,,,,, clannad and bono,,,,,,,,, the song is called ,,, “in a lifetime”, im having a problem theres this u2 song that i cant remember the name or lyrics to it has a piano playing the whole time and it plays in harris teeter often also it was on a old hbo commercial with like stones rolling in the background please help thanks, Since you are such a great Bono/U2 fan, you probably know the name of one song that I’ve seen played in a million fashion shows and All fashion reportage on tv programs.