Wade pestered T'Challa by spoiling Game of Thrones, kicking him between the legs, and even taking an intermission for a bathroom break. Thor snatched up the second hammer and swung both weapons, sandwiching Deadpool’s head between them. Deadpool happened to be one of the zombies, but he still had his healing factor, so the Punisher couldn't just kill him once. While everyone was picking sides, Deadpool paid a visit to the Avengers base. The Turtle Beam does it's best to empower the Young Group and Bill to win. It was enough to knock Deadpool out, and knock the Thor impersonation out of the mercenary. Then take beerus from DBS he has beaten arale a girl capable of similar feats again to the likes of bugs yet neither is anywhere near Dote. One needs ten thousand hours to master a skill. While there have certainly been other heroes to lift Mjolnir, not the least of which is Jane Foster, Deadpool is not a name you could count among the characters considered worthy to wield the hammer. Mxy, Deadpool, CA Supes, The empty Hand, etc all can interact with the Author/Reader and death would stomp all them. Electing to fight for the pro-registration side, Deadpool went after the heroes refusing to register and met who he thought was Daredevil (though it was actually Iron Fist in disguise). Regardless, this Deadpool actually did get an upgrade in terms of powers, not only having regeneration, but also retractable swords in his arms, the power to teleport, and laser vision like Cyclops. It's hard to tell if Deadpool was even serious about winning since he seemed to have so much fun using puns to attack Peter. One fight that was weird even by Deadpool's standards was one of his numerous encounters with the Hulk. Battle arena is Blood Gulch from Halo. @deadknight999: Death has made it clear that it can kill many nigh omnipotent creatures, with ease, with all and more of the features that the Crimson King has. In the time that Pennywise lays in dormant, Jason would have 236,520 hours of practice. The Wade we all know had to work with a few other variants of himself to take on his Leather incarnation, but even so, Dogpool wound up being killed in the battle. In Pennywise's true form, it is a swirling of destructive, orange lights known as “deadlights” which inflicts insanity and causes death for anyone that stares into them. Deadpool is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. But even if I assume it is, Death is still superior. Death stomps penny wise is always overrated wanked, he loses to a bunch of human kids every time. The only endless that probably can't beat Chaos King are Delirium and Desire (this is debatable tbh). A one-stop shop for all things video games. No but seriously DotE beats most comic characters (without even actually battling them) because no matter the powerset, comic hierarchy, or importance to its respective universe, unless a character is TRULY above the concept of death/dying/coming to an end, she wins. Even his mouth was fused together, which was baffling when Wade’s humor is one of his best traits.

Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Wilson, is a disfigured and deeply disturbed mercenary and assassin with the superhuman ability of an accelerated healing factor and physical prowess. It was obvious neither hero was taking this seriously enough to go for the kill, and were just using the physicality of their fight to see who had more witty one-liners. Deadpool got knocked around and lost his hammer, but didn’t lose his enthusiasm for the fight. When Jason woke up from his nightmare, he ripped Freddy’s arm off and stabbed him in his chest with his own set of claws. Talking to / Interacting with the “Arthur” means jack shit. The X-Men just wanted to take Deadpool in, but he thought he could find a way to damage Colossus' metal exterior. But once Daredevil began dodging the bullets, Wade realized his mistake and knew he had gone after the wrong target. it's on three rounds. - Universal/Multiversal creatures like the Turtle are "motes of dust" by comparison, which includes beings that can by themselves destroy multiverses by accidentally stepping on them (the beings of Higher Random and Higher Purpose). Before the two could finish their battle, more opposition for Deadpool arrived in the form of Captain America, Goliath, Falcon, and several others. Just because Civil War II was erupting didn't mean Deadpool would tone down on his silliness. But, who would win if they were pitted against each other? Confident it wasn’t actually the hero, Deadpool opened fire. Black Panther was the superior hand-to-hand fighter, so Deadpool resorted to tricks in an attempt to gain a psychological advantage. The original Wade didn't take kindly to that, though, and killed his Leather self in brutal fashion after literally splitting him in half.

And quite a few opponents have managed to do just that. Stephen King's Pennywise from his scariest novel to date and hit film, It and the slasher film legend from the Friday the 13th series, Jason Voorhees. Regardless, if Pennywise met Jason Voorhees before he drowned as a child, then he could have a chance.

Deathstroke's alternative counterpart still had the Deathstroke color scheme, but his personality was identical to Deadpool's, and he was shown to be capable of healing from wounds. "Deadpool has a soul,proof of it is his conscience that he may never listen too but still speaks. While most people think of Carol Danvers or Kamala Khan as the women behind the Ms. Marvel name, they weren’t the only ones to ever go by that title.