It starts out fast and hard and maintains a steady pace of mayhem and carnage. Meanwhile, Major Holmes arrives at a local air base only to find it overrun and leaving the military with no air support. There they are attacked by a group of infected. The Nightmare Continues (The City of Monsters and Treasure) - MangaDex MangaDex If you love horror, gory, and violent movies and don't mind a little bad acting, then you will LOVE this movie. Required fields are marked * *NAME *EMAIL — Get a Gravatar. Sure it may seem ridiculous to modern audiences, but it is important to remember this film was made several years before the Geneva Convention outlawed the use of knives and hatchets by zombies, as well as such zombie subterfuge tactics as cutting phone lines and sneaking up on people and choking them with a bit of rope, and the implementation of spear-guns. (SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE END OF THE MOVIE) Okay, first off, in all my years of seeing zombie movies this one takes the cake; Not only does the plot prove useless in the end, the film itself tries to leave the watcher with a sense of fear or utter hopelessness but all you realize is how bad the plot truly is. Major Warren Holmes (Francisco Rabal), Murchison's official aide, telephones his wife Sheila (Maria Rosaria Omaggio), staying at their country house, where he tells her about the crisis and warning her not to leave the house. var pf=document.getElementsByName('oekaki_thread1'); Later the military leaders discover that the creatures have not come from the outer space, but are human beings contaminated by radiation and needing to drink blood to stay undead. [4], Director Umberto Lenzi felt the film was not to be labeled as a zombie film but a "radiation sickness movie" with hints of an anti-nuclear and anti-military message. }

Because of its troll culture and light moderation, it is generally not a friendly place to post artwork. The couple continue on foot, trying to evade the zombies who are now roaming the countryside. Miller and Anna escape from the church and arrive at an abandoned amusement park that is also overrun. Zombies according to Lenzi are a bit more energetic than usual…They drive cars and use guns! 2.

Why haven't more people seen this film? var oekaki_script=document.createElement('SCRIPT'); In the rapidly changing city, "artifacts", which were on the verge of extinction, have begun to draw closer to humans. The ending is really bizarre and will leave you scratching your head, but again, overall this is a fun as hell gory romp. They take shelter in a local church, only to find an infected priest, who Miller is forced to kill. This movie is just not good at all. They do it anonymously (following 2ch etiquette), using upload boards or oekaki BBSes like the one linked above. Miller flees the airport for the TV station where he works and tries to alert the public, but General Murchison of Civil Defense (Mel Ferrer) will not allow it. Nightmare Island continues as Reena and Madison fight to survive Dr. Hastings’ monstrous creation–Subject 37! You could say that it's just a horror movie and it shouldn't be taken seriously, but that's a lame excuse. if(typeof window.oekaki!=="undefined")return false; Two infected men break into the house and kill Cindy. Once upon a time Italy was infamous for it's zombie movies, they became the stuff of legends and generally were of the highest quality especially considering the age. Discussion ¬ Comment ¬ Cancel reply. They plot a strategic offensive to take over the city, hitting the airport, then the TV stations and the power plant. Dean tries to warn the population about the happening but is censored by General Murchison (Mel Ferrer). If you were lucky enough to have walked through a video rental shop in the eighties, one of the most memorable sights was the over-sized video box for City Of The Walking Dead, featuring a grainy blown-up still from the movie of a dead woman, her breast fully exposed with blood dripping down it and (if I remember correctly) her eye gouged out! AA is only vaguely anthropomorphic, but Flash movies such as Nightmare City give AA characters colorful and humanoid designs and are popular with furries and kemono fans around the world.

Murchison sends a pair of officers to locate Jessica and take her to safety. [10] Muir went on to say it's not the worst zombie film of the 1980s which he felt belonged to Hell of the Living Dead. "Nightmare City" is a movie that hasn't held up over the years as well as I'd hoped, but it's still leagues ahead of 99% of other Italian horror movies. While not to be entirely dismissed as drivel, Lenzi's would-be zombiefest known as NIGHTMARE CITY nonetheless comes off as trying to be too different, too "off-the-beaten-zombie-path", and as result, ends up falling flat in an unsatisfying mix of missed opportunities.

