The score they checked was 620. If you decide to submit an actual application, lenders will receive a more holistic picture of your finances. You may receive targeted offers in the mail or via email saying you've been "pre-screened" or "pre-selected to apply" for a credit card. They both checked Equifax too. CareCredit patients are “more likely to be approved” with credit scores of 623 or higher: SOFT CREDIT CHECK: NO CREDIT CHECK iCare Financial approves everyone with no credit check. Then again, I guess if that is the case you wouldn't need to have it done anyway.

As soon as I hit submit the "sorry" page came right up. There's a simple feature that many card issuers offer for free: pre-qualification. Every few weeks I win a credit battle.. it'll get better. The website states that they work with people who have less than perfect credit. I went to American Laser Center today for a consultation about laser hair removal.

These online forms typically ask for your name, address and the last four digits of your social security number. Which CRA do they use? Who knows, I probably could have been approved for more, but I only tried for the amount I actually needed. You can submit a prequalification form online to see whether you may qualify for a card.

i ask for 2000. and they approved me for 6500. i was like , but what is the difference in the two cards ? Ridiculous. Just checked TrueCredit, and that 620 score is now 607. Im wondering if its better to go in person and filll out the app. So, their prices are pretty high, which are for a package of six treatments with a two year guarantee. I still don't know how on earth I was approved. hi i am new here but i have been reading this site for about three weeks.i love this site. You pay a downpayment (in my case where the amount is $2660, the down payment will be $400) and then payments of $200/mo for 12 months. Here are some card issuers that provide pre-qualification forms: Pre-qualification is not a guarantee of approval. As with any financial product, you should do your research and make sure the card is a good fit for you before submitting an application. I tried for the Target Redcard after applying and being accepted for CareCredit, and they denied me. i saw thier infomercial and was immediately interested but that is a lot of money for six treatments.

I wanted to do my eye brows. I applied online and was not approved. Here are some actions you can take if you didn't pre-qualify for a card: CNBC Select may receive an affiliate commission when you click on the links for products from our partners. All I have besides that is my $500 secured BoA card, which SHOULD unsecure soon, since I've had it for about nine months now. anyway i applied for this card after reading here about it because my credit stinks. Once you submit an actual application though, you give the card issuer permission to check your credit, which is called a hard inquiry (or "hard pull"). CareCredit doesn’t advertise a minimum credit score requirement on its website. The way this works is similar to Crown Jewelers. After all, pre-qualification only looks at part of your finances. At the end of the form, there is also a disclaimer that you need to acknowledge that expresses this is not an official application and if you submit an application, your credit will be pulled. Care Credit reports that you're "more likely to be approved" for their Care Credit card with a score of 623 or higher. I have a fairly decent income.

That sucks! Ha. No, I applied online and within seconds it let me know I was approved. I applied for a CareCredit card at the dentist office. You can only apply for this in the office? CareCredit is subject to credit approval, which means that borrowers with higher credit scores will have a better chance of getting approved. So, if you have thin/blonde body hair, you probably aren't a good candidate?

Yeah, I am getting 6 treatment on 5 different areas! I'll have to have him look into it. At least I'll have a $3600 tradeline on my reports now, so I'm hoping that helps. however, at those prices, I think it would be worth it as well! I was not approved for the standard Care Credit card. I think I will remove my hair with a bonus of adding another positive TL to my credit report! I tried applying for another type of loan just like this one.

A soft inquiry (also called a "soft pull") isn't connected to a specific application for new credit (a mortgage or a credit card, for example) and doesn't require your permission, so it doesn't show up on your credit report. That doesn't necessarily make it the best choice of credit card for your lifestyle, however. I was be soo glad when I can sit at the cool kids table. I think they have free consultations. Does anyone think that it is better to apply for credit cards online or in person? When you submit a pre-qualification form, you'll typically receive several credit card offers that you have good approval odds for. then, I got the navel free, b/c I am getting so many things, minus 50% discount.

Looking to open a new credit card but not sure if you'll get approved? The girls who work at the Laser place showed me their legs, which were treated with the laser, and yup - the laser worked. I still didn't get the loan. Well, I get 50% off at that place, and thats another reason I am going to this overpriced place (I work in the same building and thats why I get the discount).

It's good to use whenever I go to the Dr. to keep the account open. When you submit a pre-qualification form, you'll typically receive several credit card offers that you have good approval odds for.

So, I am still having second thoughts, but my appt is this Wednesday. I'm sorry you weren't approved! In fact, you can submit multiple pre-qualification requests without any damage to your credit score, since it involves a soft inquiry of your credit. it said my card would arrive in 7-10 days.

These offers can help you kick-start the credit card search process, but you should still compare other cards to find the best fit for your needs. In the end if it does not grow back in two years, then it is all worth it.

