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Don’t believe? This post was written by Chad Rubin, CEO of Skubana. We’ve already covered how great video content is for your brand. In fashion, clothing, or style, idea guides are incredibly helpful. Develop a cache of supplemental content to both support your brand and provide your audience a more dynamic space to engage with it. Mix up your content. Understand your audience wants and needs — their desires — and produce content that shows your brand is the one to fulfill them. In fact, UGC is 5x more likely to convert customers than non-UGC. Whatever you choose to do, it’ll be fun and probably can’t really hurt — Instagram is one of the best platforms to sell clothing on, so feel free to try what feels right. Skubana serves as your operational nervous system, providing a centralized platform to handle inventory management, order fulfillment and business intelligence. Use Instagram as the perfect showcase that it is for your latest lines (whether that be black Gothic wedding gowns or performance/racing swimsuits), and build up a community by engaging your followers… but also remember to get creative with your marketing. There is a way to flirt your way into followers. Even designer labels like Chanel and Hermes are becoming less and less product-driven, instead focusing more content on delivering an immersive experience for their followers. Don’t forget to have fun with it! Instagram has released a flurry of new features over the past couple of years, including the hugely-popular Stories element that lets users share in-the-moment snapshots of their lives that disappear after 24 hours. For example, you can offer fashion advice or discuss a recent trend using a shorter blog post, while using long-form pieces to do a deep dive on your upcoming line. Fashion is about seeing and being seen. To use targeting, you identify people who have visited your website without purchasing and send relevant ads to them via their Instagram or social feed. To increase your post shareability, research what’s popular on each media platform, and gear your content toward what people are consuming. Or utilize user-generated content by encouraging your customers to create videos in action while wearing your brand, and then sharing those on your own channels. It’s flirtatious engagement, and it’s effective. Where and how you produce your video (and your other content like images, blogs or Twitter posts) will set the tone for what your brand represents and who it will resonate with. You just need to get your designs in front of the right people. Do your research, find the audience you can provide valuable content to and plan.

How old are they? Now it’s time to nail down the distribution of your content. The key to managing an informative and resourceful website is to keep it focused and consistent. rumors that Instagram will soon be launching even more shopping features, The 19 Best Trendy Instagram Boutiques Right Now, [Tiny Hacks] How to Use Product Descriptions to Boost E-Commerce Conversions, 7 Brilliant Instagram Lead-Generation Strategies for eCommerce, Jumper’s Top 26 Instagram Entrepreneurs Are Diverse and Wonderful.

The marketplace for online fashion, however, is crowded. They want to see what the clothing looks like on another human being or examples of full outfits pieced together to create a “look” they can achieve. Finally, if you want your style guide (and brand) to have some modern flair, consider adopting an augmented reality app for your website.

For example, if your target audience is urban females on a tighter budget of less than $30,000 a year annually – similar to Topshop or Asos – you’d be better off focusing on Instagram because that’s where most of those people spend their time: You don’t have to narrow this down to one specific social media channel, it can be multiple.

This allows you to place advertisements for your content on the websites and platforms that your target audiences are already tapped into. You can give your content extra legs by using native advertising. For example, if you show a customer how a belt complements the sweater they’ve been browsing, the belt is likely to end up in their shopping cart (along with the sweater). Your sneak peek of the February collection has arrived. Other channels with similar audiences will help extend your reach, giving you more opportunity to be valuable. In addition to having a YouTube channel and posting on other social media, create a space on your website to house them as well. Is pCloud Lifetime Subscription Worth It? .

targets people who’ve been looking at their website and serves them up eye-catching ads in their feed to basically say, “hey, remember us? This strategy gives the clothing brand access to an already-established and relevant audience, boosting their exposure in … Videos of people from your target audience biking, hiking, or doing yoga will reflect an active, healthy lifestyle brand. Last year, the Telegraph dubbed Instagram a “natural showcase for the fashion world.”. So, be practical about what works and what doesn’t, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Brands with over 10,000 followers can unlock the “Swipe Up” feature, which means users who are watching a Story can simply swipe the screen and be directed straight to a relevant sales page. Fans get their content fix for vintage clothing, and ModCloth gets new customers when they decide to purchase from the website.

and that align with your brand’s beliefs by asking them to share those values. Your content is king, so make sure you know how to write a good piece of content. In addition to styled pictures of their latest lines, they also share photos from awards, events, their stores and non-clothing-related happenings. Or present a coat alongside several outfits—casual, business, cocktail—to show how they can integrate it within their wardrobe. 202002358R. Then you'll love our newsletter! Extended pieces are also great for providing info on broader subjects. James is a freelance writer from Manchester, England. While podcasting requires plenty of heavy lifting, if you have the means, it will prove an effective channel for your company. that require a comment or photograph ifn your clothing to gain entry. If you find yourself in a similar struggle, it might be time to reconsider what you’re posting.

In other cases, you may pay the influencer through more traditional monetary means, similar to an advertising or sponsorship deal. More and more clothing brands are following this lead. But you shouldn’t only rely on SEO to help drive traffic to your pages. These five content marketing tips are not just for fashion startups either. Get in touch with our paid media team to discuss how you can reap the benefits of retargeting.