Lots of great information for those drivers getting a license or working towards a career as a truck or bus driver. ON A NORMAL MORNING.THIS OVERPASS WOULD BE BUMPER TO BUMPERAS WOULD BE THE FREEWAY UNDER IT. LATEST CURRENCY VALUES The line dispatcher said he could use me for the first weekend in Oct. to do a trailer switch in Castlegar. Have a great day. AND INTO THE LOWER MAINLAND Just barely able to swing it back on the freeway I realized the guard rail had become the side of an off ramp. When I encountered a slight let up in the snowfall, enough that I could make out which lanes we were in, I passed him. Steep hike to the summit of Yak peak above the Coquihalla Highway. Highway 5 travels 4 km (2.5 mi) through the eastern area of Merritt before reaching its northern junction with Highway 5A.

VAN KAM FREIGHTWAYS After I dropped over the mountain and started up the next long hill I hit the first snow. It refers to a fishing rock near the mouth of what is now known as the Coquihalla River. A Wood. • more than 100 practice test questions with feedback.

Check that the drums brakes & bearings - you don't have any smoke coming out...you don't have any cracks or breaks, and all the components are secure, not damaged on the vehicle.

The other driver leaves before me. After following him awhile I thought it was my turn to break trail. VAN KAM'S LAKE CITY YARD. RELATED WEB SITES The snow was falling thick and fast and visibility was down to ten feet for about ten miles. For an airbrake system, check the compressor and whether the pushrod travel is within limits, which on a type 30 brake chamber, which is on the rear of most buses and trucks is going to be 2 inches. As well, hit that thumbs up button.

Then I went blind. The pass is named after the Coquihalla River, from which the highway also derives its name. Without the headlights of his tractor, and his tracks in the snow, there was no way to tell where I was. Without the headlights of his tractor, and his tracks in the snow, there was no way to tell where I was.

So make sure that before you leave this brake check you are in the right gear: in a 13 or 18-speed transmission use five low with a tandem-tandem.

Construction of this part of the Coquihalla Highway was spearheaded by Tom Waterland as MLA for Yale-Lillooet. When I went to Castlegar they never gave me a card, nor told me that I was supposed to fuel the tractor for the next driver.