15 (1), pp.

[Accessed 23 Feb 2020]. A ‘grand projet’: Universal Health Coverage and social protection in Senegal, https://itself.blog/2020/03/17/giorgio-agamben-clarifications/, https://www.coronatimes.net/social-distancing-africa-can-do-it/, Covid-19: scales of pandemics and scales of anthropology, “Hygiene” is the Future: Lessons from “Post”-Cholera Haiti. Grosfoguel, R. 2016. Connelly, M., 2006. Available online at https://itself.blog/2020/03/17/giorgio-agamben-clarifications/, Chachage, C. 2020, 30 March. where he has taught in Anthropology and Africana Studies since 2016. ‘Necropolitics’ is his seminal treatise of the notion of bio- and necro-power, a reconsideration of Foucault’s take on biopolitics, initially published as an article in Public Text in 2003. Archives of United Nations agencies, the World Bank, International Planned Parenthood Federation, the Ford Foundation, and the Population Council reveal how some of the most draconian population control measures deployed during the 1950s and 1960s were in fact designed not only with the complete cognizance but under the direction of these agencies (See: Connelly, 2006 and Cream, 1995). The election of the Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in India in 2014 nearly four decades later has seen another use of population control against the Muslim community in propagating Islamophobia, by drawing on the global anti-Muslim discourse in blaming fertility rates on a minority community by proposing laws steeped in eugenics (Purohit, 2019). The idea that other countries should learn from the Chinese experience—by end of March, Hubei was virtually corona-free according to Chinese data—is simply anathema to many public health experts and the vast majority of academics and public intellectuals in the West. Biopolitics and necropolitics of population policies, as a distinct modality within neo-Malthusianism, has an implicit sentence of social death within current global and foreign policy. [Accessed 23 Feb 2020]. For example, the confinement of people – be they Roma or refugees – in settlements basically creates ‘death worlds’. 2020. Mapping the Subject: Geographies of Cultural Transformation, pp. The hierarchy of disposability is of course not equalised by the virus: in its geopolitics of aid, China is keen to send 1000 ventilators to New York, but far fewer to the whole of Africa, where ventilators are very scarce due to several decades of structural adjustment programmes and their neoliberal aftermath. Mariana Lopez discusses.