We have great arguments about music. I'm not a morning person. 'There were a lot of casualties in those early days. Related mixes. 'Yeah, but it wouldn't make any difference. But then I decided it had to be a positive thing. 'Well,' she says with an arch of her eyebrow, 'we used to say of Radio 1 that it was figures by day, reputation by night. I had imagined it was pre-recorded. [4] In 2014, she appeared in The Life of Rock with Brian Pern as herself. Comment below and let us know! A lifetime of achievement and keeping ahead of the style stakes with ever-changing outfits, most often including a pair of specs. The Eternal Jukebox showcases "enjoyably unexpected musical pairings." 6 Halloween Costumes with Ghoulish Glasses! It's difficult for me to get going until about five in the afternoon. Nightingale returned to BBC Radio 2 on 1 January 2014 for another one-off show entitled Annie Nightingale: Whatever Next?, broadcast between 8pm and 10pm. In April 2012, Nightingale presented a show on BBC Radio 2 called Annie Nightingale's Eternal Jukebox. Created by Selectspecs.com - the #1 source for spectacles & sunglasses online. Can she name the top five songs in the charts at the moment? Been at the dentist. She laughs. I have read that her record and CD collection is split between her office here and her home a ten-minute drive away - and she's not organised enough to know what is where. People of Today 2017, ed. Annie Avril Nightingale CBE (born 1 April 1940) is an English radio and television broadcaster. 'Yeah, people like Lauren Bacall would drop in at Apple and one day a gang of hell's angels came in and they ended up staying for three months. Trouble is, I don't want to play more mainstream stuff at home because that could have been time spent listening to new stuff. . While in Havana in 1996, she was injured during a mugging, resulting in multiple injuries requiring an air-lift to a London hospital, since which she has worn the distinctive shades, now part of her image. What about the music she used to listen to when she started out as a DJ? She laughs again. Annie is the world's first female DJ on the BBC. He debuted as a DJ with some amazing R&B, hip-hop and dance with Radio 1Xtra, became a Radio 1 stalwart, and has recently produced documentaries on South Africa and Russia for BBC3. Weren't they nervous she would compromise them? He’s got a degree in Journalism and Communications studies, and specialises in producing precise and acerbic spoken word work. She was chronically insecure, she says, and utterly lacking in self-esteem, especially about her looks. It's hard to say. In July 2020, Annie appeared as a guest on the long-running BBC Radio 4 show "Desert Island Discs," choosing a saxophone as her luxury item and "Space Oddity" as the one track she would save in the event of a tropical storm. In 2002, Nightingale was appointed as a Member of the Order of the British Empire for her services to radio broadcasting. She had begun The Sunday Request Show in September 1975, originally on Sunday afternoons until the end of 1979. A gimmick was to allow the intro of the first song in the show to play uninterrupted before saying "Hi" in the last second before the vocals started. The memoir covers Annie's 50 years at BBC Radio 1, having been the first female DJ, she is now also the longest serving broadcaster on the station of any gender. It was described on the Radio 2 website as "30 years on from the Falklands conflict, Annie Nightingale considers the impact of the war through the song Shipbuilding."[9]. ', From its start in 1967 Radio 1 always seems to have had an identity crisis. At an age when other DJs have been put out to pasture, Radio 1's Annie Nightingale is still discovering new talent and partying till dawn - all because she's terrified of looking back. Sweet! ', I am meeting her the day before her birthday, but when I check that this means she will be 66 she waves this away, too.

A version of The Smiths song "Panic" interpreted by Mancunian cult comedian Frank Sidebottom dedicates its choruses to "Anne the DJ" (in place of the original song's "Hang the DJ") and asks "Anne Nightingale what's your blinking game; I waited for your roadshow, but your roadshow never came". He also releases underground hits by up-and-coming new DJs on his own label, Intec Digital. Punk and speed. The show was short-lived and in April she became one of the hosts of the singles review show What's New before graduating to a late-night progressive rock show, Sounds of the Seventies, with Alan Black, which was simulcast on the BBC Radio 2's FM frequency. John was the same. Nightingale regularly DJs live at clubs and festivals around the UK and Europe. Scratch the Surface: 10 DJ’s Who Wear Glasses.

Do her friends - friends her own age, I mean - share her taste in music? 3 Ski Resorts to Visit and the Goggles you NEED! ', Nightingale's name is often mentioned in the same breath as the late John Peel's, partly because they worked at Radio 1 longer than anyone else, partly because they managed to retain their enthusiasm for new music. The Kooples is an iconic fashion brand from France.