Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Is this guy seriously going to continue posting all of these pics of ramen/ramyun?”, The ssam jang makes the broth incredibly smooth and also gives it a nice, complex flavor – granted we’re talking about ramyun here so being a complex prepackaged noodle is like saying, “He’s really smart for a 2 year old.”. Shin Ramyun is Korea's highest-selling brand of instant noodles. Forget your horrid weirdly textured Pot Noodle, these noodles have it all happening. You can find his bylines at.

And at just a dollar or two a pop, it's one of the cheapest meals I know.

( Log Out /  and YES, that does look like Chef Boyardee!

I like to crack the egg into a little bowl or cup and then slowly drizzle it into the pot while stirring. Shin Ramyun comes in different sizes and shapes, perfect for any time of day or setting. "Use the lid as a makeshift plate, holding it in one hand..." THIS. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Create a free website or blog at My brother had a very good friend who was Korean so we 'discovered' them before they became ubiquitous in the States.

Another way i eat it is by adding a bit of cilantro in at the very end. When I went to visit we took a Korean cooking class with a market trip and it was amazing. Its fierce heat and intense saltiness has earned it some rabid followers. It's so bad that it took me quite a bit of conditioning to be able to touch a macbook. I had it two nights in a row. I didn't grow up a ramen prescriptivist, but more often than not my selection landed upon Shin Ramyun, the Korean brand of instant noodles flavored with beef and chili. I was about to make ramyun for lunch, and I remembered this post! Get the full recipe here. Toss your beef in a little cornstarch before cooking: it'll thicken up your broth and make the meat extra tender! I enjoy it that way too! Ssam jjang is a great idea! It’s also an incredibly efficient way of consuming an entire day or two’s RDA of sodium. Recipe here. I went to the local version of our Dollar store and bought really inexpensive stainless steel bowls, chop sticks, spoons, pots and everything else I could fit in my suitcase.

Usually when people say healthier, it means it doesn’t taste too good, and it’s no different in this case. If i think of any more, i will add it to the list. And yes, it’s ramyun and not ramen – we ain’t Japanese, so momofuku! As previously mentioned in my post typically Shin Ramyun is a soupy noodle that requires adding a fair bit of water to make the tasty broth. It’s deliciously spicy and it’s gaining in popularity as evidenced by being featured on SlickDeals – if I find it in Costco, then we’ll know Shin ramyun has truly arrived (Update 5.28.10: my friend bought a box at Costco). it comes out chewier without getting bloated! The Food52 shop sells a Japanese Yukhira Saucepan that fits the bill, so you won't have to look far. Love to make it and eat it, but I always–ALWAYS–regret it after! Recipe here. I suppose there’s a very good reason for why these pots are as small as they are (2): When cooking instant ramen, it’s important to cook one at a time. The rice after wards is a good way to control how much to eat. I was devastated the day I couldn’t find it in our kitchen cabinet. You may replace vegetable with kimchi.

Typically the Western branded noodles suck and I definitely tend to favour the Asian brands. That’s a whole ‘nother level of awesome! And damned if you didn't make me want exactly this ramen, in this pot, for dinner. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. lean meat? Another korean style way of eating it is to add dumplings into the soup. A little coconut milk will make a wonderfully creamy soup! Share and Like this Video if you like this Recipe!Ingredients :1 packet of NongShim Shin Ramyun Noodle275 ml of cold water x 22 cloves of garlic 1 teaspoon of olive oil 6 pieces of kimchi 1 piece of Cheese / Mozzarella Cheese Directions : Sauté garlic with olive oil until slightly brown Add Kimchi and grill it l for 1 min on high heat.Add 275 ml of cold water, 1 tablespoon of kimchi juice and bring it to boil over high heat.Add Shin Ramyun and seasoning powder, mix well.Add another 275 ml of cold water and bring it to boil.Add in vegetable pack and remove from the heat.Serve hot with as much cheese as you want.