The main symbol used by the Iron Guard was a triple cross (a variant of the triple parted and fretted one), standing for prison bars (as a badge of martyrdom), and sometimes referred to as the "Archangel Michael Cross" ("Crucea Arhanghelului Mihail"). [29] When it came to killing Jews, the Antonescu regime and the Iron Guard were capable of finding common ground despite the failed coup in January 1941. TIGI Catwalk Straight Collection Sleek Mystique Look-lock Hair Spray, 9.2 Ounce 3.6 out of 5 stars 28. There are also other contemporary far-right organizations in Romania, such as Pentru Patrie (For the Motherland) and Noua Dreaptă (The New Right). Journalist Edward Behr claimed that in early 1947, a secret agreement was signed by the leaders of the exiled Iron Guard in displaced persons (DP) camps in Germany and Austria and the Romanian Communist Party, under which the all of the Iron Guards in the DP camps except for those accused of the murder of Communists could return home to Romania in exchange for which the former Iron Guards would work as thugs to terrorize the anti-communist opposition as part of the plans for the ultimate Communist take-over of Romania. The Iron Guard (Romanian: Garda de Fier) is the name most commonly given to a fascist movement and political party in Romania founded in 1927 by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu as the Legion of the Archangel Michael (Legiunea Arhanghelului Mihail) or the Legionnaire movement (Mișcarea Legionar ă).

[40][41] One notable construction of the Iron Guard is the "Green House" (Romanian: Casa Verde). As part of the deal, Romania was proclaimed a "National Legionary State," with the Legion as the country's only legal party. During the rebellion and pogrom, the Iron Guard killed 125 Jews, while 30 soldiers died in the confrontation with the rebels. Auswärtiges Amt, H.M. Stationery Office, 1961.

The Iron Guard explained that the problem of poverty in Romania was due to the Jews' ongoing colonization of Romania, and thereby prevented Christian Romanians from getting ahead economically.

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676–683 from. [26] Sima and other legionnaires were helped by the Germans to escape to Germany. [10], Romania had been a strongly Francophile country starting in 1859 when the United Principalities came into being, giving Romania effective independence from the Ottoman Empire (an event largely made possible by French diplomacy which pressured the Ottomans on behalf of the Romanians), and from that time onwards, most of the Romanian intelligentsia professed themselves believers in French ideas about the universal appeal of democracy, freedom and human rights, while at the same time holding antisemitic views about Romania's Jewish minority.

[18] Sima was close to SS Volksgruppenführer Andreas Schmidt, a volksdeutsch (ethnic German) from Romania, and through him become close to Schmidt's father-in-law, the powerful Gottlob Berger who headed the SS Main Office in Berlin. Particularly gruesome was the murder of dozens of Jewish civilians in the Bucharest slaughterhouse. Find an AGI Dealer close to you to help assess your grain handling needs. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . The attendees were not allowed to leave the camp except for emergencies and in their free time were to read literature.

Your question and comments are greatly appreciated. In March 1930 Codreanu formed the "Iron Guard" as a paramilitary political branch of the Legion, and in 1935, the Legion changed its official name to the "Totul pentru Țară" party (literally "Everything For the Country" Party).

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On 10 February 1938, the king dissolved the government and initiated a royal dictatorship. [9] The Great Depression seemed to show the literal bankruptcy of these policies and many of the younger Romanian intelligentsia, especially university students, were attracted by the Iron Guard's glorification of "Romanian genius" and its leaders who boasted that they were proud to speak Romanian. [20] The Legion also possessed a small, mostly symbolic armored force of four vehicles: two police armored cars and two Renault UE Chenillettes from the Malaxa factory. "[32] The Legion contrasted with most other European fascist movements of the period, especially when talking about its understanding of nationalism, which it believed should never be separated from the faith that people were born into.

Enter your contact information below to receive news and updates from AGI. An AGI representative will reply within 3 business days. In 1932 it stood as the Codreanu Group, winning five of the 387 seats. They had an action squad that was called Echipa morții, or "Death Squad".

Antonescu rejected Sima's demands and was alarmed by the Iron Guard's death squads. Specifically engineered for farm and other light-duty applications, Mayrath's Eclipse is the revolutionary tower & catwalk solution for grain handling and equipment support. [citation needed] The Archangel Michael's Cross was among the symbols emblazoned on the firearms used by Brenton Tarrant during the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings.