Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. USPS Express Mail at $32.00 for up to 10 queens. The buyer receives a rendom mated queen with escorts bees in the transport queen mailing cage.

Packages are available from mid April till mid of May. Offering Northern Honey Bees and Natural Products. The price of the radom mated queen is 16 €, the buyer also covers the shipping costs (according to the price list of the Postoffic of Sovenia) and the issue of a Health certificate of 16 €, which is a mandatory attachment to all sent queens. More than satisfied. You collect packages at our address which allows you to check their condition. Our bees colletc honey in unspoiled nature, far away from industry, cities and busy transport roads. The buyer also receives an invoice, an printout from the herd book – proving the purity of the queen and veterinary Health certificate, which is a mandatory attachment of each nut sent and applies to all ordered nuts in the package. * We also offer frame nuc on LR2/3, DB and DN! Queens are available from early June to late August. Open or hive mated Carniolan queen bees (F1) are specifically selected queen bees, bred from selected lines, and mated with random drones in a less isolated breeding station. All bees are authentic Carniolan honey bees. Carniolan package bees are ideal for forming new colonies or adding strength to the existing colonies. PRE ORDER FOR 2021 - Carniolan bees are beautiful to work with and very hard working, they produce big stores for the winter and are prolific in the spring. Packs are put into bee friendly plastic boxes »multibox« with food and with queen in plastic introduction cages. Open mated queens will be grafted from winter proven VHS Carniolan hybrid breeder queens throughout the queen rearing season. The selection is focused on high honey yields and varroa resistance. Package bees include a 1.5  kg of young bees with marked this year or overwintered Queen.

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*Honey is pre-screened at the reference laboratory. *The buyer receives a rendom mated queen with escorts bees in the transport queen mailing cage. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Virgin queen bees are open mated in drone controlled environment at Podskalica breeding station on which the drone breeds Ivana Kovacevic and local beekeeper. This only goes to show that a continuous and adequate selection program leads to excellent results. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We breed Italian (Red) and Carniolan (Black) queens. For a detailed list of countries, please visit our, GIVE US A BUZZ FOR PRE-ORDER OR QUESTIONS, frequent questions about Carniolan honey bees and queens.