!” when they hear about it, then you might be a source of entertainment for hours. Well, I think to overcome the monotony of daily life everyone tries something or the other to be relaxed. Do you like puzzles? “If I could have the world’s best collection of something, it would be…”, 51. Describe a rally or meeting that you participated. I don’t have many chances to have practical experience as I learn theories most of the time, As I said before, being a teacher is pretty stressful as I have to stay on top of everything . What are the consequences when they grow up? For instance, a student spend long hours to play game will lead to bad academic performance at school. – Why was it special for you? A bad habit of eating unhealthy food and not exercising is going to cause lethargy and poor physical health. And would your new life be on the same planet or somewhere else in the universe? What do people in your country do in their spare time? “If I could make anything happen for someone, I would….”, 24. Believe me, it struck me in my head, and I decided to learn how to swim. “One thing I know I do well (or better than most) is….”, 6. “If I could download a how-to book directly into my brain, it would be for… “, 46. Describe An Unusual Thing That You Did Recently. Name something you use every day — enough that you sometimes take it for granted. If you have volunteered — or if you currently volunteer somewhere — what do you do?

I wish to advance this skill to an advanced level. Are particularly persnickety about certain things other people do, like slurping their coffee or clearing their throats? Or Talk about a useful hand-made tool that you created. What fun and interesting facts about yourself would help answer this question. Is there anything you don’t like about your major? What have you been through together? Remember places you've traveled and memorable experiences you've had on your journies. Whether it’s a hobby or just something you enjoy doing (for yourself or someone else), if it’s a favorite thing of yours, it says a lot about what matters to you. What do you picture? Here are just some of the things that make YOU unique in this world. And what do you most enjoy about this ability of yours? What do you want to accomplish that will outlast you in its impact?

“One thing I use every day that I could probably live without is….”, 18. And by that, I mean, do you allocate a significant amount of money and time to building a collection of something that has meaning for you? and describe why it was unusual or interesting. We started cycling with them starting from this place and went through the major parts of the whole city. And if you already keep a boa constrictor or a large, aggressive dog in your home — and you’ve always wanted a pet monkey — these would be interesting facts for anyone who might want to come over. “If I could win a lifetime supply of one type of clothing, it would be…”, 26. Describe an outdoor activity that you recently did. It’s rewarding and challenging job so I wont change my decision.

It supplies me with knowledge about, Yes, absolutely. What shows come to mind whenever someone asks you, “What series should I watch, now that I’m done with ______?” What show is so good, you’ve seen it more than once — and some episodes maybe three times or more? Here are just some of the things that make YOU unique in this world.

“Before I started my career, would you believe I was a…”, 36. Do you prefer beachy, tropical getaways or have you dreamt of touring Europe or Africa — or exploring New York City? “If I had to be trapped in a movie or a video game for a day, it would be…”, 29.

I felt well that we actually did it and the feeling of traveling the whole city riding a bicycle was thrilling.

It involves being social, which can be daunting when you are engaging with people you don't know well. or An unusual/interesting activity you have done recently.

Sometimes, beauty isn’t a complicated thing. It’s a common question that people use as an icebreaker, and it speaks to the type of person you are. For extra credit, what could you do to earn at least some of your income doing what you love? Is it important to have a hobby?

I receive a commission if you choose to purchase anything after clicking on them. What artist would grace your walls (if you’re leaning toward paintings or drawings)? It involves being social, which can be daunting when you are engaging with people you don't know well.. …not necessarily to accept them as right or wrong, but to help fill in the blanks and continue to develop your unique perception of the world. that’s why leisure pursuits today make people less active and creative than they used to be, From my point of view, this modification has certain benefits. How would you say that people have enough leisure time today? ieltsfever cue card Describe an interesting or unusual thing you did recently.

Think of something you had to learn on your own that others your age seemed to already know how to do. Scientists agree that people are damaging their health by eating too much junk food. Though we can find common ground with other people on what constitutes quality or beauty, your tastes are largely a unique facet of your personality. They may join in some clubs, make new friends or involve in some social activities to amuse themshelves. Model Answer 1: I can tell you … Yes, I do agree to some extent. 2. Pizza for breakfast? Every experience helps us determine how we will end up interacting with the world and other people in it.