I’ve never seen anything running at 1440p look as good as this remake does. I know DeS isn't always as highly regarded as DS, but in reality DeS has as high or higher of a Metacritic as any DS game at 89. Also as much as I like how faithful the recreation is, I hope they tweak up things like the boss fights.

I'd say that's a good start. Demon's Souls - Official 4K 60FPS Gameplay Trailer - YouTube The only true next gen launch game ironically.

This game looks amazing! I'm very surprised by that.

60fps should be standard on resolution mode. It should be a remarkable experience on PS5 with arguably the game's weakest point (technical/visuals) now being a strength to the extent that it might be the most technically impressive game out there at launch.

Me too I got my PS5 preorder secured Lets Gooooooo!!!!!!

No way that's 1440p.

Enjoy, Bluepoint are a fantastic developer.

DeS was my first too, and it's still my favourite and most cherished game ever. To keep in mind this is just a guess from Digital Foundry looking at the trailer, and not the final game. And at 60fps.

LOL. Had Demon's Souls on PS3 but never got into it. Only downside to it is the online is kinda dead now.

Going to be the first PS5 game I play. Miles Morales looked fantastic during the combat sequence as well. GoT is an amazing game BTW. N4G is a community of ​​​gamers​​​ posting and discussing the latest game news.

With all the Microsoft hype over power, I truly expect Demon's Souls and Miles Morales to be the best looking games this fall. It was a masterclass of a souls game. The fast load time would also makes them a little less punishing as well.

Having Performance mode running at 1440p/60fps and Resolution at 4k/30 is definitely cool with me.

The quality of the environment details is insane and if that’s what 1440p 60 looks like I’m at a lose for words. Now sekiro is what I really need.

Yea that's the only one I haven't played yet, but when the remaster goes on sale, if it goes on sale, at twenty dollars or lower then I will pick it up. Which one did the video - the kinda neutral one, the xbot that tries to be neutral or the openly xbot one? The Pixel density of this trailer is same as other native 4k games.

Day one.

Even trolls can't bring it down.

Yes it is. Not many. Early signs point to a robust 60fps showing from Bluepoint Games, with the game set to its performance mode throughout the trailer. This game is looking amazing. apparently it has raytraced shadows etc,.. Damn, what will they be able to make!!! Maybe limit it a little like Bloodborne where you can only have X amount of healing items at once. PS4 Pro was legitimately less powerful than 1X yet Sony had the best looking exclusives.

Even if it is truly 1440p 60FPS for the final game performance mode, that shouldn't stop you from buying a PS5. The original Souls. I meant that neither console or PC version of RDNA 2 has announced any type of AI based up scaling like DLSS. It might still be 4K. I am totally ok with that. After a few tries I started to question if buying the game was a mistake.

I always liked Demon’s tho. Definitely looks better than Halo Infinite. Im actually watching this video in 4K and it looks amazing. The geometry complexity of this is on a whole other level also,.. Only game that really look next gen. After watching the trailer the last thing anyone is thinking is rez or frames, but this just the Start!!!

For example, in terms of lore Garl Vinland and Maiden Astrea is one of the best fights in Soulsborne history, but Garl can be cheesed really easily since he just kind of stands there. Magic is actually robust, the art style is more unique than DS, and the depth of secrets and mechanics are beyond any other Soulsborne out there.

Since Bloodborne I've also played Dark Souls2/3, and this remake of Demon's Souls will be the true first time playing and I'm making a promise to myself to finish. Riiight you guys see how he started the comment. I went in order, starting with DeS, then DS1, DS2, Bloodborne and finally DS3. The is a blatant FACT as far as I'm concerned.

Hopefully you don’t have to pay for those enhancements. Very nice can't wait to play this exclusive. Temporal injection almost always looks better than 1440p games on the same hardware and would explain why it was easily mistaken for native 4K.

Right on the money. Spider-Man: MM (which I’m excited for as well) will be the game played when a cool down is needed hours after playing this game. In all honesty, it's the visuals on screen that matter, not the numbers. It must support some form of CB because it plays PS4 Pro games.

They're really are talented and this is my most anticipated game because it's those guys and, well, because it's Demon's Souls! The PS5 should be capable enough to handle that.

I want him to be a bigger threat. Definitely the best launch game imo. Wow a full video on something that's not even the final game it's a gameplay trailer after all. I highly recommend Bloodborne, if that means anything! DF might be wrong. Hate it when games go for 4k at the expense of much more important visual quality, I 100% imagine I will be playing in performance mode when it releases, think it was good of them to show it off in that mode too. Will pick up Sekiro in the next few weeks.

I’m not sure if that will be part of the RDNA 2 architecture but I hope so. Supposedly it could allow for better visuals without the overhead. But that's just me..

That's an assumption, it's not confirmed they were having troubles analyzing the resolutions because of the excellent anti aliasing and the great motion blur.

I will buy first the SX but I'm definitely looking forward to play this game and Ghost of Tushima with enhancements.

Visually, Demon's Souls is probably the best looking game I've seen running on next gen. I beat all the Ninja Gaidens, GoT, ffvii etc on their hardest levels but souls is too slow for me.