These are slightly different mechanics used for different things. I already know it will be the best Anno, I love how complex it will be. The most important thing you need to know for playing Anno 1800 is that it’s households, not people, which form your main source of income. Other suggestions: Try charter route. © This is the case for any civic building need, whether it’s schools and churches for workers, theatres and universities for artisans, or a boxing ring for Jornaleros. Lastly, don’t forget to build up your own harbour defences and improve them with newly unlocked technologies. If you need to declare war, try to make sure you’re in a position to blockade your enemies’ ports before you do so. What about a ANNO around Christ? Storing electricity and transporting power over long distance was a song of the future back then, which means that your power plant will provide electricity on a radius based on street distance. I already know it will be the best Anno, I love how complex it will be. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Electricity is quite a complicated resource to produce, requiring an oil-drilling plant with added derrick modules, and a special oil-drum dock at your port connected to your oil-plant via railroad. To solve that issue, boosted production buildings will swap their old horse carts for modern steam powered contraptions and the UI of connected buildings will undergo significant changes as well: Get things rollin! In other words, electricity. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Frankly though, you need to fulfil all these needs for your city to thrive. And visual presentation of electricity looks awesome! But it is in fact an RTS, featuring naval combat, diplomacy and conquest. The first Nuclear Power Plant that was build to actually produce electricity for use, rather than just for tests and research was build in in the 1950s, even the earliest prototypes don’t precede 1940 so having a nuclear power plant in the early 1800s really wouldn’t make any sense at all. Moreover, every farm and factory you build requires a certain number and type of population to function effectively (we’ll get onto population types shortly).

For example will our lovely world fair require electricity as well? Not all assets are final. I only have two thoughts: Are power plants only using oil? Things can get nasty, and your want to be ready for that. I wish I can build and produce a cheap Power Plant using the Uranium minerals in Anno 1800. It would be hard with the new attractiveness mechanic to have enough space for ornaments, squares, wide streets… . My thought is just that maybe it could be used to carry other goods as well?

Meanwhile, start building gunboats and frigates as soon as your economy can handle it, and assign a protection flotilla to accompany any schooners or clippers committed to trade routes. You can trade products and resources in a couple of ways, through your trading post, or by setting up specific trade routes. It does NOT replace xforce's Mod Loader, but simply installs it from his github repository, and manages the mods in your mod directory through an easy to use UI. This is because other players (human and AI) will start colonising islands quickly, and it’s much harder to wrest an island from an enemy’s grasp than it is to settle an uninhabited one. A potato farm only requires 20 farmers, but a steelworks requires 200 workers, so your city needs to be able to support that population surplus there’s any point in building a steelworks.

Meanwhile, if you can’t produce an item yourself—perhaps due to a lack of fertility—then you can set your trading post to buy it, and fill that gap until you can resolve your production issue. Bit of an odd one.. Driven by the ever-present urge of territorial expansion, Anno 1800 will see you venturing forth to claim new islands, expand your industrial machine and grow your population. edit: bigger numbers.

I personally don’t like the idea of trains entering a building. I started with Anno 1602 as I was a child, and no as a grown up I still can’t wait for the next Anno ! Thankfully, if you are feeling a little adventurous (or always strive for perfection), there is one wonder of the modern age that may come in handy: electricity!

But you still need to get it from the harbor to the power plants, right? Establishing an efficient supply line is therefore by no means a trivial task, from finding and tapping oil reserves, putting all the needed workforce in place to the logistics of getting it all to the power plants near the factories you want to power with electricity. Many assets and visual feedback are still a work in progress but we are looking forward to show you the system in action! You have to use it to produce some luxury goods and you can also use it to boost productivity in other facilities from lower population tiers. unable to build power plants in The New World? Even if you’re not at war with anyone, the seas are prowled by pirates searching for easy prey. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. interessting thing: the trains arrive all on one powerplant and then they ride to the next one. Well that was just a thougth i wanted to share. Did you try putting a buy order for oil? If you’re producing a healthy surplus of a specific product, like cannons or clothes, then you can set your trading post to sell that item.