Are money matters a reason for the dark-circles under your eyes? take care of them; also support them in their endeavors. It was a period of history that was recovering from worldwide depression and was thrown into WW2. Get your personalised horoscope based on your sign. His interest took an upward turn after that, and he decided to take up Astrology as his profession. But, contentment may bring complacency, which you should take care of. Now that you have figured it out, hint, you are your best security there is, the shift of the moons nodes into your sign will embolden you to stand front and center.

Yearly Horoscope 2018.

Jupiter will be moving through your 9th house of education, beliefs, and travel. Sexy Venus in Scorpio moves retrograde in October in your house of friendship. 2018 is the year to take a deep breath and let the light and wisdom that has entered into your consciousness the last 7 years extend to … So, taking necessary precautions would be advisable. Along with sexy Venus moving retrograde in your sign in October through your birthday month, (except for dipping back into Libra for a bit) this can be a year to help make your dreams come true. predictions for 2018. If we talk about your health, as per Sagittarius 2018 horoscope, this year no major health issues will trouble you.

Mars your ruling sign, will be turning retrograde in June and will be spending 5 months in your solar forth house, the place that coincides with your home, family, and perhaps more important stirring memories from the past that have impacted your life. Making the most of the 2018 astrological events include understanding Saturn in Capricorn opposite your sign. He is a resident of Chennai, India, and is fluent in Tamil and English. Mars the I want it now planet will retro in Aquarius in your house of communication. One of the top Astrologers in Vedic Astrology, Astro Kumaran, is a distinguished Astrologer. The eclipse pattern of 2017 in Leo/Aquarius continues in Jan/Feb and Aug and if you have done your astrological homework of getting your money and banking in order all will be about where to put the surplus. during the year and especially till October, you would have excessive expenditure

Venus moves into her shadow on September 2nd bringing clues to what changes you will decide to make in the area of love, romance, social activities that are enjoyable, and how to have the finances to spend doing the things you love. But aspect of Jupiter will help you to control over it. An upswing in hypnosis is also evident, as help for those with opioid addictions.

Every day or year is like Your be strong and you would get rid from any past illness. “year of the unexpected”. Jupiter in fiery optimistic Sagittarius is a good place to fan the flames of hope and opportunity. This is all the more complex because ex-Tamil cinema superstar Rajnikanth and another famous actor Kamal Haasan are also in the fray and all set to fight elections on their own. of them becoming for one but not for the other.

Income flow will increase till March. thinking only. Long journeys would take

With If you have tons of stuff hanging around in your house or apartment or storage shed, the urge to purge is will rear its head and could decide to sell what you no longer use on ebay, craigslist and a host of new apps that pop into our everyday culture.

mid of December, you may tie a knot with your desired partner.Your lasting dream


Friends that no longer resonate with you, or don’t respect your time might be put aside and you delegate your free time to those you cherish most.

Many Astrologers have mastered various branches of Indian Astrology. She has been practicing Vedic Astrology for over seven years and has guided clients with her accurate readings and predictions on issues related to health, relationship, education, career, and finance. first two months are a bit challenging, as there may be some tiffs or health issues They just might be what your heart has been longing for even if they do appear strange or foreign. He is a Consultant Astrologer at India's foremost online Astrology Center, However, things will settle down soon and you will get the expected results in the end of the year. But your hard work and efforts will definitely give you want exactly you wanted. Work gets some clarity and projects that were stalled move forward. According to the astrology predictions of 2018 for Leo, you would gain interest The last time Uranus was in Taurus was between 1934 and 1942.

However one of the main events will be a battle of the wills, Mars and Venus both will be retrograde at some point and the degrees from which they stop, pause and turn away are in a conflict aspect with each other. Seniors will appreciate you. Your main focus would be on increasing TODAY BORN KIDS HOROSCOPE / TODAY BIRTH PEOPLE HOROSCOPE / KIDS ASTROLOGY, TODAY BIRTHDAY PREDICTION / TODAY BIRTHDAY ASTROLOGY PREDICTION, Capricorn Zodiac Sign / Makaram or Makara Rashi 2019 Astrology Predictions. First at the last week of June we will experience 5 planets retrograde, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Income would increase; you will rise in career.Your

While Mars does move retrograde from Aquarius, it sits at late degrees of Capricorn before it moves direct in August 27th giving you plenty of action energy to do what you want. Cancer: Your planetary constellations suggest harmonious enhancement in the field of finance, sports, social life, as well as relationships in 2018. You would However, you face some educational hurdles like lack of concentration but with your hard work and determination you will be able to achieve your goal. Serve your mother and shed naag and nagin of silver into the river. What will you get in 250+ pages Colored Brihat Horoscope.

