: Where Else You've Seen The 2020 Contestants. Pixar has been wowing audiences with its groundbreaking animated shorts since the late '80s, and the mini-stories have became an anticipated part of the experience of seeing a new feature film from the studio. It's a more culturally specific film, but one that still touches on universal ideas related to religion, family, and fantasy. He has been the film critic for The Aisle Seat website for more than twenty years, and his reviews also appear weekly on the radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation.

A one-stop shop for all things video games. Small Fry deals with a very particular kind of toy: the disposable ones children get in Happy Meals. Moving from one side of the board to the other, he seems to morph into two separate players. Small Fry marks a witty return from the beloved Toy Story characters, and it also continues the series' theme of humorously looking at the shelf life of children's playthings. In many respects, it is as much a tech demonstration as a story; then-new technologies such as shadow mapping were displayed here. The Vampire Diaries: Which Avatar Element Would Each Main Character Bend? The short concludes with a twist on the concept of "getting day and night mixed up.". Lifted marked the directorial debut of Gary Rydstrom, an award-winning sound designer whose work includes Terminator 2, Saving Private Ryan, and Jurassic Park.

Luxo Jr. came at a time when computer animation was still in its earliest stages.

In Partly Cloudy, a bunch of puffy white clouds produce cute little babies of all species, which are then delivered to earth by a brigade of storks. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Of course, every new Pixar movie is preceded by a short, and the company has excelled in this realm, too.

They've had nearly unprecedented box office success.

Its central character is an elderly man named Geri who plays a game of chess against himself in a park.

Unable to muster up anything adorable and cuddly, the cloud becomes depressed and starts crying (or, more accurately, raining). Billy cheers up, then goes on to play with the box Tinny came in.

An old one-man band wind-up toy (“Tinny”) repeatedly attempts to escape the clutches of a baby named Billy, who tends to be a little rough with his playthings. A key ingredient to Pixar's enduring appeal is simplicity. A dark storm cloud, meanwhile, finds itself able to create only dangerous creatures like crocodiles and porcupines -- creatures that repeatedly injure the stork assigned to transport them. In a little over five minutes, the film tells a complete story that runs a gamut of emotions, making you laugh, then leaving you with a lump in your throat at the end. The frenzied pace and exaggerated physical humor required by farce are done to perfection here, with the movie's energy growing wilder the longer it goes on. "Bao" is the first Pixar short written and directed by a woman, Domee Shi (who started working at Pixar as an intern in 2011). Many of their 5-minute films are every bit as rich and compelling as the ones that run ninety minutes, and that's because good old-fashioned storytelling is the name of the game at Pixar.

", All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Keep reading to see INSIDER's ranking of every Pixar short film. But gems?

Audiences were both riveted and increasingly worried as they watched an elderly man play a game of chess with himself. Not a bad start for Pixar. This short has a compelling moral imperative. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? The small lamp attempts to play with a ball, only to deflate it.

The gorgeous imagery of a three-generation family cleaning shooting stars off the surface of the moon is enough to put "La Luna" at the top any list of Pixar shorts. Who among us didn't destroy a few toys during our childhood years? In this sci-fi short, an alien named Stu is assigned to abduct a sleeping farmer. They've won Oscars. "Piper" takes the top spot, with "Day and Night" and "Partly Cloudy" in the next two highest slots. In fact, Tin Toy served as an inspiration for Toy Story. Pixar has a phenomenal track record for feature films, but their shorts are just as exceptional. When their work is done, the men climb back down to the boat, leaving a beautiful crescent moon behind. The rabbit, peeved at not being fed a carrot prior to the show, refuses to cooperate. We celebrate the best of their shorter efforts.

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