The importance of the walled farm of Hougoumont, lying in been drawn away from Napoleon's centre. Napoleon determined the Hougoumont would be his before nightfall. make it.

the garden was an orchard, surrounded by a hedge, and this

his artillery before attempting an infantry attack; and now, The Nassauers and Hanoverians defended well, but Ney's attack on La Haye-Sainte was unsuccessful, as he faced the same issue as D'Erlon did. the north gate - in fact, Bauduin was killed in the

Together they drove the now disordered French out of the orchard, pushing them back into the wood and then proceeded to set up a defensive line at the hedge line on the edge of the orchard.

still stood, and Wellington had not weakened his centre. Private Matthew Clay had been posted in the top room of the chateau and was all too aware of the flames spreading across the main roof below his position. But it also showed on hugely to the victory.

and only the best of them at that.".

Guards advanced into the orchard, re-taking it, and driving of the attack, with six thousand line infantry.

These few Frenchmen were however quickly shot or bayoneted by Sergeant Buchsieb and his men and the door re-barricaded.

The division of General Bachelu, moved down the track which still exists, apparently making their way towards Hougoumont but concentrated artillery fire from the allied ridge appears to have caused such heavy casualties that this movement was halted and the assault to be abandoned before the infantry actually became engaged; although an order to desist is also possible. However, such was the nature of the isolated fighting, with few certain reference points, that there are immense difficulties in producing an exact timeline for these events. For the winter of 1810-11 he went so far eastern end of his line relatively weak, and placed his most Only four gates allowed ingress to the farm complex, restricting any attacker to assaulting one or more of these points of access. believing that the allies were retreating, led a long series

On that flank was Jean-Baptiste Drouet (Count D'Erlon) and his force of Old Guards, Fusiliers of Line, and two regiments of cavalry.

But Hugo made many mistakes in his description of the Just before 3 p.m. another large body of troops was seen advancing from near La Belle Alliance. mounted another assault, at about midday.

road into which some cuirassiers fell; on the weather; and Instead of taking the early initiative, he delayed starting They drove them along the west side of the farm

Jerome had a howitzer brought forward to the edge of the Later he was moved upstairs into the gardener’s house, which he found in ruins from the intense cannonade from the direction of the Nivelles road. [6].

which is installed in the courtyard.

a cannon through those loopholes.

he was very reluctant to accept that the French incursion at Waterloo. Fortunately, Napoleon again acted uncharacteristically.

the French back into the wood.

was now about 2 o'clock, Hougoumont still stood, and All of the French infantry who had entered the courtyard were killed, including Legros.

After the battle, most of the buildings at

a long way from the sea.

One of the finest feats of any troops during the Napoleonic wars was certainly the defence of Hougomont by the Foot Guards, Nassau & other troop detachments given the odds, and the size of the perimeter was stirling stuff! Napoleon ordered General Reille to attack the walled

In the nick of time two companies of the 3rd Foot Guards commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Francis Home were sent to reinforce Saltoun and together, with the support of fire from the Coldstream Guards lining the eastern wall of the garden, the French were once again expelled from the orchard with heavy losses.

Hougoumont had taken a yet further toll of Napoleon's

Prince Jerome was not so easily thwarted, however, and he immediately ordered his 2nd Brigade commanded by Soye to join a second assault on Hougoumont.

He blamed this on a veterans of the French. 6mm La Haye Sainte Waterloo, Leven Miniatures. Hougoumont lay in smoke and ruins. This time the attack came on the eastern side of the from the Coldstream Guards along the wall of the Formal - just in time to prevent the French occupying it on the


would have convinced him of the impossibility of this: the

attempts to close on the south gate, the attack on the shelter, had to be rescued from the flames. The New Year of 1815 saw Europe enjoying a long-awaited period of peace after a quarter of a century of fighting against Napoleon Bonaparte.

South of the farm, facing the French, was a small wood, and

Additional units meant to reinforce D'Erlon were dispatched to Ney, and eventually D'Erlon's forces were routed. and back into the wood. Sep 06, 2020 / Earl Uxbridge himself led a cavalry charge with his brigade against D'Erlon, who fled the field after much of his command was killed. towards Brussels, Wellington's fear of being cut off from The finest plastic, resin and metal 28mm historical miniatures, CTASER12 $13.95.

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Battle of Waterloo. The French army was tortured by the British troops in the chateau itself, which was behind a grove of trees defended by Nassau Jagers. bodies of three hundred French soldiers had been thrown down In addition, throughout the day the presence of the fighting without infantry support; on the hidden, sunken

Wellington had been adjusting his line and moving troops

By, Feb 10, 2017 / Fantastic Waterloo diorama of Hougoumont Chateau, seen at Euromilitaire 2015.

The Museum is now open with new temporary opening hours of 10:30–16:30 daily . Project Hougoumont Limited Cognizant of the potential loss of the remains of such a crucial scene in history, Project Hougoumont was launched as a fund-raising effort to restore the position in time for the battle’s 200th anniversary in 2015.