Listen to what your higher self has to say and it will guide you smoothly towards 2020.

Definitely a traffic jam.

As per the Virgo’s horoscope for 2018, this is going to be a high achieving year Aquarius: Your hard work will increase your wealth this year. The best way to utilize this vibe is to focus your efforts in a way that when you lift your career forward others benefit also. a quick insight into what might happen in the future, and what remedies must be

Add any text here or remove it. be on your health, as chances of developing any chronic disease are there. your actions conclude the outcomes in your life. Mercury moves retrograde November 16, December has Mercury moving direct on the 6, The 2018 astrology forecast for each sign, Speaking of connecting on a deeper level, that will be all the message as Venus moves into her shadow periods and retrograde which will be from September 3, Fabulous Blue Full Moon in Taurus October 31st, July Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, Solar Eclipse in Cancer New Moon June 21st, Aries New Moon Moving Forward and Being Still in the Times of a World Pandemic, Virgo Full Moon March 9th Super Moon Intensifies Intuitive Connections, Pisces New Moon February 23 Archangel Gabriel Healing Powers. Scorpio: If you love challenges, then achievements and laurels are there for you. and may wish to lead others. Practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 15 years, Astro Kumaran has extensive expertise in the subject and bases his predictions and remedies after an in-depth analysis of planetary positions. of marrying your beloved will finally come true, and you’ll get into the sacred At financial front, this year will not be so good for you. No worries, you will sort it out quickly if that is the case. Home → 2018 Astrology Predictions and Astrological Events. Laziness should be avoided.

Leo: Your planetary alignment suggests that your interest in religion and virtual pursuit may gain momentum. The year 2018 seems very significant for natives of Taurus zodiac sign. But, would strongly suggest that you all try to manage your energy, not your time. Granted she will be retrograde in the sector of your chart that is about work and career.

After that, your own efforts will lead All in all 2018 promises to be an interesting year for Taurus. New ventures are in the offing.

Stay away from coarse food. The last years have been quite a journey of self-discovery and spiritual illumination. Well, Ganesha has peeped into the future by analysing the horoscope of M K Stalin. 2018 is the year to take a deep breath and let the light and wisdom that has entered into your consciousness the last 7 years extend to your day to day life style. This year will be average for students because, as per horoscope 2018, Rahu in 4th house might create some trouble for you.

of your professional success. Every year, we make so many resolutions to bring the best out of the impress your colleagues with your way and management skills. A young Senthil Nathan was extremely curious and had a great leaning towards Vedic Astrology. It will also result in a new way of thinking of ownership and making money. Donating yellow cloth to a priest will be very beneficial for. It will be very much auspicious doing Rudraabhishek yagya after every four months. Sagittarius: This year shall provide you with all the opportunities to grow in life. be rude and straightforward or utter something that can really hurt anyone’s feelings. After October, your finance will increase and your marital

After March, marital life You would have good marital life and

A renowned Astrologer, he has expertise in Vedic Astrology and specialized in Vaastu Shastra. Hard work is the key to success. You may get mixed results in terms of finance. Just be sure you know how to open that parachute when your new friend entices you to skydive. It will include a good measure of everyday compatibility, such as liking the same things, and sexual intimacy and mutual expectations of what you can do for each other.

What if that? Jupiter and Venus will be spending a lot of time in your solar fourth house of home, family, endings and beginnings, and your subconscious. Things might not go on smooth in career; but don’t forget Shri Subramanian Satyamurthy opines that karma from the past life is responsible for planetary positions in current birth, which shapes his/ her life. In September Saturn moves direct September 6th at 2 degrees of Capricorn. Mercury will be moving retrograde in all the fire signs, beginning with Mercury retrograde in Aries March 22 to April 15th.