Across the long rows, your employees are a picture of focus. :D. I'll give this a try, but very cool find! the graphics and detail look amazing. It makes the story more believable and hints to both sides of the medal with industrial revolution.

Workers will always play an important part during that expansion and it will be up to you to decide how your world will remember you: are you willing to exploit your people to leave the competition behind or do you refuse to build an empire on the back of your workers? Buildings also have a much higher chance of exploding while on fire.

Yes, EXCEPT if you connect them by commuter pier. That workforce system seems to be just wonderful! Will the traveling causes more stress?

Will this be the much-hoped-for closure?

Just push the working conditions of your iron miners, which will only increase the productivity of all your iron mines on that island. You take your position on the prescribed rostrum. Almost all buildings can catch fire. Are your "main island" people the "industrial islands" work force? Every Emergency Service has its own influence range which spreads out along adjacent streets, depending on the quality of those streets. “It is cold every winter, that’s the season! The population there does not have Luxury Needs, a happiness rating, or the ability to change the working conditions on their production buildings. However, workforce tiers are not just allocated to production lines of said tier; instead, labor of your different residential tiers will be used for specific types of production buildings. We want to give you the freedom of choice regarding the working conditions in your company, if it is a temporary boost of your steel factories to keep up in an arms race, becoming a modern socialist rewarding your residents with short working days or even pushing your industry and your workforce to its absolute limit. The chance increases with high productivity and harsh working conditions as it makes accidents more likely to happen. Previous historical Anno games had their distinctive art style but it was the advent of the working class which changed the urban life drastically.

In the case of the boosted iron mines, it will have an impact on the happiness of all your workers based on the percentage of your workforce working in your mineshafts.

So the 100% bonus from electricity is just added to the productivity that the buildings currently have. Should a player fail to keep their Arctic Settlements warm however, the Arctic Flu quickly becomes a virulent and constant presence, with a potential to grind productivity and growth to a halt. I'm not 100% sure, but I think riots can occur everywhere where you have increased working conditions, even if the only workforce is from the commuter port or influence bonus. By the way, I really hope there will ships not controlled by a player moving around – like in Anno 2205. The working conditions are only one factor which impacts the happiness of your residents. a mine have opend like 18h 9 h shifts Productivity can be changed by adjusting working conditions, using items and electricity.

Steel beams, mass fabricated glass and modern manufacturing progresses such as the conveyer belt allowed cities to massively expand in size and height. I just did a +50% on farmers only on timber chain production and got a -40 in hapiness !? Emergency services also passively lower the chance of an incident happening in buildings nearby them. To be clear, is this with the passenger ferry? The industrial revolution brought horrific working conditions – endless days (and nights), clogged lungs and limb-inhaling machines – woes enough to make anyone violent. Incidents can die down on their own after a period of time, but players can deal with them faster, prevent the damage done and keep them from spreading by building emergency services. I suggest that you would have to build a civil harbor platform and then the workforce-ships/ferries spawn by themselves. I am rather an altruist so I won’t abuse my people but I like that I can occasionally make them work slightly harder if it’s needed. While a topic on it’s own for a future blog, we are curious to know how you see the new possibilities playing around with the working conditions.

First of, just from a artistic stand point this game is so beautiful and awe inspiring, I just can’t state that enough! As an important part in the history of the working class, we will explore the working conditions in the next part of this DevBlog series, when we show you how your decisions can elevate your empire or push your people to the limit.

The kind of loyalty not easily come by, your name celebrated by market hawkers and urchins alike. When a player's Arctic settlements are properly governed, the Arctic Flu is an occasional, but manageable incident in this region. My workers should be upset as hell, but I got them beer, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Could you guys share larger resolution images of the concept art? Each a dormant volcano ready to spout its hot lava of protest, to unite a single luminous trickle with the molten flow – a flow of discontent that threatens to devour all in its path until it becomes the nigh-unstoppable fire-tide of revolution!