With a thriving arts and culture scene, Shanghai, with its infinite possibilities, is one of Asia’s must-visit cities. This Study Says So, Japan Is Encouraging Remote Working From Its National Parks, Maldives Resort Seeks ‘Barefoot Bookseller’ for Its Island Bookshop, The 50 Best Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020, Mashita! Far removed from the attitude of Bangkok and the hedonism of the south, it’s charming, carefree and laidback. After decades of turmoil, Cambodia has burst onto the scene as an emerging destination for tourists who are starting to arrive and enjoy this magical country. From vibrant (and a little manic!)

North of here, the jungle gives way to Mouth Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and a two-day badge of honour for avid hikers.

It’s ideal for digital nomads looking to live somewhere warm, relatively cheap and still be on the grid. Check. Which of the following is true for cities in South Asia as well as for cities in Greece and China around 500 BCE? This is Borneo in a nutshell, an indelibly wild place stashed with over-the-top wildlife and spirited adventures. B. Around you branches shake from proboscis monkeys and ginger-haired orangutans, the water highway ahead leading to the great river lands of the mythical headhunters. No wonder it’s one of the best cities to live in Southeast Asia. All Rights Reserved. While the coastline has world-famous surf barrels at Kuta beach, Padang Padang and Uluwatu, the real balm is Ubud, a spiritual wonderland of heritage canals, stilted gazebos and pool villas located at the heart of island life.

Copyright © 2020 Big Seven Media | Go tailor-made! It’s always been an important trading city and has a long and diverse background as well as a ethnically diverse population. It’s the perfect spot to have as a base, where you can explore the beaches in the south, and other areas during your free time. Established by the French in the 1920s as a summer escape from the north’s blasting heat, its popularity has ballooned in recent years, but the adventures remain time-worn.

The one major disadvantage of always being in fashion is the need to keep reinventing yourself. Plus, Malaysians are naturally friendly and nice to strangers, and Kuala Lumpur is the best example of this.

Rough Guides® is a trademark owned by Apa Group with its headquarters at It’s also a centre of tourism and a serious hub for travel in Asia.

A surge in urbanization has made South Asia home to largely populated cities.

All Rights Reserved. Founded in the second century near Mandalay, it filled out the Ayeyarwady River plains with more than 10,000 temples, pagodas and monasteries, of which around 2200 survive today. 10 great places to go walking in Scotland, Why you should visit Eastern Europe this winter. Strikingly beautiful, albeit with a few rough edges, Bagan is bound to a complex history that needs a keen mind to understand its genesis.

Here you can hike into the cloud belts of the lush Doi Suthep and Doi Pui mountains, bamboo raft down steamy jungle rivers in the Mae Sa Valley, or encounter the kind of multicoloured, smiling personalities most visitors only see on a postcard. Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam – is known for its rich history, busy street life and centuries of French, Asian and Chinese influences all blended into one bustling city.

The Thai capital of Bangkok is a city that’s absolutely bursting with street life, colour and a sense of vibrancy.

A. But it’s also the clichéd beach and jungle paradise you hope for. It’s a layer cake of a proposition with cutting-edge five-star hotels, cafés and bars that go above and beyond the realms of convention. Located in the country’s midriff, the pristine Visayas are the Philippines’ blockbuster destination. 7 Bell Yard, London WC2A 2JR, United Kingdom The Future Of The Restaurant Industry In 2020, Take a Day Trip to Space From Tokyo Bay’s Upcoming Spaceport City, The 50 Most Beautiful Places in the World, The World’s Longest Flight is Back in Action – And Longer Than Ever, The 20 Must-Try Traditional Vietnamese Dishes, Wuhan, China Pulls Nearly 19 Million Tourists During Golden Week, Enjoy An Epic Stay In India’s 500 Year Old Palace Turned Hotel, Is There Hope For Tourism In 2021? KL is a top spot for both tourists and expats. Best for stunning views: Sapa Stunning View Hotel, Best for central location: Sapa Dragon Hotel.