Let us know if the hair removal works. But who else will finance me? I think the interest is 15% or close to it. As a result, offers described on this page may be out of date. I will go check them out. Once you choose an offer, you still need to submit an official application. I make to much for the state provided dental coverage, my employer provided will take 10 years (at 1000 per year) to get all the work I need done.... Oh well, I'll try again in 6 months. Has anyone else applied for the Care Credit Card?

What credit score do you need to get CareCredit? There are user reports of being approved with a score as low as 600. You can only get this plus option at places who have signed up for it, because it does cost the business an additional 15% to offer it to you. Once you pay it off, you still have a regular, not the "plus" type Care Credit card which you can use anywhere, such as for Lasik eye surgery, dental appts, plastic surgery... Has anyone done this here? Check out these 8 credit cards, Here are the best 9 credit cards with welcome bonus offers of 100,000 points or more, These are the airline credit cards with miles that never expire. And because the laser responds to the pigment, you cannot do hair removal over a tattoo. Multiple factors, such as your monthly housing payment and employment status, are taken into consideration. the weird thing there is they just hand write the prices for procedures on a piece of hair, Obtaining Credit Cards, Auto Loans and Financing.

The laser hair removal prices do seem high. Applying for many cards at once is a red flag to issuers and can have a bigger impact on your credit score. how did you know if it was intrest free ect ? It was great b/c I had a 0% introductory rate for 3 months, so it gave me time to pay off my porcelain crown, which I'm going back to the dentist for him to fix since I see a tiny crack in it. I thought- it would still have to be "re-electrolized" after so many years since the procedure is so new- I don't see how "re-growth" rates could have been established yet. Did you apply at the location ondid you guys apply online? A pre-screened offer may seem tempting because it's personalized, highlights the main perks of the card and is time-sensitive. My credit score is under 600 and I was able to get an approval for the CareCredit Plus for $2700 (maybe more, but I applied for $2700). This can sometimes result in a slight ding to your credit score, which is why it's recommended you only apply for a credit card every six months.

And am I really getting 50% off, like they say? These offers typically provide an invitation code that you enter on the card issuer's site and a date when the offer expires. Thanks keep me upto date let me know how it goes. and our own. It may work. Here are two steps to take after you pre-qualify for a card: If you were denied, it's not the end of the world — you still have options. Funny how I can be approved for $3600, but not $200. An official credit card application provides the lender with more information on your financial situation. congratulations on the card. But what won't we do for our credit's sake!

But if anyone goes for a free consult, the weird thing there is they just hand write the prices for procedures on a piece of hair, so how do I know what their real prices are? after the two year mark you can assume its permanent... some people (light hair, etc) do not respond as well. Wow, you must have some THICK hair! Prequalified vs preapproved: What you need to know about your approval chances for a credit card, Here's who's eligible for a credit card and what factors card issuers consider when you apply, Want to maximize the rewards you earn shopping for Black Friday? I also did not have to pay a down payment, and I believe it will be interest free for the first 18 months, but if I needed a longer term, it goes up to around 11%. First time that ever happened! I was approved for $3600 from Care Credit yesterday, yet I still can't get approved for a $200 Target Red Card. I went to American Laser Center today for a consultation about laser hair removal. My boyfriend is interested in having some hair removed though, so this was a great read. Lyubashka, May 5, 2007 in Obtaining Credit Cards, Auto Loans and Financing. I was approved at the office for $900 CL. By I know that the medical office cannot decide if your approved. Who knows? I still get the feeling that if you decide that you want to go ahead with a certain type of procedure that they can tell you which loan to appply for. As a general rule, a credit score in the good and excellent range will get you approved. CareCredit will use this information to check your credit rating to determine your eligibility to receive a CareCredit card. There's a chance you'll pre-qualify for a card and still be denied during the official application process. THat is my concern with this specific place. I will do it and see what my credi score does with this CareCredit line of $2700 (which is frozen until I pay it off, I was told and then I can use it again). Smooth solutions does specials and I think it is only $39 for upper lip.

Navel : $1319 (pricey for how little hair people have there). GUARANTEED PAYMENTS: With Denefits, we cover providers for uncertainties and ensure guaranteed payments. The Discover offers on this page are no longer available via CNBC. Approval for credit is based on information you provide on your application together with past credit history and credit score. Like, the lip (upper lip) costs $719 (6 sessions plus a 2 yr warranty that hair does not grow back). Many card issuers provide pre-qualification links where you can check if you may qualify for a credit card.

:shock: you made me laugh, yeah, I guess I do have think hair (but it was really paper). When you click on the link, there's a statement that says checking your qualification chances does not affect your credit score.