Your email address will not be published. House by the Cematry.." Dr Freudstien " a great combination of Sigmund Freud and Frankenstien....I love it!! Art by Salaiix. Despite the atrocious dubbing and the poor makeup effects, this is an extremely enjoyable zombie flick, with a unique "mood" that perhaps only an Italian production like this one could have captured. [8] In the book Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide, a review opined that the film is "way too silly to be taken seriously for even the briefest moments" and that it is "not a good movie, but it is a ridiculously good guilty pleasure with some genuine surprises". Danger Zone One. User Ratings You can't honestly give any excuses for this movie; it's just plain cheesy. 아래 서술하는 것들은 모두 AA 캐릭터의 이름입니다. Enjoyable gorefest has its "heart" in the right place. | 2channel has its own brand of simplified kemono art, made using Unicode characters and posted in threads without having to link to outside images. Have you ever paused a movie and yelled aloud, "I LOVE THIS MOVIE!" Dean Miller,a tv journalist is planning to make an interview with a very important scientist who is supposed to be landing at the airport.He notices an odd airplane preparing to land on the runway.Soon afterward the scientist steps off the plane,and along with the group of other zombies that were on the plane,promptly starts killing people.Umberto Lenzi's "Nightmare City" is a laughable zombie romp.The acting is pretty bad and the script is even worse.The zombies are really fast-they can carry weapons,drive cars and scheme to kill.Still there is plenty of gore and violence to satisfy fans of Italian horror.There is a breast mutilation,an eye piercing and plenty of exploding faces.So if you're looking for trashy Italian zombie films give this one a look. Art by Salaiix. After this opened in my local movie theater they posted a sign stating " No Refunds Based on Quality Of Film being Shown " I saw it 3 times that weekend! The film stars Hugo Stiglitz as a television news reporter who witnesses the collapse of order in a city overrun by irradiated blood-drinking ghouls. Chapter 4: Nightmare Island, Part 1. by Midnight on November 5, 2017 at 5:13 am. node.addEventListener=function(t,l,c){this["on"+t]=l;};

A fun horror movie from director Umberto Lenzi ("Eaten Alive! They climb to the top of a roller coaster to escape when Major Holmes, happens to fly by on his way back to Murchison's command post. That evening, a group of fiends attack the city's power station, destroying it and plunging the city into darkness. dictionaries as well online at AA dictionary websites such as the one listed below. Highly recommended to lovers of Italian horror and zombies. I recommend this film however. if(!node.dispatchEvent) Required fields are marked * *NAME *EMAIL — Get a Gravatar. If you like horror movies and you've seen enough to pick really good form really bad, you can appreciate how bad this film truly is and get a good laugh from it. FAQ Miller then tries to find his wife Anna (Laura Trotter), a doctor at the local hospital, as the crazed assailants overrun the city, their ranks swollen by their former victims. The site features an oekaki board for 2ch kemono artists, plus it has an ongoing thread for furries (in Japanese): Kemono artists in Japan have a mixed opinion of 2ch. A majority of the geeks on 2channel are anime and manga fans, but there is a small furry community, mainly confined to a single thread on one of the thirty-odd adult boards. Awards

^f = shift + f, © 2020 MangaDex | Path Network | Meanwhile, General Murchison meets with military officers and scientists at a hidden bunker where they find the attackers are contaminated humans who have been mutated by radiation. Thank you George A. With Hugo Stiglitz, Laura Trotter, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Francisco Rabal. It is exciting and even a bit suspenseful.

Incubo sulla città contaminata: A weak link in Italian zombie cinema. [5], Nightmare City was released in Italy in 1980 and in Germany on December 19, 1980.

Get it if you just want to laugh at the fact that some movies could be dead awful and still find a place on the shelf of a video store. The best of the best!! The plane doors open and dozens of armed, deformed men burst out and attack the military personnel on the runway; they are impervious to most injuries and bullet wounds and are relentless in their assault, stopping only to consume the blood of their victims. The film was shot on location in Madrid, Spain and in Rome's De Paolis Studios. Chapter: Ch 5: Nightmare Island Pt. However, they are unable to regenerate red blood cells, leading to their appetite for blood. |

Chapter 04: Nightmare Island, Part 1. Comments RSS. ); If you've answered in the affirmative, you understand the pure joy that I felt while watching this movie. Story by Midnight.

", "Cannibal Ferox"), "Nightmare City", a.k.a. Lenzi is an enthusiast schlock-director with an unhealthy obsession for blood and guts. The infected humans are incredibly strong, very fast and have lightning reflexes. So don't get this film because there's a guy with a pizza face on the cover, like some people. Within a period of only two years, he made 3 Italian gore classics including this one, `Eaten Alive' and – top of the bill – the notorious `Cannibal Ferox'. Classic. Better known for his jungle cannibal opus "Make Them Die Slowly", Lenzi has here a much more accomplished and entertaining gut muncher. [1] John Kenneth Muir, in his review of 1980s horror cinema, referred to Nightmare City as a "cobbled together disaster".

Website URL. Miller makes a Molotov cocktail and blows up the zombies, along with the ambulance. Sheila then manages to kill them before they could attack her. He should be very proud to have films like Almost Human, Eyeball and this masterpiece I'm writing about on his neck. As soon as the credits started to roll and all the foreign names appeared on the screen...people burst out laughing!!! TV news reporter Dean Miller must find his wife and escape the city's crazed killers. Holmes lowers a rope from the helicopter, allowing Miller to climb aboard. | The only way to kill the infected is by destroying their brain. Sadly the 90's hit and they rapidly faded away. They then flee in a stolen ambulance. Danger Zone One. Chapter 05: Nightmare Island, Part 2 Story by Midnight. Metacritic Reviews. That man was one of the leading horror directors in Italy through the 70's and the 80's. 2. From the terrible makeup fx to the hokey dialogue, there's not much of redeeming value in this movie. Toggle between fit display to container and width, Toggle between fit display to height and no resize, Toggle between the page rendering options, Show/hide all header, side bar and page bar, Go to the next/previous chapter depending on the direction, Shift by a single page in double page mode.