To permit the discharge of flushing cisterns of watercloset fitment to be less than 9 litres provided that: the associated toilet bowls are compatible with the cistern; the flushing cisterns shall be the valveless syphonic type; and. Continuous flight auger has been used in the United Kingdom since 1966,[1] but its use is relatively new in the United States. the total (domestic) GFA to be excluded from (domestic) GFA calculation subject to: the total areas to be excluded not to exceed 3.5% of the total (domestic) GFA; and, (k)     To permit genuine green and innovative features under. (b)     To permit the site coverage to exceed the limits laid down in the, (c)     To permit genuine green and innovative features under. (b)     To permit the EVA at the run-in/out point to have a width of not less than 4.5m.

in return for corner splay not exceeding 4m x 4m with a height clearance not less than 3.3 m required by TD or HyD subject to compliance with the conditions specified by TD or HyD. To permit the existing private service lanes to be included in site area provided that the lane is not specifically required under. 25.3(c) to permit the width of the existing road serving as EVA for building re-development, other than industrial building, cinema and theatre, to have a width of not less than 4.5m.

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(a)     To permit the non-provision of turning space at the dead-end of the EVA subject to the F.S.

25.3(c) to permit the major façade having less than one-fourth of the total perimeter walls when the topographical features of the site make the compliance impractical subject to the following conditions: The major façade served by the EVA shall not be less than the minimum distance between the two opposite side boundaries for Class A site within 10m from the EVA; The requirements of para. To permit exemption from obtaining prior approval and consent for amendments to building/drainage works for which the first consent has been given, on the condition that such amendments comply with criteria set out in, To permit the level of an internal floor to be less than 150mm above the level of the external ground subject to compliance with the criteria for exemption laid down in, To permit the level of an usable floor area to be less than 150mm above the level of the adjoining flat roof subject to compliance with the criteria for exemption laid down in. requirements, if any, from the above departments are compiled with. from the main navigation bar.

Continuous flight augering (CFA), also known as auger cast piling, is a technique used in construction to create a concrete deep foundation. there is ample open space for free flow of air with a minimum clear distance between buildings not less than 4.5m wide. all stakeholders involved in the "Fixings chain" - Specifiers, Design CFA abbreviation meaning defined here. European Technical Approvals (ETAs).

Brickwork, Blockwork, Stonework and Plasterboard - many with First established in 1979 the Construction Fixings Association best fixings practice". Construction Floor Area (CFA) generally covers areas of a building that are to be constructed and are measured to the outside face of the external walls of the building and includes all lift shafts, stairwells, car park, plant rooms and the like. GFA Concessions via "disregarded GFA" (covered under section 23(3)(b)/23A of the B(P)R), "exempted GFA" (covered under section 42 of the BO) and "bonus GFA" (covered under section 22 of the B(P)R).

Construction floor area is used to measure and estimate costs related to the construction of a building.

The CFA offers support to

stakeholders whose interests we serve. Rate it: CFA: Certified Financial Accountant.

Miscellaneous » Awards & Medals-- and more... Rate it: CFA: Carrier Failure Alarm. located in common area or designated as common area in a Deed of Mutual Covenant, (i) To permit refuge floors, which are required under the, , to be excluded from GFA calculations subject to the floor be suitably designed to comply with the, To permit lift shaft areas in domestic and composite buildings over and above 2.5% of. Where there are no intermediate floors, high storey heights may be accepted where required by the intended use, as in squash and badminton courts and purpose designed factories with an identifiable client interest. I now own a business of my own with the help of Elegantloanfirm with a loan of $900,000.00 USD. Construction CFA abbreviation meaning defined here.

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(c)     the fitment is within domestic, office, shop or industrial premises. But now, I am completely stressed free with all the help of the loan officer Mr Russ Harry. (a)     To permit existing party walls, common staircases and other party structures retained to be excluded from site coverage and plot ratio calculations, provided they are physically separated from the proposed new building at that particular floor level and no intervening space has any potential for infilling . To permit vent pipes to be carried up to a lesser height in cases where the Hong Kong Airport (Control of Obstructions) Ordinance would otherwise be contravened, subject to their being so located as will not create a nuisance to any nearby occupancy.